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Elizabeth Lombardi

A big Amen on your last two posts Karen (just getting caught up this morning on them). The word consistent is constantly running through my head - it's the hardest thing to do is be consistent - I struggle with it every day! And I couldn't relate more to your sentiment about relating my own self-worth to the behavior of my child. It's tough to be a mom that is for sure, but it feels so good to know that so many women have some of the same thoughts and concerns, hopes and dreams, struggles and joys. Thanks once again Karen for sharing your life with us - it's a wonderful gift you give.

fran heupel

Hi Karen,
Thanks for past two posts. I feel the same way as you do. I also have picked up my girls toys off the floor and put them in the garbage, and taken off my daughters bedroom door and put in in the garage for a while. It is so hard being a good parent and teaching your children all that they need to learn and be able to stay calm and consistent. Here's to wishing you and your family a blessed and wonderful New Year.
Thanks for always sharing your thoughts and honesty with us.
I truly enjoy your blog postings.


Heather (in Scotland)

Just wondering at what age (for children) you put their toys in the bin/garbage. And do you really throw them out? (Even expensive toys?)

(Mum to a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old.)

Stephanie Ainsburg

LOVE that picture. LOVE it. nice to hear/read that we all (moms) feel the same.
p.s. got a Rebel for Christmas....gotta go back and read ALL photography posts!!!!! looking forward to a class soon!

Melissa S-E

'Just read your last two posts.
I can really, really, REALLY identify.
I didn't read the comments.
I'm sure that you got a lot of really good advice.
Note to self: Go back and read all of the good advice that Karen got!!
here is my humble advice:
Just do the best that you can.

That's all.

We are all perfectionists (okay, maybe not ALL of us... but you and me, let's say, for the sake of argument).
We all want to be THE BEST MOM that WE can be.
But we lose sight of the fact that even The Best Mom is HUMAN before she is Woman or Mom.
And our kids need to see that.
Because IF THEY DON'T then they grow up wanting to be SuperMom (or SuperDad, which would be nice to see... ha ha). Do we want to pass that burden on to them?
The burden of unrealistic self expectations?
The burden that WE try to carry every day?
I don't want my girls to have that.
I want them to see me and their dad working out (some) problems so that they know how it's done.
I want them to see me cry when I'm frustrated, so that they know that parenting isn't for wimps.
I want them to know that they get to help because they are part of our Family Team. It's not each man for himself; it's all for the group.
Then the group can take care of the one who needs it at any given time.
there is my wisdom for the day.
May we move forward into the new year wiser than we were last year.
May we pass that wisdom on to the little ones that He has entrusted us with.
May He help us in all of our endeavors, especially the ones that seem too much to bear.
Like this parenting stuff.

tara pollard pakosta

warms my heart.
so so sweet!
you are doing a wonderfuL
job documenting their lives!

Jen M.

I can completely relate to your last two posts. I have been there many times, and will be again, I'm sure. And I always am hardest on myself because I have high expectations of me, and I frequently don't measure up to them. My kids have seen me frustrated, mad, scared, tired, happy, and all the rest of it. There have been times when I have felt guilty for showing them my emotions and have thought that I need to make the anger, etc. invisible, but I can't. And I have come to the conclusion that when they are grown, I hope they will say thank you to me for doing the best I could, but that they will also remember that I was not perfect, and hopefully when they are parents too that will help them to realize it is okay for them to not be perfect too.

All the best to you and your beautiful family for 2008 -- you deserve it.


Karen, I've been there all week- mine are 6.5, 3.5 and 1.5 and I'm pregnant!! My son (6.5) sounds a lot like your coley. very intense uptight and emotional. i feel like its my fault and ask what i've done wrong but I honestly believe those little ones come to us with their very own personalities and we deal with what we get. Before kids I was one of those people who thought you make your kids listen, be good etc. Obviously parenting skills are crucial, but they are created as individuals and regaurdless of what I do or how much I love/dicipline, aiden will be strong willed and difficult all his life, I,ll just do yhe best I can. People who never get strong-willed kids pat themselves on the back and think they have the answers,But I like to think maybe God just knows I can handle it and they can't. HA HA. I reccommend 2 books highly Creative Correction by lisa Whelchel and Dare to Dicipline by dr. dobson God Bless and let me know if you get either of these what you think you can get both at Evangel

Charli H

Well Karen, I certainly have to say it's incredibly comforting to see someone (who I think) who absoloutely has it all together, yet still has the same fears as the rest of us! Your strength is amazing, and I am honoured that you chose to share your thoughts with us. I don't even have kids yet, and you have inspired me to look towards the love and logic parenting style. It seems like a solid start, demonstrating a consistency I never had as a child. You are doing an INCREDIBLE job in everything you do lady...I and I'm sure all your other readers are more than delighted to give you a boost and some inspiration on a day where you might need a little more. You are challenging us to live our best lives through scrapping everyday, so it was only high time the sisterhood returned the favor!! **Love the stateside aussie :)

Paola Norman

What a sweet shot, in the end being a mom is the greatest gift God can give us..
I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world and I bet you wouldn't either!
You are a great mom! Pat yourself on the back! Thanks Karen for a wonderful year
and sharing your life with us..Happy New Year! I look forward to the wonders of the new year!


What a poignant reminder of how angelic they are when they're asleep. You're doing a great job and the kids will appreciate it when they're order. Keep up the good work and keep capturing those memories!


I thought of your post as I was grocery shopping with my daughter this afternoon, when she was throwing a fit and I was doing my best not to throw anything right back at her. I appreciate your sharing the ups and downs.

Rosie in the UK

Hey Karen, just discovered your blog over the holidays and its wonderful. Glad you are feeling better today.

Katie Szymanski

That is one of those photos where you think to yourself.. this is why I do it.

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