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I couldn't agree more!

I'd like to wish you a very merry X-mas and thank yo for sharing all these awesome photos. They inspire me a LOT! :)


Merry Christmas! I was hoping that you were busy having family fun and that the computer didn't take a digger after you lost those photos! You were uncharacteristically quiet for a few days!


Thank you for this post. Now I can feel better about my photos, most of which are emotional emotionaly perfect. Merry Christmas.


Sorry Karen, I should have let you know the lighting is horrible for pictures at the program:( I gave up years ago.



Merry Christmas Karen!
I got to open my new kit this morning and it is GOOOOOORGEOUS!!! (yes- dh made me wait until today). I just love everything in it! You sure know how to put 'em together.
I totally understand the "emotionally" perfect vs. technically perfect shots. That was us this year too - but I'm happy to say that I shot the whole day in Portrait mode! YAY me!
Looking forward to the classes in March - my hubby is already teasing me about being the camera "expert". Haha - yeah right.


Jenny here.....actually that would be Genevieve (I don't even know how to spell it). you must let all of your viewers know that you also graduated from Zima's to Mojito's. I'm so proud our little girl is growing up :)

Libbi Moore

What a wonderful time for you and your family. Please when you get time, take a photo of the beautiful old window pane that you decorated and post it to your blog. I could just barely see it in the background of one of your pictures. I just recently got a hold of one and I desperately want to do something with it. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.

Paola Norman

MerrY Christmas to you and your beautiful family..wishing you peace, love and joy.

Alisa Logue

Karen- Did you take the kids to see the lights on the house behind Bimart? They go on and off to music and its incredible! My kiddos loved it! They will have them up until New Years. It's worth checking out! Merry Christmas! -Alisa

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