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How fun and exciting. We got a Wii last Christmas and many of us had sore muscles for days. My 7yr old beat everyone in boxing. I really like the active play part of it that joins the whole family in. Lots and lots of laughs.


Have you tried boxing yet? I hate real boxing with a passion so I've resisted it for 8 months (and forbid my kids from playing it too). I finally caved over the weekend. ('cuz nothing says Christmas spirit like virtually beating up someone. heh) Anyway, it's SOOOO much fun. It's a great workout for your arms and shoulders and you can get out A LOT of frustration. ;) Of course, I spent Christmas Eve and Day totally sore so that was a drag but I toughed it out for more playing.

We got Guitar Hero for Christmas and that's pretty addicting too. I still prefer the sports but it's a close second.

sarah sabri

looks like fun! Haven't found a friend that has it yet to just give it a try!!


I don't know, what Wii is, we don't have it in Poland, I guess :)


I got my husband a Wii for Father's Day and we LOVE it!!! Play a couple of rounds of tennis and your arm will be feeling it the next day!


I had the same resentments as you, no playstation in my house ! However last christmas when the Wii came out, I had a weak moment and did not regret it ! So much fun and interaction. We got the Pirates of the Carribean game this year, lots of armwork in the swordfights !
Have fun with your Wii !


I can only imagine the bouts of laughter in your house... if I were to watch my family playing the Wii, I would probably wet myself. I agree that Wii is the most un-likely of video games. You know, I never really thought of it, but my son Sam would love it. He loves gaming (does so on the computer), and I love the idea of him getting up and moving around a bit. He's very high energy, so when he sits for too long gaming, his pent up energy tends to expose itself negatively.


My husband & I waited in line on Black Friday for a Wii. I LOVE it. My next game purchase will be "Wii Fit". It comes out soon, maybe Jan or Feb. A whole fitness game with yoga, aerobics & it tracks the entire family's progress/weight, etc. Can't wait!


Yes, our family got one as well. We all have been playing it even grandma.

tara pollard pakosta

too funny!
i am actually thinking we need one of those too!
my niece had one and they were all doing it at christmas and everyone was exhausted! now
that's a great video game!

jennifer bueck

Oh buddy your life is over as you know it....We got a wii last year..I have throw food in the room every now and then ...get guitar hero for the wii. It will take care of everyone; especially if you want to get work done.


Too funny! At least you can say the Wii is giving you a workout and not feel too guilty about playing it! :)

Kim Bolyard

Wii got a Wii too for Christmas. A family gift from my Mom. We have always had a no video game rule in out house. My kids are 17, 15 and 8 and this is the first video game we have ever owned. I am with you on sitting on the coach for hours playing video games...but this one you get to move fact I have tennis elbow from playing so much this past few days. I love the wii....I wanted it more then the kids.
Happy New Year


my son got one this Christmas from his paternal grandparents. I cannot wait to get in there and play it with him. I have been sick with a cold so not up to it just yet. Enjoy it..


Our house has also been a video game free zone. I finally caved this year and we got the Wii this year and we all LOVE IT!! The sports games are so much fun and we also got the Hannah Montana game. Man does that work your arms!! I had sore arms all day yesterday from doing the dance moves with Hannah! LOL I love that the girls are still moving around and having fun while playing video games. I think I like it as much as they do! :)


hee! I love that photo of you!


We got a PS2, Guitar Hero III, and Dance Dance THAT'S exercise built around fun!!! I'm exercising on the DDR, my hubby is addicted to GH3, and my daughter got her own DS to play.

But my best gift? A Canon Rebel...the digital SLR I've been DREAMING of for 2 years! Wii!!! er...that should be WEEEEE!

Tanya Webster

awesome picture....loooove that you can see annie holding on to her fishy crackers :) i know, i know, i notice weird things :)


My daughter, 10, wanted the Wii for Christmas. I didn't realize all the hype until I started trying to hunt one down for her. We finally found one in the most unlikely of places (in the town I grew up in. Small, miserable little town). Now I get the hype. I'm awful at most games, but it's still so much fun.


just wait til you have "tennis elbow" and "bowling butt"! Say goodbye to boring evenings and your dignity! This child-free house LOVES our Wii! :)


Sounds like a blast! Enjoy your Wii! It is such a fun system to play with and everyone gets into it

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

We've been having tennis tournaments!
AND........I can now take your photography classes. My dear husband bought me a Canon Rebel XTi !!!!!


The Wii is wonderful - I am a huge Wii proponent. Perfect family video game - I am very happy for you. I, on the other hand, got a Canon Rebel (thanks to your good advice I was able to tell DH EACTLY what to get!)


I think you and the kids would probably really enjoy the Monkey Balls game. It has around 50 games on it, from running hurdles, snow boarding at giant bananas,to flying stuff, all as little funky monkeys. I use it as an incentive for my 5th graders and they work to get to play. The games are very physical and enormous fun. A lot of variety in one game purchase. Enjoy!


oooh...yay for you!
we have a Wii, and we love it...
my 5-year old totally rocks in bowling!
can't wait to get dance dance revolution...i figure it's about the closest i'll get to a workout!


Oh you lucky girl! Gonna get me a Wii, I can feel it.


Looks super cool..... I need you to send me an email so that I get you in my book... Is Ross home? Dylan is going nuts becuase he hasn't called him...



Looks like fun... We tried one out for the first time Christmas eve, and now Chris wants one. Is Ross home... Dylan is going nuts becuse he has not called him back.
Julie (Dylans mom)


Too funny. Some friends of ours just got the Wii for Christmas too and they have been bowling and say they have sore muscles LOL. I think we just may have to get one (your such a bad influence on me LOL). Take Care and enjoy wii'ing!

Laura Plunk

"wii, wii !!"
laura P


My sister got our family a Wii this holiday and I've heard even the "anti-gamers" get hooked with this console! I'm not much of a gamer but my husband gets addicted very easily. I hear it's a lot of fun...DH is putting it together as we speak! My daughters (5 and 3) want to try some of the sports so we'll see how it plays! Can't wait!

Stacey B

We have a Wii (since I am married to a 12 yr old..well not really but my dh often acts like one) Anyway...we just got Wii Carinal has SKEEBALL!!!! yippee!

lovely cee

we got Wii before xmas, we knew it was going to take miracle to get Wii during the busiest season. so happy you got one- what an awesome Wii story you have- kinda (i said kinda) reminds me of the Turbo man: Jingle all the way with Arnold S. Wii is the only wii (way) to go when it comes to video games. it's a lot healthier than just sitting on the couch.
Karen, i had a horrible time photographing xmas pictures. i used XT canon, i used 50 mm 1.8 lens, still it wasn't the greatest. i love your photo here. what did you use? your 5d? what lense? did you use flash? and do you use speedlite flash? thank you.

Elizabeth B

We got one for xmas too - you need to get guitar hero!
I didn't think I would like it...but I LOVE It
addicted to it is more like it and with your family and their love of music...for sure it will be a big hit!

Sudoku Print Puzzles

I got a Black Wii for Christmas and I love it. Even my grandparents play the bowling game.

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