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I love the page, Karen! I hope you are feeling better.


I LOVE THIS! My very favorite kind of page. I may scraplift it immediately...we seem to have learned many of the same lessons the hard way (except for the ugly tattoo--somehow I missed making that mistake.) :) And I couldn't find the typo.


I love this - haven't seen the mag yet, thanks for sharing - and I didn't notice the typo - lesson learned. And ouch - I remember that Brazil story - good advice...


I love this Karen. Thanks for a great idea. You're kids will love reading that one day (if not today!).


Love this! Such good advice. And I couldn't find a typo... :)

Tanya Webster

i am so copying you on this..i LOVE it...but I love everything you do and you know that too :)


Hi Karen:
I loved this, as soon as I spotted the picture when I flipped through the magazine, I was like ...OMG !! That is Courtney Lee, loved to see you published.
Hope you are feeling better, and less sore today.


This is simply amazing. Can I borrow some of your life lessons (for my own life?!?) ;)

Your kids are lucky to have a mom that loves them so much.

tara pakosta

lovely layout!
and i just always always LOVE your layouts.
love the words of wisdom on here!
and typos, they don't bother me AT ALL>..
neither do scribbles on a page with permanent marker.
i like imperfect!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow Karen -- I needed to read this today. Good advice for you children and for the rest of us. Thank you for sharing.

Becky (aka: beckywed) :)


I loved seeing your name and work in MM! I really love the thoughts behind this one and it is on my list to scraplift...but then most of your work is LOL

Hope you're taking it easy and recovering!


such great advice...
and such a great page!
thanks for sharing it here...
I rarely read MM magazine - so I'd have missed this fantastic page!

jen k

Love it, Karen!! It's awesome!


Love the layout, Karen! What great advice! It's good to embrace imperfection and just be happy. :)


Love the words of advice to your children. You've inspired me!

Susi (Dragonfly Dreamer)

I really love this layout. Giving our children something with our advice, values, dreams for them, etc... is such a loving legacy. When we are young and know so much more than our parents and other adults, we don't seem to be giving it much thought. Then one day we realize that we are growing up and all of those seeds our parents planted are beginning to sprout. Having something like this would definitely be inspirational. I hope you don't mind if I scraplift the idea. My sons are young men now almost 23 and almost 20. They are just in that wonderful stage where they begin realizing that we weren't "out to get them or ruin their good times." I'd like to share some of the important lessons I have learned thus far. You are awesome. Have a great day!

Jen M.

Love this! You need to make stickers like these.

Jodi Buckmister

Okay... so you know that we are all going to scraplift this right?!!! Sooo cute and so true. Thanks for always sharing.


It's gorgeous! I love the way you journaled on it and the ribbon bits and metal tab are such a great touch.

Libbi Moore

Another amazing layout. Hope you are feeling better.


I was so excited when I saw this in MM. I love the mag and to see a layout by my fave scrapper of all time, I was so happy! I love the layout and all that you do!!!


I love this one Karen! Great job and I love all the advice!


You are going to be seeing so many pages like this in the near future - LOL! I think we'll all be scraplifting ya.

Congrats on getting published, and it's totally the magazines' loss that they're not going to you for more ;)

Phyllis R.

Love the layout! Good advice for not only children, but for those of us who have yet to learn "the hard way"! Okay, you're going to have to give us a hint on the typo! Couldn't find it, and now it's going to bug me! LOL!

Julie Johnson

Karen - I am a big stalker of your blog and your work but never comment...I just had to on this layout - it is amazingly beautiful; the composition, the graphics and the journalling! I am so inspired now to do this for my kids!

Paola Norman

A wonderful layout,you work has always been beautiful and the publising world is missing out! Thanks for sharing..


Girl, this is such a great layout! I love it!


wow! This is wonderful.


Love this page.

Leslie M

Beautiful layout. Didn't notice a single typo. You didn't need to mention it at all.


This is NO LAYOUT this is a treasure! What a great piece of work, I love the message and design. Thanks for sharing…this is what I love about making pages for my family. I always make typos…I agree life is too short and it is just me!

Michelle Gauthier

I saw this and loved it! It's beautiful and I love the advice. :)

fran heupel

I first saw this in the issue of Memory Makers I received this month and loved it! I love how honest you were in writing it and your choice of papers and design was so great. You are one talented and busy lady whose blog I love to come back to for advice and ideas that you post.
Thanks for sharing a part of yourself and your family.

Fran Heupel

Leigh Ann

I saw this in the magazine and loved it--need to do a page like this for my kids--if only they could learn from our mistakes instead of having to make their own!


I saw it in that issue and loved it! Congrats! I never get tired of seeing your work. You rock, girlfriend!


You have done it again Karen....I love it!!! Another scrap-lift for my inspiration log! Thank you for sharing. and just like someone else said in the comments, it would be cool to have these as stickers....
carolynn in michigan


Stunning layout, and AMEN! to not letting typo's get to you, there are far worse things in this world.

melissa deakin

i saw this in the magazine and just fell in love with it.
thanks for sharing it here.
you are such an inspiration to so many!

maryjo materazo

awesome! & you SHOULD be in high demand for publishing- what's up w/ that? i LUV all your layouts- you got great style & i say this not in a psycho/stalking kind of way but more matter of fact. just how it is. thnx for always sharing your take on scrapbooking & life in general. mj


I'm with ya except for the don't forget to floss bit.
And laughing at the Brazil/camera line.
What a great page!

Beth W

Beautiful layout- inspiring thoughts.


Ok Karen- I admit it. I just saw this tonight and am just finishing my scraplifted layout just like it. I had to do it immediately before I lost my inspiration. Please don't get mad- you are a complete genius. I love your work. Plus this layout isn't going anywhere out of my little scraproom here in GA! Thanks for everything. Hope you are feeling better!!!!!!!


are those stickers we can get or did you make them special for this layout? :)

ana roat

Absoutely beautiful!

Hope you're feeling better soon.


I love this! You are so wonderfully and humourously transparent. It is so refreshing.
I could almost say "amen" to each and every thing you journaled ..except for the tattoo. Never had the nerve even in my wilder days.

Also-- didn't catch a typo even though I can be a spell-check Nazi.

Gorgeous page and adore that paper!

lovely cee

oh Karen, you are such a wonderful Mom: don't you forget that. i love this very much by the way and i think i will make one that speaks what i want to advice for my kids. thanks for the inspiration.


Oh my goodness! I think this is my favorite layout ever, by anyone! I thought about sending it to my two daughters, but I guess I won't take the lazy way out and I'll try and make my own. Although I might borrow a tad. :)


when i saw the layout in Memory Makers i thought 'hey! that looks like Courtney Lee!' how come you didn't get a credit...or did you and i missed it?

how's your bum/back feeling?


You make me cry everytime. Everytime you write something heartfelt about your kiddo's, here I am blubbing about it.
Fabby LO. Just what every mom wants their kids to know.


Love this layout so much! I'm inspired to create one myself! Good stuff in there :)

Hope you're feeling better after your sliding mishap last weekend!


Karen, you're number one in my book. Love your work. This LO is fantastic.

Jen Cozz

I loved this layout today! I really need to scraplist this idea. It's beautiful and inspiring and I love the realness in your journaling. Totally love that!

Michele S

This one brought me out of the woodwork too....I LOVE THIS LAYOUT! Your work is amazing!


I had to post because I wanted to add my support for your work and to say that just because magazines (who I think are fickle anyway) don't call for your work it doesn't mean that real people (like me!) aren't hugely excited by your talent and want to see it as often as possible!!!!!!!!!

I'm sending you a big hug, and a new don't for a list of scrapbooking don'ts. Don't judge your popularity by how many layouts are published. The posts on your blog are proof of this.


I just read this the day after you posted. That is the most beautiful thing to give to your children. They may not listen but I want to do some version of it for my 28 year old who agonizes over EVERYTHING. Maybe it will help remind her....NOT TO!! Love you blog, great family!


Aawww, Karen ! This is what scrapbooking is all about, I just have to lift that layout, wonderful !


I love love love it!


OMgoodness Karen:
I luv this lo but how on earth did u get those strips perfect?
Please let us know how you achieved that.
BTW I'm the queen of the typos, which is a shame for me..
My fingers are just too slow for my brains, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it:)

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