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EP too about 5 inches maybe more. Caught a glimpse of your Ross yesterday skateboarding while we were at a dance competition at the high school.

Laura Plunk

Man where did this come from??? We have 9 inches in East Medford !!! I think it's fun, walked down to East Mc Andrews hill and stood with some neighbors watching cars slide up and down !!! Till the road crew shut her down about 4:00.
Laura P

Alison Shearer

This is the most gorgeous photo of Annie.


Alicia Sharp

I so love this photo of Annie! You are amazing!!


LOVE that photo, Karen! Stay cozy and warm! Hope you are feeling better!! Have a great week! Hugs!


Love the photo of Annie looking out the window! Stay warm and have a great day!

lovely cee

very cool, very cool!
i can even see those guys on the upper window throwing snowballs> you are soooooooooo brilliant!

Paola Norman

Great photo, says so it!


So, How did you get the outside clear and annie in silhouette? Thanks. It is a beautiful picture.

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