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lovely cee

owww... this is painful even looking at it. though your pictures with Ross', right? wrestling matches are incredible.


Nice shot Karen. It is incredible how you see the pain through the lense. Not easy on us Mom's. I think this new camera has really added to "YOUR SKILL".I have been using that ISO for basketball too. Looking forward to your online classes.Your RAH friend, Shelley


i agree completely and i feel exactly the same way about boxing...can't believe it is still allowed in this day and age. as far as the picture of Ross, i'm sure the mother of the boy underneath Ross wouldn't enjoy seeing that picture either!!

makes me REALLY glad my only child is a girl! ;)


Oh, I feel your pain. I guess it does teach them about controlling their aggression right?
not sure how i'll be when my boy is at this age and wanting to do 'boy~sports', I guess us mom's do have that protect gene too which kinda makes us hate seeing our kids like this...

But besides that it's a FAB shot. Take care and congrats on the win Ross...!


Great photo Karen ... well done Ross on the win! :)

Brooke - in Oregon

Way to go ROSS!!!!

Kim Bolyard

great shot. My son is 8 and just started wrestling a few months ago....and I couldn't agree more I have a hard time watching. He did his first tournament a couple weeks ago and I was in tears. I sure hope it gets easier. He lost of course and it broke my heart. He said to me "don't cry Mom I'm ok". My husband wrestled from the time he was 5 through high school...he is so happy our son is. What is a girl to do.


nice capture. i love when you tell us how you did it. thanks for sharing!


Hey Karen -- love the photo -- and thanks for the technical info. What lens were you using?

Thanks -
Becky (aka: beckywed) :)


Thanks for always sharing your camera information it really helps. And it is hard to watch your child in that type of sport but so exciting that he won. Congrats to Ross.

Allison Connors

I am just in awe of your photography skills! I hope I get to take your online photography class so I can learn from you. My son did wrestling for a little while (pee-wee), now he plays rugby--that's a hard one to watch too. I sometimes think that I must be a bad mother....signing a consent that says your child can become seriuosly injured and/or paralyzed. I really have a hard time watching his games.



As someone who is finally learning how use the other settings on her Rebel besides automatic, I also appreciate it when you mention how you got your shots.

Tanya Webster

watching wrestling is BRUTAL...i dont know how you do it....awesome awesome awesome shot too missy :) i miss you by the way....

Kathy T

Greaet shot! Wrestling makes me squeamish too! Do you use a noise reducing program of some kind with your ISO at 1600??


My little brother wrestled from 1st grade to high school and I went to almost every match, so I've taken more shots of wrestling than I can count. My husband was a wrestler and he coaches middle school and high school boys. So yeah, I've got wrestling in the blood. Oh, did I mention my high school boyfriend wrestled, oh yeah. I went to every single match of his including the out of town ones.

Anywho, it doesn't sound like you're asking for advice but can I offer some anyways? Wrestling shots are hard to get and when I took them I didn't have a good camera or ISO 1600 film. So getting them without the shutter staying open to compensate for lack of light was not easy. Basically I would get to the match early and park it in row 1-3 no higher. Lighting is garbage in those HS gyms. If you can, try and sneak up near the mat but not on it, they'll more than likely boot you off. Oh and flashes don't really work because they'll only reach so far plus who wants to use flash? So sit as close as you can and use an 80-200 lens to get closer.

So get close, if you can. The best shots are when someone gets thrown, any kind of fireman's carry, double or single-leg takedowns, the grimaces of opponents when getting the squeeze, get these you have to pay attention. Watch the matches before-hand and you'll start to understand when throws come and when the optimal shots come. That's what I did and eventually the pictures came along well. Oh and some other good shots are getting the far away picture with the coach in the background screaming and hollaring or pounding on the mat. Those are awesome.

Thanks for letting me share...I know how difficult it is to get wrestling shots. Well, the other problem for me was I was so into the match it was hard to keep my camera right to my face the whole match. :)

Christina Witkowski

wow that's a really good pic, the ref really has to get down there in order to score it, doesn't he?

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