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Tanya Webster

i love the pictures from this place and i love that i recognize it from previous posts on your blog....and i love seeing ALL of you together in one picture....and i am wondering if josh will somehow manage to wear Beavers garb to your wedding :)

oh, and i love being the first comment too...:) love you!

Tracy Livingston

Thank you so much for sharing your family with us. I love seeing familiar places in Oregon!

Brooke - in Oregon

Hey if I don't chat at ya before Christmas, I wanted to be sure and wish you and your entire family a Very Merry Christmas :)

Terri B in Oregon

I love Jacksonville! I have a friend who lives there, and I love to visit! Great pictures! I think it is fantastic that Ross still is willing to go with you on these adventures! He must be a pretty special kid! But I am sure they all are! Thanks for sharing!


Another fun family outing! Thanks for sharing.

My dd has the same dress as Annie. Love Baby Gap! :)

carrie hicks

LOVE, love, love the picture of Courtney walking by the toy store w/hot drink in hand.

Merry Christmas to your whole fam!


You make me want to visit these places!

Chloe also wants nothing to do with Santa, and we get a kick out of her reaction whenever he's mentioned. So we mention it a lot. She's told us that she 'don't like Santa', and 'daddy bring me presents'. Smart little one, there :)

Kara B.

Annie's hair is getting so long! I love it!

Alisa Logue

Karen- Took the kids last week. I thought "Father Christmas" (that's what the J-ville chamber of commerce called him) was rather frightening myself. How about you? : ) Although when my son told him he didn't know what he wanted for Christmas Father Christmas told him "when you know just think about it really hard and I will know." Thought that was sweet. Merry Christmas. -Alisa


Wow, looks like a wonderfully quaint place to visit! That photo of Annie on the swing is one of my absolute favorites! :)



I love looking at your pictures. Do you ever use a flash for inside pictures? I am taking pictures in AV mode and it seems like I get lots of noise. When I use my flash, the colors look washed out but the pictures are crisper and there is less noise. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I am trying to desperately learn how to take low light pictures without a flash. Any suggestions. I just bought the 50mm f1.8 lens and will get that at the end of the week.


i looooove courtney's coat, so stinkin cute!

Kim Hacking

I looked back at your 2006 picture and Courtney has grown up a lot in a year. She really is a stunning little girl. I love the pic of her crossing her legs. You are amazing.

paola norman

It's so nice to see pictures of all of you as a family, esp. when your in the photo..Just love that santa pic of Cole and Courtney, it's magical, almost like a postcard, and whoever that santa is he looks like a real Santa, can't stop looking at that photo, it could almost be a painting..Beautiful work.


Awwww...your family is just so cute - I can't even pick a favorite out of those - excellent!


WOW such a magical place! Your so lucky to be able to go there!!! Love the photos! Thanks for sharing :)


oh my favorite place on Earth! Have you tried the pizza at Bella Union's ??? yum! Wow just thinking that I will be there this weekend makes my heart race.

It is wonderful that you appreciate the wonderful state that you live in! I see that in your travels. thanks so much for sharing!

---a Texas girl who left her heart in Oregon!


Oh! Oh! That second to last swing shot!

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