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Kathy C.

Karen, your stories totally crack me up! Glad nothing was injured at Freddies (other than your ego). GREAT photos, what a great time you all had!

Happy Thursday!
~ Kathy C. (Hillsboro, OR)

Allison Clem

Thanks for posting. I look forward to your blogs everyday; they're my therapy. I love knowing that you're doing the mom thing with all of your kids everyday, and you seem to take pictures of it too. I just started blogging, and I already find immense pleasure in it. I'm sure this is weird to you, but I totally feel like I really know you and your kids. Not really "know", but very familiar with. Anyway, thanks. Keep bloggin'.


I absolutely love the pics of Annie looking for Josh! Adorable!! Glad no one was hurt in either falling incident ;) and I have to tell you that I just love how much you seem to enjoy being a mom! I try every day to make an effort to take pictures even if we're just watching tv because they grow up entirely too quickly!! Thanks for sharing :)


First time ever I'm disappointed in your photos, Karen---so wanted one of that scene at Fred Meyers!

Heather Prins

Aaaw your littlest one is too cute, love the poncho!

Barbara Zea

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for all of your photography tips. I can't wait to see your online class. I wanted to upgrade to a SLR camera for a long time and we finally got the $$, so yesterday I bought myself a 30D w/ a 50 mm f1.4 lens that you recommended. BTW, your pictures look great.


Confession: I too have white sausage legs, so I TOTALLY relate to what you are saying. I refuse to wear shorts, EVER. Long skirts only. Cute story... glad to hear you are both okay! And your night out with Josh sounded fabulous!

melissa deakin

oh you poor thing.
we have all been there.
you are a great your descriptions.
i just had my 22 month old at Roly Polies for gym class and he fell down and just got right back up. i said to another mom, 'oh, if only we could fall like that and not give a care who sees us...just get right back up and off to a new adventure.'


omg! Are those PANTS that Annie is wearing? I don't think I have ever seen her in anything other than a dress!


Absolutely adorable picture of Annie with the tiara. Thanks for sharing!
Oh--and glad no one was hurt in those spills : )

tara pollard pakosta

i have missed your stories/photos.
glad you are back and okay after your falling
2x!!!! sheesh girlie! be carefuL!

casey boyd

Karen, I can always count on you to make my day better. Your posts can always bring me a smile or make me bust out laughing. Glad only the ego was bruised that could have been really bad.

And those pics.....some of your best, I just love the expressions and moments you captured!!

Trish Turay

Hand to God--you should totally write a book. You made me laugh so hard reading this, and I know I'm not alone. Seriously. Your sense of humor is so endearing! Hang in there. Good to cut loose and have some fun--you are so deserving! :)


Karen - so sorry to hear about your spill(s) but I swear your great attitude turns it all into a cute funny that about you!!! AND your photography just gets more and more incredible. The colors,clarity, composition and those cuties of yours knock my socks off every time. Thank you SO SO much for sharing with us!!!!!!!!


glad you weren't physically hurt in your fall. Ego's heal so much more easily than broken bones :D

Sounds like you all had fun and the pictures are wonderful. Courtney is such a pretty girl and the pics of Annie looking for her dad are just too cute.


You are too funny! I look forward to reading your blog everyday. Thank you for sharing & making
me laugh.

Tammy Gray

Ouch!!!!!! I agree, your journals are as amazing as the photos! The poncho is adorable!!!!!

Jamie K

Hi Karen...(totally unrelated to your post) but I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your inspiration - as an artist, photographer and as a mom. So much about your posts ring true for my life too. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION. Just wanted you to know that! Wishing you and your family a VERY happy holiday!
~ Jamie

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

so? did you find the tights?

jo hannah

Hi Karen! Thanks for the sharing a part of your every day lives with us! I am so glad you did not fall and hurt yourself because I don't know how much longer I could've gone without a peek in your life! lol! Love the pics!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


Oh Karen I am glad that your ok! Two falls in one day is quite enough. The snowball fight looks totally fun.



Just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog. I am Southern Texas girl and my closest friends live in Southern Oregon. I have traveled there several times this year to visit and each time I leave it becomes harder and harder. It is really my home away from home. It is where my heart lives.

So, to find a blog to read about Lithia Park,Cresent City and Klamath Falls makes me smile. Thanks for letting me peak into your sweet life. I am counting the minutes until I am returning to that wonderful beautiful place.

michelle evans

karen.. love your blog everyday. i learned so much from you a few months ago at memory lane in pa. what a inspiration you are to so many of us.
also this little poncho sweater annie has on in this post... where is it from? i NEED it for my little one!!


It looks like you all had fun, well except for the falling part.
I have the most wonderful shoes ever, but I don't wear them for that exact reason. Seriously sorry you fell, glad you and Annie didn't get hurt.


hi there! I read your blog all the time and I have never posted. First, I must say that little cheecky girl you have is just an adorable thing! I love seeing her expressions...priceless..
second, your blog post made me laugh out loud this 5am! outloud, I giggled, quite a bit, and then I read it to my husband...I think the thing is, we mom's can relate to similar situations...I am totally NOT lauging at you, just with you...such a vivid explanation of your day!
and for me today, what had started at 4am as a slumpy feeling day, has just totally changed! I hope you dont mind, but I am going to relate my blog post to your post for today...thanks for changing my day!

Kathy (kathyb)

Great pictures as always. I love Annies little poncho :)


I love Annie's little poncho! Where did you get it?

Laura Plunk

Karen, that is what I love about you, the fact that you share the "REAL" things in your life, not just all the "Glamourous" parts, hee hee. Remind me to share my ego bursting story next time I see you !!
Laura P

Libbi Moore

Thank you for your blog today, I really needed a good laugh today. It was great. PS: I love your new layouts. They are stunning :-)

Libbi Moore

Oops. Forgot to ask where you got Annies gorgeous sweater poncho. It's beautiful :-)

Annette Kuusinen

Thank you for sharing your stories! This post made me laugh out loud. Sometimes I swear you could be telling my stories. I once fell with my 1yo at a coworkers party. I think she checked about me being ok every day for at least a month. Just like you, only my ego was bruised.


OMG, I don't think i've laughed so much in ages... thank you! It's nice to know that the sort of thing i'd go and do happens to other women too.
And I think Annie's little poncho is so cute!


These are wonderful photos. Those of Annie looking for her dad made me laugh. Thanks for sharing.


that is hilarious! love the poncho - where did you find that? (my daughter needs one!!)

Suezi Gurzi

thanks for the great laugh!! I can relate more than once of falling in public. like stephanie not laughing at you but with you!
that picture of annie looking up at you in ...priceless!! darling!! just want to pinch those cheeks!


love reading the stories. Love the pics! Thank you for letting us peak into your wonderful world! We love you!

Alison Shearer

I just love your photos (and your stories!). Your focus is always so sharp - an area I struggle with - do you have any tips???



The pictures are fabulous but I love little Annie's poncho! Any chance I could find out where it came from? I'd love one for my friends little girl!


Stacy the Party Planner

Great Post! Wearing your skirt rules is a good advice to all women out there.

You are blessed with great kids!



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