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love the how the snow makes the background kinda fade away


Wow - congrats, Ross!! You look awesome in this photo. And I bet your Mom is bursting with pride (as she should be). Enjoy the choir experience - will you get to do some travelling?


Congratulations Ross ... great photo Karen. :)


Karen, this is an absolutely gorgeous photo of him!
Congrats to Ross!


That so rocks! Congratulations, Ross! (and a special hug to you too, Karen, for always being there for him in his pursuit of happiness).


FANTASTIC! As a long-time semi-professional (I teach, but didn't go to school) musician, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear stories about kids who are making the grade in the Arts!!!


Congratulations, Ross! That's wonderful! Love that photo, too! Wow! It's fantastic! :)

Kelly Buck

Congrats to Ross and holy cow, that's an amazing photo Karen!

Brooke - in Oregon

Congratulation to Ross!!

Ross when you told me you were going to be trying out for Concert Choir, I knew you would make it. Stay focused and I know you'll go far.


Love the hoody under the suit jacket! I had a great time in high school choir. It will be something you will remember always! Congrats!

Tanya Webster

wowee...i was in concert choir was sooo much fun!! Congratulations Ross!! I bet alot more girls will wish they were in choir because of you :)


Congrats Ross...hope you have a blast.


Congrats Ross! And congrats to a no-doubt proud Mom of this gorge young man.


Elizabeth B

this is a fantastic photo Karen - he will need this when he's a rockstar one day ;)

Brenda Walker

Congrats! Choir is tons of fun!!
Hey Karen I am looking for a layout that you did of Annie's first summer. I can't remember if I saw it in a CK or if you posted it on your blog. It is the one where there is just one picture of Annie and it has highlights of her first summer. Can you tell me where I saw it? Thanks, Brenda


Congrats Ross! And Karen that is a great picture of him!


Woooo Hoooo! Way to go Ross! You Rock!

Terri B in Oregon

Wow, I would love to be able to sing, well I can sing, but no one wants to hear it! Congrats Ross, way to go! By the way, fab photo! He's such a cutie!

Kim Hacking

That is so cool! A great photo too!


congrats Ross - that's incredible!!!! Gorgeous photo of your handsome son too Karen :)

Jen M.

LOVE that photo -- and congratulations to Ross too!


Congratulations to Ross!

Val from Down Under

Woohoo! Congratulations Ross. Love the photo Karen.


I love the layout of this photo--the faded, snowy background--the off center of the subject. Nice.


Congrats to Ross (& proud Mom too)! That honor really says something about his talent, no?
Enjoyed your snow photos!! Just loved them! You inspire me.


Wow! He must have impressed them with his set of steller pipes! Awesome Puke!


Awesome job Ross!


What a handsome young man! Congrats!!


Concert Choir. I remember this from my days. Congrats Ross!


WOW! What a photo...that one is a hall of famer- hope you blow it up on canvas and he keeps it forever to remember his glory days! ;)


WOW! He looks SO grown up! (NOt that you really want to hear that!)

Congrats Ross!!


Congrats to Ross, and that picture looks great!


Could he be any more GQ in this picture? I swear, everytime I see him in this sweatshirt I think how cool it is.

Susi (Dragonfly Dreamer)

Congratulations to your son Ross! He is a gorgeous young man. Great photo Karen.


Your pictures are always so inspiring to me so I am going back through your archives. I just had to say how WONDERFUL this shot is of your son. LOVE it!

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