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Love all information you share Karen. You really are a favorite of mine, Hope it doesn't sound too stalkerish! lol. Congrats on the wedding date. so happy for you guys. I love hearing about your family. Can't wait to hear about your new collection. I own everyting you have ever designed!!! That pic of Annie yesterday totally made my day!!! again hope it doesn't sound too stalkerish!!!


Can't wait to see what your releasing in feb! Awesome! So exciting about the wedding coming up too :) So happy for you!


May is my anniversary so I LOVE your date! :) Can not wait to see your new products coming out and I am stalking for those new borders. It will be possible to use add more than 1 to a picture? That would be great!

Kathy C.

Congrats on setting "the date" and making it the day that YOU & JOSH want to have! So happy for you!
~Kathy C.


great update. sounds like you & josh will have a beautiful day. how awesome for you both!


Cute picture! Congrats on the wedding! Yeah for the girls weekend! And looking forward to the new product!

Vicki A

Ahhh, just a small family wedding; I guess that means we can't all come. LOL Well, I can't wait to see the pictures, I bet you and the kids (and Josh) will all look amazing. Congrats. :)


Ditto on the Christmas photos! I haven't even started on the family photos, I have spent the entire week (so far) on Nutcracker photos (over 300)thanks to my super cool digital camera, which I may now have a love-hate relationship with! Love the instant gratification and that I can take tons of photos, hate that I take a ton of photos which then need to be sorted, edited or (scary word coming..) deleted. I can't wait for the new borders, the couple youv'e shared are way to cool, and there is 50, yikes! More photo decisions!


Hey Karen..I think May is the perfect month to get married. Can't wait to see your dress and all the pictures. I took a look at Coral Lee's pictures and I love them.

Have a nice day!

Greetings from germany.


You are so funny, you just sneak that little bit of info. about your wedding into a whole list of topics in your post, like it doesn't deserve a whole post of it's own. Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned for your family. ENJOY!

If you enjoy an Irish Pub you and Josh should try the new one that just opened here in Medford. It's on Main Street, not too far from the store here. It's called 4 Irish Daughters, the building that it is in is AMAZING. We went on a Friday night right after they opened and the music was great, the food is good, but the atmosphere was what I enjoyed the most. If you don't want to sit at a table downstairs they have neat little sofas in the upstairs to just relax and visit. Just another place to check out sometime.

Terri B in Oregon

Wow! Congrats on setting the date. I am sure it will be lovely. The photog looks great, she does beautiful work! I too would like a house to look like that, but I am not sure my husband would agree. Hmm, there must be a comprise!


Love the new border!! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!


Congratulations on setting the wedding date! Can't wait to see the wedding pix.

Susanne Huettner

What great news! Congratulations to you decision to get married. You will be the perfect pair!


Hey Karen!
i just wanted to tell you that i love your blog! i look at it everyday and it's just awesome to hear about you and your family. your pictures are fantastic and i really like the way you scrapbook. actually i'm from germany but i spend the last year in alaska as in exchange-student. i fell in love with scrapbooking and it's a bummer that there are not too many scrapbooking stores here in germany and that not a lot of people know what it is. well, my mum fell in love with scrapbooking, too, and she even started a blog. for not having a lot of scrapbooking supplies i think her layouts are pretty neat. if you have some time and if you want to know how "the germans" scrapbook just visit her blog.
Greetings from Philippa


If it's the same Irish pub I've been to in Ashland. . .it's a perfect spot. Congrats on setting a date & the photographer looks awesome.

Laura Kurz

May 22nd is a great day...My birthday! :) I can't wait to use these new borders!


Karen, Congratulations for setting the date. You must be sooo excited!!!!

Erica Hettwer

Congrats on setting the date! You guys will have a blast! I used to work at Kell's in Corvallis when I went to OSU so I too have a deep love for Irish bars. Hmmmm, now I want a Guiness! :D


I love days when you share little bits and pieces. Actually - I love every day that you post :)) Congratulations on setting a date and having a dress for the wedding. Such a happy thing to look forward to - may you enjoy many adventures, much laughter and every day with this man! ((( HUGS )))


Congrats on setting the date- can't wait to see the pictures and all of the new product~! Hope to be able to see it during your class at Scrapbooking Oasis!


So happy to hear your wedding news today. So happy for all of you! Can't wait to see those pictures--great site!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

First - Congrats!
Second - I am totally using that Christmas overlay thingy for next year christmas card photo!

Carolyn Hall

Congrats on setting the date. Love your style of going to the pub. I checked out your wedding photograpers site....amazing pictures!!!! Can't wait to see yours from your wedding!!

Jen M.

Congratulations on setting your date! It sounds perfect and it's wonderful that the kids all have a role to play as well. It looks as though I'll be planning one of my own this year too and making sure my boys are involved. I can't wait to read more about yours and see your photos!


Congratulations! Just had to mention that May 22 is my wedding anniversary, too! It will be 26 years this coming May 22nd. Hope you & Josh are as happy as we are.

Michelle Gauthier

Hmmm...where to start! 1. Love the LO for Annie! That fabric pocket rocks! 2. Can't wait to see the new release - so excited! 3 - Can't wait for the new stuff at Scrapbook Pictures - even more excited! 4 - Congratulations on a wedding date! Sounds perfect and lovely and wonderful...just what a special day should be. Congratulations to everyone. :)


Congrats on setting the wedding date. I so wish it'll be exactly the day that you and Josh want to have! So happy for you and your family! Love the idea that all of the kids are involved. You're such an amazing mum, don't you ever doubt, ok?
Can't wait to see your dress and the wedding pictures. I'm sure they'll be wonderful. Just thinking about your sunny shining smile on a wedding-pic, WOW!
I took a look at Coral Lee's pictures and I love them. May I say they look like "your style" of photos?
Sorry for the long post...
All the best,


congrats on you upcoming wedding date! how exciting :)


Oh, yay, a date!! That is awesome! So excited for you!
That is one great looking Santa!

Paola Norman

Thanks for sharing that info. Congratualations on the date, Iam sure everything will be beautiful, Happy for you! I've been anxiously trying to find some of the new stamps that you designed and posted on this blog a couple of months ago.(the journaling ones)Iam trying to find them at Fontwerks..Iam hoping they come out soon! Can't wait to purchase them!


Question: when you say that you edit your Christmas photos do you mean the adjusting you do to them or actually adding text to them. Do you print all of yours or mainly use in layouts?



congrats on the upcoming wedding!!! love the layout with the annie checkup stickers, too!

Jessica K.

My husband & I will be married 9 years on May 22nd. Good date, and love the small wedding idea. Sounds so cozy.

Wendy WVG

Congrats on the wedding plans! My husband and I got married in our living room, on Sunday, February 29th, 4 years ago so this year will be our FIRST anniv!!! We didn't have ANYone there but our two kids, and the neighbors who took pics and a video and of course, our witnesses. It was the best day of my life! Afterwards we went to dinner with our witnesses and then had immediate family over for cake that I made and decorated the day before. Best Wishes!!


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