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kristina, 25 yrs old

awwww Annie has the cutestttttt clothes EVER!
Thank you for being such an inspiration!


Annie looks like such a big girl in that picture! Time is flying by! Looking forward to the new borders! You do such a great job!


YAY - can't wait for the new borders. I just ordered nearly 300 pictures from - and of course have more to order. :D

Mary Lou

Karen, you're killing me! I am going to have to get a real job to be able to buy all of your stuff. Your photos and scrapbook layouts are so inspiring to all of us. I would settle for a little pinkie full of your talent.

Kathy C.

Well, I know what I'll be doing late tonight ~ midnight! Can't wait to see all the new borders you've come up with -- LOVE IT!


yay yay yay I have been WAITING AND WAITING for those borders, actually uploding the rest of 2007 and January 2008 right now and will be printing lots and lots to use with my November Cocoa Daisy kit (been saving it!) the borders on sale and the 4x6 print sale? WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!


Oh my gosh...that's the cutest picture of Annie! But it seems there aren't any bad ones of that little cutie.


I have never been able to resist your collections ever since I started scrapbooking a year ago. I want to do LOs that have timeless appeal..that was before I read your bio.
And yes..realised that I was thinking along the same line as you except that I couldn't scrap as good..haha.
This new line has such an enchanted feel that I'm instantly mesmerised by it.
You know what..I have this gorgeous photo (5R) of my son's smile that I wanted to scrap with your collections (from Nov Cocoa Daisy kit). But am having a mind block..because I want to do a 'perfect' LO (no such thing)...have been staring at it for weeks...gosh...
My point is..please post more of your LOs especially for the newer lines..because that's where I get inspirations and hopefully could scraplift..I'm dying to use your collections with my fav photos but as I say..I've got a long way to go...
Just 1 more note...keep the black n cream line coming...'sick' is not in my vocab.


Karen, I just want to tell you that you have blown me away. All of this new stuff you've posted is so great, so creative, so everything I could ever imagine wanting for inspiration. I wrote to you with a Christmas card problem during the holiday season and you responded with some great advice... and I never wrote you back to tell you thank you, so here it is: Thank You. And... you rock. Awesome stuff!

Meredith S.

I went with your recommendation to use a few weeks back. And I was thrilled! The quality was the best I've seen by far and I loved some of the borders and sizing options, etc, etc. Thanks!


You are amazing as always. Can't wait to see the rest of the borders. Very cute photo of Annie.


Yeah!!! Can't wait to check them out!


yaeh.... I am so excited to see the new overlays ! I love that site !!! That picture of your little girl is absolutely beautiful !!! PRICELESS !!!!


I am so excited about the new borders! I just placed an order with for the 12 cent print sale! I saved a bunch of photos so I could order them with the new borders, maybe I'll stay up until midnight!

Just got Photoshop 6 too, Costco had a deal last week at just $50, I've spent the last week playing with it, two nights ago I was frustrated with the tutorial (not enough tutorial, I say!) and went out online and I am now the proud owner of a copy of the Photoshop 6 for Dummies book! I am determined to learn the program, it's just going to be slower learning than I thought. Have fun at CHA my oldest daughter gets to go too!

Tanya Webster

YAYYYYYYYY!! i have wanted those borders for soooooo long now! I cannot wait!!!! and I looooove Annie's pony in that picture....she's growin' up way too fast though....SUCH a cutie pie!


the borders are absolutely FABULOUS!!!!! Thank you!


Just ordered some the new borders! Thanks!




Did I mention how EXCITED I am for the new borders? Yea, Yea, Yea!

Becky (aka: beckywed) :)


YEAH!!! I'm going to scrapbookpictures right now to see the new borders!!!


The new borders are super cool. And I just saw the butterfly stamp set you designed for Fontwerks. Drool worthy, for certain. You are amazing!

Michelle Gauthier

Woohoo! The borders are just gorgeous Karen! I can't wait to get my order in this weekend. :)


could she possibly be any cuter????????? the borders are stunning!

Elizabeth Bunney

I'm having trouble seeing the new borders or figuring out how to add them to pics?
is there an online tutorial?


Please forgive me confusion but can we actually purchase the borders or are they only available printed on the pictures that we order? THANKS!


Maybe I am idiot but I can't find the borders anywhere..

Susanne Ponce

i have placed 2 different orders from sbpic already with the new borders and i LOVE them!! i also didn't know that i could add colors. thanks for letting me know that. my friend also told me that i can use the color codes from my photo editing program and add them into the box for the color i want if it's not already there. i am so excited to get my orders.

my sister's youngest just enlisted and is heading to boot camp in March and i did all sorts of sizes, colors, borders, colored borders, and lots of other stuff for her of their family pics i took at xmas. she is going to love them. now that i think of it i guess i should have ordered wallets for him to take. i guess i'll have to go place another order and play with some other pics. lol

thanks again. can't wait for your new CHA products!

Katie Szymanski

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! KAREN!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your release!!! Even better than I imagined!! That is soooooo going to sell like there's no tomorrow!! I know your going to CHA. How long are you going to be there this time? I know you weren't there that long year year. I want to make sure to catch up with you there!!

elisabeth geers

I just want to tell you how adorable your daughter is - I just want to squeeze those cheeks - your photography is remarkable - and I just wanted to tell you that.... e


I agree with Chista that I can't find the borders on Is there a tutorial other than the help screens on the site? I'm pretty tech savvy, but I'm having a difficult time getting started on the site.


Me too... Looked at and through the site and can't find them....

beth l

perfect timing karen! i've been using scrapbookphotos for my online photo storage and i need to do my yearly order to keep the storage intact. was waiting for your borders so i can order.

also love your new release-i love the black and cream too, so keep it coming. esp. love the frame/easel. i took this class w/ you last summer, and it is my absolute favorite!

keep up the good work-i'm sure you'll wow us w/ the summer release too!

beth in indiana


I couldn't find them either, so I emailed Doug @ ScrapbookPictures. He explained that you have to add a photo to your cart. Then you choose the border(s) that you want. At that point, Karen's Narrative borders will pop up! Hope this helps. :-)


I placed my first order with SB Pictures since I have been hearing so many good things about them. Plus, I wanted to try out the new borders. Can't wait to ge the pictures and the Photography class this Saturday.

Jenn from Watermelon Rind

I am both thrilled and bummed about the new borders. Thrilled, because I think they are AWESOME and bummed because I just placed a $75 order w/ like 4 days before you posted this message. Drat!!

Laura Kurz

I'm so excited about these, Karen! :)

Jacque Green

Is this the metalic finish on I know you have done some that way....could you show me what it looks your spare time! HA! :) Looking forward to seeing you in Aug. in Amarillo! No beavers shirts, remember?! :)

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