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Jen M.

That dress is totally adorable, and so is the expression on her little face! I've never worn anything leopard print either, but looking at that dress (even though it's on a little girl) might tempt me to take a second look at that choice.

Mindy M.

Oh, I really needed a good laugh & picturing her sticking her fist in her mouth when she's angry did the trick. Thank you for entertaining us with stuff like this. Yours is one of the few blogs that I check daily.

Libbi Moore

Love the dress. Where did you get it? Gota love the expression on that adorable face. Have a great day Karen.


Well at least we can hope Annie will turn into a fashionista. Love that expression on her face, she totally rocks the leopard print.

BTW just so everyone knows, I wore the leopard print (way cute) dress back in the late 90's when it was uber cool and before I had children that totally deformed my body! (Okay so it was I who ate A LOT of Apple Fritters when I was pregnant, but it is still my kids fault and not mine!)

The leopard print shoes..... they are still in my closet and I wear them when I'm feeling sassy and shoes never get too small!!


She looks too cute, especially with the kissing pose. She really is quite sassy. And too smart for her own would think she is too young to know to stick her whole hand in her mouth because she knows it will irritate you. How smart is that? Kids are so funny and so amazing.

My daughter (who is now 25 (I like parenthesis too) hated buggers. I can remember like it was yesterday her picking out a big ole bugger and freaking out, holding her finger out screaming, "get it off, get it off" while running through the house, totally and completely freaking my son on the other hand.......God love those little children. They are so precious.


Paola Norman

Ok, that expression on her face is priceless, the dress suits her so you made a good choice! My son is 6 and picks his nose too, so now I always put a tissue in his pocket and try to get him to go for the tissue before going for the nose!
I'm hoping that he'll make the connection..


Love that photo and that sassy dress, Karen! Too cute! LOL about the nose picking! I have irrational issues with germs, too! ;) Ick! LOL about Jill giving her 2 cents! I want some apple fritters now and some leopard print shoes. :)


Love the dress, she's adorable!


That is the cutest sight!!!! Love her little leopard dress. I bought my 4 year old a leopard skirt from Gymboree because SHE wanted it soooo badly. Not somthing I would buy for me or her...but, she looked so cute in it. She wore it at a few Christmas functions with the cream turtleneck and also a red turtleneck.

The border on that photo---I AM CROSSING my fingers that it is one that might be available through soon?!?!?



That girl gets cuter everyday.

As for picking. Both mine do Ben started earlier than Emily, although i'm sure it's just cause she encourages him... It's yucky... makes me feel all bleeeeurrrggg!


She really ROCKS that leopard print! Soooo cute! :D


I absolutely LOVE that expression on her face... so sweet, and a bit Elsie-like, huh?! LOVE IT! Yes, I would have to agree. I too, have never purchased anything with the leopard print for my girls... they've had a few items, like a faux fur coat for Mikaela when she was a toddler, but they were courtesy of the grandmother's. BUT, it was hard to resist some of those Gymboree things this time around. I managed (barely), but I can totally appreciate why you gave it ('just this once' lol). Chloe's newest and most disgusting habit, btw, is picking her nose and WIPING it on you as she runs laughing away. Now, how is that for GROSS?! Thankfully, I've not a germ phobia... not that I don't worry about them, I just gave in long ago- refusing to let that fear dictate my experiences, opportunities... and so on. That and the fact that I ran group homes for the developmentally disabled and can remember the few times I had to deal with the unimaginable (as un-sanitary as un-sanitary gets). So a little booger is nothing lol.

Gena - MI

When my youngest was around 2 and would get mad she would--go into her room, pull ALL the clothes out of her dresser, then would take her clothes off (?!), and lay on top of the pile of clothes! I never did figure that one out!

Thank goodness she out grew that phase before pre-school! She's 14 now, and when she has friends over, they are very modest in taking turns changing in different rooms and even the closet!

And yes....I do have a picture of her down to her diaper and laying on top a pile of clothes! It's even in the scrapbook!


I think she looks stinkin' cute :) love seeing her in cute little dresses. my daughter is 20months old and i never think to put a dress on her. i guess when you just play around the house all day long... well, maybe i should anyway! just to make me smile :)

Rosie in the UK

Oh WOW! What a sweetie, You have got the most beautiful children Karen! i love the dress, and the pose is awesome!

Rosie in the UK

Heather Prins

Funny how I think Annie is so cute with all her antics of a 2 year old, but my 2 year old is doing the exact same thing and it is not so cute, lol!!


Yeah, you know what drives me nuts? Pink leopard print. What the heck is that about? My neighbor's daughter is always wearing some pink leopard print - ugh. And the nose picking. I'm not afraid of even asking complete stranger's kids if they need a kleenex - started asking my own kids at a very early age - I sound like a total nut case I'm sure, but there ya go.


That is an awesome photo! I wonder what Annie was thinking!? ( when you took the photo) Have a great day!

Beth W

She is totally and completely adorable!

Carolyn Hall

That picture is too stinkin cute. Love it! Maybe I need a dress like that when I go out to see a band with my thirty something friends?????

Rachelle Sims

She looks adorable! I ALMOST bought that dress for Peyton (my little girl) but I decided on the cupcake line instead : ) But Jill's right, she totally rocks that dress!


My Olivia, who is the same age as Annie, has the leopard printo skirt from gymboree that is way toooo cute!

Lily's Momma

I love the dress and the picture. I think adorable kids like Annie can pull just about any print off!

Random, and off the subject, I found a girl who looks just like you it freaked me out a bit today as I was looking at my cousins myspace. Truthfully if you dont think you have a super younger sister... think twice. If you want to see it, I will give you the info. BTW.. I too did not get my nicname "cheetah" for just any-ole reason. I loved the stuff!


Annie looks adorable in the leopard print.

Shelly VanWormer

Very Adorable. She has an Audrey Hepburn look about her. I'd love to see what this pic looks like in B&W.


That expression and picture is fantastic!

Kim Remer

Sooo adorable! I think the dress is cute but Annie in it is even cuter.


As much as I love the dress, I love her expression more. She is just so cute.


entirely too cute
& i can't wait for the borders!!!!!!


so funny, I have the same relationship with a leopard print top my daughter received as a present. I *hate* it, but she loves it. I always feel a little twinge of embarrasment when she insists on wearing it out, but then figure, well, it's good for my pride to tolerate it. She definitely humbles me in that department!


Absolutely adorable!


She looks adorable in that dress. I love the sky in the background too!


Your lucky! My friends all told me that I would gain a shoe size when I had kids. The first baby, no, but then I had my 10+ pound baby, and I went from a 9 to a 10. Ugh. I don't like that double digit business! LOL!


I absolutely LOVE that dress on Annie! And that face she's making!!! Too cute!

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