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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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For an online photography class I'd like to learn more about photo editing. I do ok already with actually taking the photos, lighting, composition, etc.

Thanks for considering the online option...I'll look forward to hearing more about the format(s) you design and other details.



I'm very excited about the idea of you teaching classes! I love your photography!
I definitely think that you should teach two separate classes - one on photography in general and one about editing - because I actually know a good deal about photography, but I learned several years ago when we were still using analog/film cameras. So, the digital/photoshop side of it is still pretty much a mystery to me! I would love to take a photoshop class from you! Thanks!


I think that it is great that you are considering the online photography classes. I think that 2 classes would be better. 1 for photography 1 for editing.


I would love both a photography class and another on photo editing. While I am slowly figuring my way around a camera there are just some things that kick me in the you know what and photoshop seems to be one of them.

In a photography class I would like to see real life situations and examples along with the technical stuff. For example, the other night at my daughter's play, in the semi lit audience - what is the best suggested setting/lens combo to try. That type of thing.

And in editing - anything. I get so frustrated, and I can usually figure most programs out. Ugh!!

I am glad that you are going in this direction. Hopefully it will take off and you may even find that you enjoy it as much as teaching classes. I look forward to hearing more about it. Susan

Kathy (kathyb)

I've taken two lon-line UK based classes. One focussed on "what to look for" and the other on the technical aspects of using your camera. It worked well having these as separate classes as you could do the first with whatever camera you had, the second required a DSLR. I think your idea about a separate editing class would be fab too, as I have PSE 4.0 and have really struggled to get to grips with it - more a time issue (ie I don't have the time ), but with a class I would have to make the time.
Good Luck with whichever way you choose
Kathy (kathyb)


Oooh a photoshop class would be AMAZING!!! I don't have a DSLR quite yet, but I do get pretty great shots from my little point and shoot and I would love to know how to tweak them!!!!! YAY!


I agree with the last poster...I don't have a DSLR yet either, so obviously I would love to learn tricks and tips for my point and shoot. It's a Canon Powershot and I know it's capable of taking pretty decent pictures for a "little guy".


WOOHOO! This is just the best thing I've heard all week! I would love to get my Digital Rebel out of Auto Mode! I have read the manual and books and I just don't understand the technical stuff! I need a better understanding on why ISO and WB is important and all that stuff and when to use what! I'd love to take any thing you teach!

Karen Fobert

Wahoo!Thank you for considering the online method of teaching! I would recommend 2 different classes, one for the photography and another for editing in Photoshop. I took Jessica Sprague's class on scrapbooking in Photoshop and thought it was set up great. The only part that I would comment on was, sometimes it was hard to keep up with the lessons and having the option to have instructor comments no matter which lesson you are currently on would be fantastic. Does that make sense, it just seemed like everyone moved on and I was still trying to get to an earlier lesson. I think at this point, I would be most interested in a photography course exactly like Kathy mentionned above. "What to look for" and then how to capture it technically with your camera. Your snow outing pictures were awesome and I know a lot has to do with your "eye" for things, but just getting inside your mind to learn to look at the situation would be awesome. Also, specifics about different lighting situations would be great - so much of what goes on in Oregon is indoors for 8 months out of the year - I would like more information on lighting in those situations.
Hope this works out for you, as for me - I can't wait!


I commented earlier, but would like to add one more. I have been searching for something at the book store that just talks aboue lenses. What all the mumbo jumbo means, what each type of lens does and the uses for them. I would love some sort of reference for this, perhaps in addition to class material a cheat sheet to keep in the camera bag. Just a thought, I am sure I am not the only one out there that is frustrated by the lack of basic real people can relate to stuff out there. :) Susan

Jenn D

Great news Karen! For me, I'd really like a workshop specifically having to do wtih child/family photograhy. I've taken a few online photo classes and my interest usually wanes when the assignments have to do with shooting landscapes, carlights at night, etc.
And personally, I'd prefer a seperate Photoshop workshop. If someone signs up for the photography class and already knows a tonne about Photoshop (note: this is not me *S*) then half the class is sort of wasted for them. Know what I mean?
And hopefully your schedule still leaves room for a trip either to Bellingham or Vancouver, BC.


Sweet! SO glad you decided on an online photography class! I want to learn more about working with lighting, aperture, shutter speed...explaining what different lenses will do for your pictures. Hurry...I'm headed to Europe in February and I have to be smart by then! ;)

Kim Hacking

I agree with julie above. I think two separate classes too. I want to know all the technical stuff about the camera. I'm so excited to have an online class option from you.


I think that sounds like a wonderful plan, Karen! I definitely NEED to understand aperature and shutter speed better! I'd also love to get more editing tips so things in that area would be VERY helpful, too! I love taking just every day photos and I love how most of yours are just that - every day aspects of your life! :)


I would really love to be able to take your class...not sure if I'll be able to swing it this time around but I would like to give some input, just in case. ;)

I would definitely want to learn more about manual mode. I am more of a visual learner so it is easier for me to learn by being shown. For example, I would love to see the differences between the same picture at different settings (does that make sense?). I think it is great to explain what everything means and when to use certain settings but it also very helpful to see examples.

Also, I think it would be better to separate photography class and editing but that's just my opinion. That way, if people already know how to use their camera but don't know how to edit, they can choose one class and vice versa. I don't know either but I think I would prefer to learn my camera first and then the editing part of it.

That's just my 2 cents.

This will be a great class, although I hope it doesn't mean you'll stop giving out tips for free. =)
I don't have a DSLR camera, but I get so confused about the different modes.
I think a good set up would be a lesson and then assignment.
Ex. Do a lesson on aperature, and then an assignment/project to actually use what you learn. This way, I won't forget the lesson before I actually get use it! =).
You will be very successful at this! Good Luck!

Oh, and a suggestion for a prize...getting to be in the class for free! =)

Kelly Jo

One more time...the above 2 posts are mine. =) Sorry.
~Kelly Jo

Susan  Lew

I would love a photoshop class. I have a point and shoot camera but i need to be able to edit my pictures. I am trying to teach myself but no success yet. Thanks!


Wahoo...glad you decided to do the class(es).
1) photography and photo editting as 2 different classes
2) a 101 type class as well as a more advanced one
3) what to look to get inside your mind on the shots to take
4) I'm wanting to get the great portraits of my kids along with the fun everyday ones
I've just got a point & shot camera now but am hoping to get dSLR in Jan or Feb...hitting PMA in 08!
Thanks so much for doing this!


I think a photography class and then a photo editing class would be great. I'd be more interested in photography personally, but I know that you need the photo editing to make the photography look that much better.

I'm so excited that you're doing this!!!

Hugs!! Cate

Jessica K.

I would love to learn about taking better pictures first then editing the photos. Never have taken an online photog class before. I like how you explain things and maybe for the class you could have "assignments" of putting it to practice and posting our work on the forum for you to "grade" or give advice. Everything definitely needs to be separated so my brain can process it all. In steps. Would love to know how to get the most out of my camera, struggling with lighting, shutter speed, how everything works together... I have the Canon Rebel XT and right now just trying to find a manual, any manual. My 2 year old walked off with mine... But count me in. I love your style and your sense of humor. I love how you capture the feel and the texture of a moment. I want to do that.

Amy Jo

WOW!!! How exciting is this and you are the woman for this class! You are so true to who you are and so kind to share all you know on your blog.. good luck in developing it all..


I'm so excited!! When it comes to understanding photography , the way you explain it makes it so easy for me to understand. Plus I'm so ready to learn how to take a piture usuing maunual mode , I get so frustrated and end up just shooting in auto. I took an online photography class not to long ago and the main problem was that everyone else had major amount of experience, I think most of them were professional photographer and I was just begining. So I was somewhat behind and felt stupid asking questions. Maybe there are two levels of classes that need taken. beginers and then people that already know the basics and want more. And yes I would love the photo editing to be a separtate class. Just my thoughts for today. Whatever you do I'll be there!

Anne Saloff

I would love a 101 class - beacuse I am a beginner but am inspired by your photos. I would also like one on shooting family.

Very excited!



Photoshop, actions etc. I would like to learn some of those little techniques. I could actually attend an on-line class.

Happy Tuesday!



Hi Karen,

OH my Gosh! I'm so happy that you decided to teach online photography classes. Remember when I kept bugging you at the Scrap-a-faire chat about offering it online? Oh gosh, I feel like I have been a good girl and Santa is bringing me my Christmas gift early just having that as an option.

Anyway, I agree to what the other people said about teaching 2 separate classes. One for Photography and one for editing. I would like to take both but of course I would also be thinking about the affordability of taking both classes at the same time so you might want to consider that too. I mean, not everyone I feel would have that much money at the same time although the fee you mentioned is really reasonable. I was just going to suggest if at all possible if you could have some kind of set up where we could pay say in 2 different plans or something like that. It's just that with Christmas and all that, budget is kind of tight for some of us. And please don't take this the wrong way, it's just a suggestion.

Also, I was wondering if there is any way that you can kind of have a different level of classes. I mean, I'm sure not everybody is in the same level as far as what they know about Photography. For some, something that I would want to learn like the basics mainly (since all I do is use my DSLR in auto mode) might be too boring for them since they might know a lot of that already. I have never taken a photography class but would really love to learn from you. I see all your pictures every day and I keep thinking to myself, I wish I could take pictures like that.

One more question, are you thinking of doing some kind of video tutorials too with the classes? I'm pretty much a visual person and I learn so much better when I see what is being taught. Like maybe even a short one to explain the stuff on the camera and things like that. That would be helpful too.

Okay, so sorry that this is such a long post and a lot of suggestions/requests. I just wanted to voice out what me, as a student would like in classes and I hope I'm not being such a "want it all".

Thank you again for even thinking about doing this for us that can't go to your actual classes because of distance. You're awesome!

Jennifer P

I think an eight week class would be long enough to fit both photography and editing into it right? How are questions going to be directed and answered?


I would have to agree with some of my fellow posters: I would love to do a photo editing class. Right now, I just don't have the camera equipment to really get into technical photography, but I am always up for new editing techniques!


YAHOO! Now it is going to be a mad rush to get into your classes! LOL! I think 2 different classes would be great also-one for editing and one for actual photography. I would love to know how you capture such great action shots! I need help with working in fully manual mode and light metering. I love the different angles and perspectives you capture things from. I want to know how to get the results YOU get! :)


now this is exciting! you do amazing work and are so creative - i was hoping that you would do online photography classes someday. the only deal is, i better be on the list for your first class! :)

i've taken one online photography course. it was okay, we had a forum, but i really didn't get much feedback from the instructor - which really ticked me off. seriously - what did i pay for? i love the idea of two classes - one for editing and one for the roots of photography, but at the same time - they go together like peas and carrots! sometimes you have a great shot and you seal the deal with a touch of this and a tad of that. seriously, no matter how you mix it up, they will be beneficial to us. i've always loved your if you do an 8 week course, i think i will be in heaven. :)

I think the idea of having two separate on-line classes - 1 for photography and another class for photo-editing. I'm not even sure what photo-editing is. And my digital camera is just a Easy Share Kodak and I'm not even sure what all it will do. I don't have the fancy, costly camera with all the special lenses. And I SO want you to continue with your scrapbooking classes and I think I haven't seen you in over a year, so do make a point to come to Warrenton, OR and have a scrapbooking class there. I do have to travel some distance to get to Warrenton, but it's the closest class place I know to come to.

Becky from WA state

Michelle Gauthier

Very cool news! And it must be a relief to have a decision made and now you can move on to actual planning. :) I'd love a beginners class for digital SLRs with some Photoshop tips and goodies thrown in...kind of like your blog! ;) Good luck with this new path!


I would be thrilled if you offered an online photography class!

What I really liked in my last class was answers to direct questions. I still find myself struggling with low light situations, and nighttime especially. I need more guidance on playing with things to get better lighting.

In addition, some help in composition would always be helpful. I think important things to help make the class successful would be homework assignments, where everyone can post their pics and people can give constructive criticism.



I would love to take one of your online classes! I do agree it should be one for basic photography and one for photo editing. I am in need of just learning how to use and navigate on my camera. I have a Nikon and I cannot use it. Anyway, not certain if your classes will be geared towards someone like me, but I hope so!



Hi Karen, I am very excited to hear about the photography classes. I would like very much to see (since you are asking!) photography and photo editing kept as separate classes, or separated somehow. They are both such BIG subjects. It might also be nice to have the photography divided into beginner and advanced classes. I am in agreement with a comment already made about learning more about manual modes. I venture into AV mode but I am still taking baby steps and have so much to learn! That's all I can think of now. Thank you for asking for input!


first of all Annie is my kind of gal. . . barefoot!

secondly on classes the idea of uploading photos for critiquing is the best. . .that's the hard part of learning photography. . what could have made my photo better and if i don't know it's hard to always critique my own work.

good idea and home with your children even better



First, would love to take any class from you! I am somewhat a beginner in photography , know how to pose people or locations for cool shots but don’t know how to get the camera to get the shot I’m thinking of( when i play with settings i get more lost), don’t know where to begin on the camera can usually get some good shots out of pure luck but need help all the way around !! (Like is the cannon the best camera of choice or is it just preference??) I have a cannon rebel but looking to go digital so I could know what I did get in the picture ….. I think whatever you decided will be wonderful you are so great in everything you do!


I'm so excited!!! I think two classes would be great! and maybe different levels, like a beginner and a more advanced..


wow. this is super exciting. can you just channel your talent through the website? that'd be awesome. i'd be willing to pay extra. thanks.


So funny that I just emailed you about this before I read your blog today! LOL! Well, I am totally interested in a class in photography AND photo editing and I really think that 2 seperate classes are the way to go. There is just so much info on each subject that I think all in one would be really overwhelming. I took a class on line before and I really liked it. The best part was that it was 8 weeks but really lasted 12 because we had "work weeks" in between the lessons to practice and critiqued.
Really looking forward to this!!!


I am in desperate need of a basic photography class that would allow me to get out of the auto everything mode and actually learn how to use my camera to more to its potential. :)


So glad you are finding your direction for 2008. Even more glad it may include the sharing of your expertise. I've never taken any online courses, esp. photography. But I know that I come to your blog each day hoping to find tips and tricks for my DSLR. Content which included subject matter, lighting, composition, exposure, apererature etc. would be awesome.

There's really no limit to what you can do. I wish you all the best in this new endeavor. I'll try my best to be a part of it, but $250 is rent and that's tough to spare.


Wow! $250 for an 8 week course?! I am SO in! Your experience and learned knowledge is worth so much more than that, but I THANK YOU for keeping it affordable. Hell, you could charge blog admission and I'd buy a seasons pass!

Everyone has already had great suggestions. My only other wish would be that you give people an advance on when it is that the class is actually going to open for registration, so they can prepare for it (even if it's just a week) and have a fair chance of getting in before the class is full. I would be SO disappointed.


Cat Geiger

Yay!! I am so excited that you will be doing this!! I would love to talk about workflow, I have my own, but would love to get ideas of how others edit their photos. Also, more on getting the pic right, right out of the camera, so I can spend less time Thanks so much for this opportunity!


Hey Karen! I would love to know a little more about my camera functions, and I think the assignments would be good. How to's with taking the pictures would be great and I would love the Photoshop help! Whatever you decide will be great!

Ginger C

I agree with Angie having two seperate class for photography and photo editing. I would still sign up for both, since there might be things I don't know about my camera that you have figured out. I am still having issues with lighting and picking the right apperture and ISO. My style of learning is by visual and trying it out myself in order for me to understand the whole concept. Good luck Karen!


I would love a photography class teaching how to use some of the different modes on the to set things on my own (ISO, aperture, etc) for different situations. Beginner level! and the editing would be better as a separate class. Thanks for considering the idea.


Wow -- ok, Karen since I have already taken your photography class I would say start with that as the basis. I've taken two other college courses and your class was much better. In particular, one of your greatest assets was bringing things down to a really, concrete, easily accessible level. Your explanations of the three basic parts of photography and their interactions were great. You explained the different parts, how they work together, what they mean and how to alter things to get stuff to be what you want it to be. I also think the way you showed photos to illustrate different things (say a different aperture and what that means) was REALLY helpful. It helped to make things tangible and understandable. I also think the suggestion on how to do things on your own camera was great, giving homework assignments you could critique would be helpful. All of this boils down to a good mix of practical and technical and theoretical photography information.

I also REALLY like the emphasis on scrapbooking photography as opposed to general photography -- this is necessary and not really covered in the marketplace -- so you might want to market your class and focus on scrapbooking photography.

Finally, topic wise I also really liked the suggestion of doing a class or some portion of the course on photo editing and altering photographs, etc.

In any case, sign me up for it! I can't wait. I'll also write more later if I can think of more. Congrats on your decision -- I think this is PERFECT for you -- and know your are an AMAZING photography teacher -- my pictures are soo soo much better since your class. (Now, Am I still your favorite student?) :)

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


sign me up! I know that for me, since I have started blogging, my focus has gone from scrapbooking to taking really great photos.
I love all of the advice you have given so far!

Is the class going to be for beginners or more advanced? Or will you offer both? I know a lot of people would love a beginner class, but I would love to see a more advanced class that focused less on the technical and more on the creative side of photography (like sun flare, composition, unique angles, etc). Or advanced technical stuff. I can already shoot in manual, know all of the buttons, white balance, etc-I just would love to learn about sun flare and making my photographs unique and getting cc on my photographs more than anything.

Alicia Sharp

I just got my cannon rebel last year for Christmas so anything you can teach me would be great! I am so scared to take it out of manual mode. I am so scared I will mess it up or something. I have read books on it but I am more of a hands on person and I learn more that way! Thanks and I cannot wait to see what you come up with for a class!

Amy Ragland

I think you should seperate photography from photo editing, that way people who already think their pictures are great (not me!) wouldn't have to do the other part. Plus I think you could get more in depth with both subjects if you had more time for each.


I have taken one online photography class before and am excited about this one! I like having assignments that force me to narrow my options and explore something creatively. I would like personal criticism--not just from the other students, because typically on forums people just say "oh, i like this one". I would rather hear why one is better than another or something that you would have changed to make the shot better, so I can improve. Seeing a series of shots and how your decision making was different for various ones and which ones worked and why. For editing, I am most interested in how to edit a lot of photos quickly and getting a good process in place.

I have a Nikon d80 and am familiar with aperature and shutter priority modes, and understand how to shoot in manual but can't do it fast enough to make it useful most of the time :)

Jen M.

This would be so cool -- I've been wanting to take a photography class for a long time but it's hard to fit it in with my schedule. Online classes are the perfect solution for that. Here are my answers to your questions:
1. I would be looking for information and assignments that would push me beyond what I can find in my user manual etc. and beyond my comfort zone.
2. I have a 30D with a couple of lenses and I would like to cover things like the settings on the camera, using full manual, but also topics like use of light, composition, using lens flare, etc.
3. I like to have the option to read or listen to the instructions, and examples and assignments are really helpful.
4. I haven't taken online photography classes before, but I have taken online scrapbooking classes. I like the ability to download the course material and work through it at my own pace, as well as features like email access to the instructor, chats and/or conference calls.
5. I have taken some classes in the past which either ask you to do too much or too little (I know this is a pacing issue that may take time to work out) or the description of the class has been different from the actual content of it.
6. Would you like two separate classes (one devoted to photography and one devoted to photo editing)? Yes, definitely. I have been using Photoshop for a few years now and know enough to be dangerous, but I'd love some more specific information, especially as it relates to photography.
7. Finding time to devote to it -- do you have a 30 hour clock up your sleeve?


OHHHH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for you to speak those words!!!! I would sign up for an online class from you in a heartbeat!!!!!!!

I have taken one online photography course and honestly struggled to get much out of it. It was all lecture style. She'd give a lesson then an assignment. Assignments would be posted to the forum but there was no actual feedback on how you could improve by changing this or that. Without specific feedback, it was hard to know how to improve - what to try/change, etc. I've also taken an online Photoshop course thru That was really awesome. It was step by step photo editing. I got a ton out of it.

Honestly, Karen, I've learned the most about photography from visiting your blog. Seriously!!! I am starting to "get" aperture, shutter speed, lighting but would love to get more input and practical help with that. It is taking my brain such a LONG time to absorb the concept. I would love to learn more from you about setting up the shot - you take so many incredible candids and I would love to learn more about your thought process (lighting, your position, aperture, shutter speed, ISO) that gets those great shots especially because you are taking candids and have to be making snap decisions/adjustments.

I think it would best to separate photography and photoshop into separate classes. I think there is just too much to combine it all in 8 weeks. And for the record, $250 is way more than a fair price. :)

So, when can I sign up??????



I would like to learn how to use my DSLR camera first and then take a photo editing class next.

Teresa B

Hi Karen
I'm soo excited for you... I love your photo's.. loved your class when you taught at SO.. LOVE that your coming back... hee hee.. I would love to take an on-line class. I've never taken one.. I've read some feedback on others and it seems like you are on the right track. You have a given talent in explaining the most complicated details as simple and easy as possible. I didn't glass over and leave thinking what language was she speaking. I left with wow.. I think I can do this.. and I have.. I've gone out of my confort zone. I've taken that puppy off manual mode and haven't looked's been fun. I know I have sooo much more to learn.. I agree with others and think the a photo session should be seperate from an editing class. I have photoshop and hate it.. it's toooo complicated.. for the time being I've given up on it... I don't have the time to play with it. One challenge at a time for me.. I'm trying to capture the image.. not DR the image to get what I want... soo anyways.. just wanted to share my 2 cents.. wish you luck in your 2008 endevours... Teresa


For a beginner student, what type of camera would you 'like' to see them use? And would you also recommend any particular type of lens?
I look forward to hearing your decision as to what you will offer in regard to classes.

Jen Cozz

Oh my gosh! I'm so excited that you'll be teaching photography classes! I would love to take a class from you. I'm a beginner (at least for SLR-I'm getting one for Christmas!) From the online classes I've taken so far, having video instruction is something I think really helps. I'd love to learn anything you can teach me. Can't wait! Love your style and your beautiful photography!

Jen Cozz

Oh my gosh! I'm so excited that you'll be teaching photography classes! I would love to take a class from you. I'm a beginner (at least for SLR-I'm getting one for Christmas!) From the online classes I've taken so far, having video instruction is something I think really helps. I'd love to learn anything you can teach me. Can't wait! Love your style and your beautiful photography!

Lily's Mom

I would like to know more about photography as a whole. Right now I have just a simple digital camera but I am hoping for a Canon SLR hand-me down from my father. I am probably way too much of a beginner to really take a class, I am not sure. How many people would you be willing to take and what levels?


I would love a class that combines real basics (i.e. would a point and shoot be satisfactory?) as well as editing tips.



Thanks for asking for our feedback!

I'd love a class on editing, as well as one on photography. For the editing class, step-by-step (with photos at each step) could help. Even a video (video instructions) might be useful for visual learners. For the photography class, I'd love to be challenged with particular 'challenging situations' (like people in motion, or indoor lighting, or super-bright days, etc) so that the difficulties that go with these challenges are addressed. I found these things overlooked in classes I've taken.
A great idea...I hope whatever makes you happy works out!

Donna C

I want to learn to take pictures like you do of your daughter! I take mainly close up pics of my family and want to improve these. I love your style! I also like the idea of the free class as the prize!


I would like to see something that's, "go shoot _____ at the ______" . "Try to use _____ setting" then let's see/compare/share results. I know that's kind of pinholed and may even be a bit advanced- but I think it'd be super helpful since it's hard to shoot outside of the intuitive/comfort zone. Even if it's an experience that has us make mistakes, feeling out everything that the camera really does would help me become more intuitive, I think.....maybe?


Love the pictures from yesterday! I have never sat down to read my camera's owners manual so I don't even know what I don't know, if that makes sense. I would like to know how to take good pistures using the flash as little as possible

Shannon Stamp

WOW! I am excited. I have been waiting for this! YEAH.

I would like to see a class that teaches me about my camera and how to shoot with manual and not auto-focus. I would love to learn about what I should have my camera set to for what situations... like snow scenes, low lighting, photos with candles, multi-people pictures, portraits, how to set the aperture, and knowing what to do with the camera, other than just aim and shoot in auto-focus.

Then after I learn how to use settings in the camera, the whens/why/how.... I would want to know how to use photo actions and how to apply them in Adobe Photoshop. I have CS2, and have played with some actions that are easy, like turning the photo to black and white and making borders... but when it comes to manipulating the action... like where to go for the opacity... layers, and fixing the eyes, sharpening or changing colors...brightening, I am stuck. I don't get the desired result and after playing for 45 minutes I give up. I want to know how to use actions that hit the play button and it does it... I guess I need a little leason on how to use CS2... the specifics to using actions...I think the biggest thing is learning the settings of the camera and knowing a little about photo editting. I would like to see both in the same photopraphy class if possible as many might not have the money to take both classes if they were seperate and I think both would be needed to help people get the desired look to the photos they are wanting.

I hope this helps. Thanks for offering this. 8 weeks would be great too! Gives us plenty of time to dig in and play with the cameras and send you uploads to work with when we are learning.

Sounds like you have a great action plan started Karen, I am excited. I hope I get a spot in this class!

Shannon Stamp

paola norman

Karen, hi, I do think you should do at least 2 diffrent classes, one for photography and one for editing, but I'm sure you have two diffrent readers, some experienced photographers and some beginner, so I believe a beginner or intro. class would be a benifit to anyone wanting to improve their photography skills.

Sue Malkowski

I would love to get my camera out of auto!! Maybe even learn how to take a picture at night and have it turn out how I want it to!! That would be a first for me! I totally think there should be 2 classes-one just concentrating on just the photography!


Love the idea and super happy you decided to take a leap and do it.

I would say offer three levels of classes, beginner, intermediate and advance. Give very clear details on the syllabus prior to registration so that there is no confusion who this class is for. Offer a discount if all three classes are taken. Make these your core classes then offer a Photoshop design class as a la carte! Maybe not as costly as the other three. By having the first three classes you are creating your very own base of customers who will want to excel. If you have someone at step 1 you will have them for three more classes. If you have someone at step 3 you have them for one more class. Hook up with a camera sponsor, someone you trust preferable online. Help them share the cost of hosting sites, providing goodies and so forth. That is the way I look at it from the business side.

Now from the consumer. Message boards, forums, and chats. The more options for communication the better. Have office hours, when you would be available for IM. Assign each student a pocket of time for office hours where they can call you if they would like. Make the handouts and syllabus clear.

Good luck in your new adventure I hope I am able to join in on the fun when the time comes.



i have taken an online class and what i did not like was that i never got feedback on any of the assignments we had to submit. also, i am happy to have both, but some people in my class did not have photoshop (or otherwise) so the editing lessons were a loss for them. but oh my goodness...HOW LIMITED will your class be?? we'll all be scrambling to get in!! thank you for being willing to strike on such an endeavor!

Phyllis R.

From all the comments already posted, it sounds like you could have a variety of classes (or weekly topics); composition, lighting, point-and-shoot, editing, etc. For myself, I'd like one where you discuss the Canon DSLRs. I have a 30D, and I've purchased a couple of the lenses you have recommended, but I still struggle with learning how to use my camera out of auto mode. I'm not a manual reader! LOL! I do know that's it has a lot to do with getting out there regularly to get to know your camera, but it would be fun to do a Canon on-line workshop with you!


I think that it'd be better to have separate classes for photo editing and using your camera. Although I'm not sure how I'd afford both of them, but I'd sure try!

That said, I think one thing I'd really like to learn is not just HOW to use my camera, but some actual photography tips as well - how to set up shots, how to see things from a perspective other than your generic head-on. I really struggle to use my "creative eye" through my camera lens, and you take such amazing shots - I'd love to glean some of that knowledge from you (if it's even possible, lol!)

Can't wait!!


I too would like a beginner class. Thanks Karen!

Rachel Plowman

I would love to take a photography class from you - I think anything you teach would be worthwhile - but I would like to know more about lighting/aperture settings. But I think having assignments and then having your pictures critqued would be most helpful. I took a basic photography class before and that seemed to help a lot - just by practicing and focusing on one subject and then discussing it the following week. Also very interested in the edit/processing part of it too! Count me in!


HI Karen!!
Ditto what was said above re: separate classes and photog courses by level (intro vs more advanced topics). I need to learn what settings to use like 90% of the time indoors (low light) vs. the idea of learning based on situations & what you "tweak" to get "that". I've taken online classes before and I like those that give you the ability to save the lessons and re-listen to them and some provide a CD at the end of the class too. I do not like the chats...a waste of time because it's too free-for-all so a Q&A forum with examples would be great! See ya at the Oasis...!


I don't do manuals well, so I'd definitely consider taking your class. I would suggest a seperate course for photo editing.

I would also love a 101 class....the basics as far as manual mode,settings,settings for specific light...etc.


i am also voting for a photo 101 and a photo editing 101. CAN'T wait for this!!!!!

Lori C

Very exciting news! You take great photos so anything you could teach us would be very valuable I'm sure. I would go for the 2 classes also, I'm sure there is a lot to learn on both subjects.

Trina Jaynes

Awesome!! I would so be interested in taking an online photography class from you! I think you take amazing photos and you have a real knack for getting great shots. I would love more info regarding lenses, aperture, exposure, light metering, and using manual mode and shooting in RAW.

My only other suggestion, and I hope you don't take this wrong, would be a bit lower on the price. I currently live in CA and can take a photography class at the local college for less than $100 but have no idea how good/bad the teacher is. We all know that a class from you would be amazing but I think you should price it a little closer to the cost of a college level class....especially since you will most likely have many students and there are no other materials needed for you to teach. Just a suggestion and I hope you don't take offense....just trying to be honest. I would LOVE to take a class from you but honestly would not be able to afford it at that cost. Maybe that could be the price of 2 classes and one only would be 1/2 that?

Thanks and look forward to hearing more....thanks for always sharing your photos and tips here, too! Your blog in my favorite right now!



I would love to get into your online class! I was just thinking about e-mailing you about what type of camera would be a good "starter camera." :)

Ann Grounds

Wow, I'm glad that you have decided on teaching online. I have taken your "taking better pictures" class at a local scrapbook store but that only brushed the surface. I agree with the other posters that the photography class should be separate from an editing class. I have taken an online photography class on BPS and loved it! It was broken up into a weekly lesson and then a "work" week where you actually did assignments (looked for "light", play with apt settings, shutter speed, depth of field, iso settings, and totally manual) and posted them for comments from the teacher. I loved the examples that she included in her lessons. That class was limited in the amount of participants it had and it really made it feel like you had one on one time with the instructor. I liked the message board and also the regularly scheduled online chats with the instructor. So for me, I would like to see lessons, time to "practice and get feed back"-technical feed back preferably, a posting gallery, a message board, and some live chats with you. BPS also provided weekly audio messages regarding the lessons (printed transcripts were available to print). This way auditory learners as well as visual learners learning styles were met. As far as the photo editing class, people have so many versions of editing software, it would be nice to kind of "generalize" it to cover Photoshop, PSE (all versions), and other editing products on the market. Actions would be a great topic, as well as enhancing the look of your photos. I am kind of old school and come with the feeling that I shouldn't edit what comes out of the camera unless it is horrible lighting, cropped funny, or the colors completely off. Good pictures happen, great shots are fewer, but that Fantasic Shot is far and few between. That is what makes photography fun--Thanks for wanting to share your talents.

Ann Grounds

Sara M

I would love to see a forum for advise on crappy pictures. I think that is the best way I would learn. For example, in our kitchen last night, I was trying to get a picture of my girls with their grandpa. No flash = blurry. Flash on = red eye and washed out. The pictures look terrible and it drives me crazy.
So some good hands on advise would be great.
I'm so excited you will be offering the class. I hope I can get in.


I love your photos of people in your family - you inspired me to buy a DSLR (Canon Rebel XT) and a 50mm f/1.4 lens to take photos of my own family.

Like kathyb I've taken an online course in Britain focusing on taking photos from different angles etc., but a lot of it was focusing on inanimate objects and, like Jenn D, I'd prefer classes focused on children, which seems to be your forte! (Though you're probably great at other photos too, but just don't post them on your blog.)

Keeping the classes small enough to allow you to give individual tuition/feedback to those taking the course would be important to me, even a couple of weeks after a particular module has been posted.

And like Karen Fobert I'm desperate to work out how to take decent indoor photos of people. I'm struggling to get any sharp photos of my two littles, even with the f/1.4 lens.

Good luck with your venture.


Karen -

First - I do think the classes should be two separate classes - I would not want to pay $250 for a class where I'm not going to use a big portion of the class (I would not use the photo editing and would not benefit from that portion at all).

As for things I would like some homework assignments where you give us an assignment and people post their pictures. I would also like a lot of before and afters - thinking here is a picture take in this iso or this appeture and then here is the same exact picture taken with different settings. I really learn well from real world life examples. I want you to give us a lot of hands on experience (or as much as possible). One of my favorites things about the way you teach photography (took your photography class at cord) was that you teach it so down to earth and not so technical.

I'm really excited about this - and am hoping to be one of the lucky girls in the class!!!


Andi M.

I'm so excited that you are going to do an online class! I think photography and photo editing should be two separate classes so that you can get more indepth with both. Additonally, some people may need help with one, but not the other. I have a dSLR, but never shoot photos on manual settings. I would love to feel comfortable doing that, especially in situations with tricky lighting like indoor sporting events and outside in the snow. I think it would be ok to touch on photo editing in the photography class, but keep the main focus on photography. I also would like a photo editing class. I just upgraded to Photoshop Elements 5.0 and am finding it's a big learning curve for me.

Stephanie Ainsburg

Karen, I have never taken an online class before, so I really can't speak to that part of it as I have no preferences. But I do know that all your tips are so easy to understand, if they were broken down into step-by-step basics and progress to a little more advanced stuff AND all in one place, It would be great! thanks for all the tips you given and looking forward to more!


Yes, I think an online photography class would be great. I would really like to learn how to use the camera properly. I'm thinking about getting a beginner dSLR for Christmas, but lenses and manual controls and when to use what eludes me. I also seem to have a problem with composition. When I'm taking the picture I think it's going to look cool, and then am sadly disappointed when I open the image up.

I definitely think two separate classes for photography and photo editing are necessary. There is so much to cover in each topic it really is best to handle them separately. However, I'm sure you'll get questions about the other in whatever topic you're covering.

Look forward to hearing more!

Ashley Schultz

I'm excited about this! I think if you could combine editing with the photography stuff in one class, that would be great (for those of us who money is tight for right now), but if not, it would be nice to have an option to learn about both in separate classes. I would like to know more about aperture, lighting, shutter speed, and the more technical side.


I would love short, focused photography classes. I have a hard time learning too many things at once, so I would really benefit from one technique or subject at a time. Maybe starting the year with very simple basics moving towards the photo editing later in the year?
I'm sure whatever you decide will be awesome. You have a knack for teaching, and I can't wait for your classes.


This is what I would love to see in future photography classes.

Photography 101 - for all of us that have no idea what f-stop is, aperature, or things like that. So we can understand what you are talking about in your posts! (Because I really WANT to know what you are talking about).

Photography 201 - for those that know the basics and want to learn about more advanced things - different lenses, basic photo editing, the flashy things and light things you've been posting about, etc.

Digital editing 101 - the basics

Digital editing 201 - the fun stuff, digital scrapbooking, etc.

Honestly, ever since I got my Nikon d70, this is the type of class (or classes) I've been dying to take, but just can't because it would be too much with a toddler to get a sitter and attend classes). An online setting would be AWESOME! And I know my hubby would pay for it because he's so darn tired of hearing me complain about wanting to learn more about my camera.

Yay! This will be awesome. Looking forward to being one of your first online students!



I think for the wealth of information that you have provided for us it's definitely time you get something in return from us $$. Best of luck! I'd love to do a 101 too! Danielle t

Judy H.

I would be interested in an online class too. I have a Canon Rebel (also have the Canon 35 mm) and never use the manual mode. That's what I would like lessons on. Another class for photo editing would be great too.

Amanda V.

This is great news that I know alot of us are interested in, I think a basics class would be awesome with focus on focus issues ( :) ), metering is a huge issue for me, and composition of course, but also editing which just throws a whole new learning curve and really probably needs a whole class on it's own as a seperate venture.

Looking forward to whatever you come up with, I know it will be worth it!!


Karen - here are my preferences - thanks for asking
*a photography class seperate from a photo editing class
* online handouts we can print w/ terms, definations & glossary so we have some sort of manual at the end of the session
* message board to post questions
* gallery to post photos w/ ability to have you critique 1 or 2 per class session (weekly)
* review of DSLR camera & settings
* ability to email specific questions to you (example - I am shooting my sons' indoor basketball game w/ a 85 mm lens - what settings would work best?)
* section on shooting in manual ( I tried to take xmas photos (using AP) after a recent snow & ice storm here in the midwest - overexposed!.... then read your post how AP mode is difficult and manual setting works best in the bright snow - who knew?
* lens recommendations - (I need a good sports lens for baseball & soccer )Thxs


Very, very excited by your decision! I love the 'photography talk' you do on your blog. About lenses, about shooting in AV-mode etc. etc. And would love to hear/read more about these topics.

Lynn Justice

HOW AWESOME! This post made my day! Two seperate classes, please. I am good at editing. I am good at PhotoShop CS3. And usually good at photography in general . . . but I have been trying to shoot manually and the more I learn, it seems like the worse my photos look. Did that make sense?


I have taken a few classes online before, and for me the best part was the one on one photo critique - the second class had it - it was great, the first didn't - we just read her instructions, and took pictures - didn't learning anything from that first class...

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