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looks like fun! Kinda looks like Guitar Hero...I haven't played before but I've seen others play and it looks like I'd probably suck too :D

Jenn Gent

Okay, I'm usually a lurker but I thought I'd post. My daughter, Anna Kate, is wearing the exact same jammies as Annie tonight! Love them! I also wanted to add that I too suck at Guitar Hero. It's seems like it should be so easy but it isn't. I guess I need to work on my hand-eye coordination. Love the new look on your blog. Thanks for all the inspiration! :)

Sadie in GP

Guitar hero is totally fun! But you need some alone time to practice, then you can show off your skills :)


guitar hero? LOL!!!! I love that game. I hate video games but love that. DH and I play it all the time. You get better with practice. That picture is priceless.


Guitar Hero rocks, but I suck too!

Brooke - in Oregon

Ok, I am soooo out of the loop with Guitar Hero! lol

Ross is such a good big brother, love that picture of the two of them! Just sorta made my heart smile :) Ya know how sappy I can be!

Plus look at Ross's friend with Annie on his lap, not all guys that age are comfortable with little kids. My son has ALWAYS loved little ones, I think he was born to be a Daddy :)

Susanne Ponce

i am sure i suck worse at it than you do!!

Leonie -Australia

I love the way Annie is siting on Ross's friend lap with a big grin on her face, so good to see a young guy comfortable with a little one.


just found you blog tonight, really enjoying it. I'm a military wife too(Air Force), my husband has been in 28 years now. Plus I have 4 sons that are in the military. Hope to read more of your blog and looking forward to getting to know you more. Where are you sationed at?? Were in Colo. Springs. CO.

Katie Szymanski

Guitar Hero!!!! SOOOO AWESOME!! I'm sooooooo addicted!!! LOL!


that game is so fun!! k, this is totally off topic and you may not have time to give me an answer, but i was wondering if you have any tips on how to get a crisp clear picture. it seems like mine are always a little blurry or out of drives me crazy!! could it be my camera or is it just me? ( i shoot with canon xti....50mm 1.4 ) i love the depth of field when i shoot with a wide aperature, but my subject just dosnt seem to be as clear as i would hope.


Careful, you may suck now, but Guitar Hero is very addicting!!! Start with Cherry Pie... I may have to get my son the 80's version just for me!!!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

how sweet that Ross's friend has Annie on his lap.

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It's seems like it should be so easy but it isn't. I guess I need to work on my hand-eye coordination. Love the new look on your blog.

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