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Sending (((hugs))! Good thing they are all so dang cute huh?!!


This is so very funny! The pictures fit so perfectly. Love your blog for this very reason...It's real life. Great job!


And you can't help but love them all!!


It is so cool how much you love ALL those kids. It's great that you are writing their characters down in this way! You are such a great writer!
It is amazing that through it all we just love them.
Have a great day!!!


No one but a Mother can love them as much as they need to stay alive!!!! I have one JUST like Cole, we have to cut every tag out of all his clothes, he won't wear underwear that has an elastic band touching his skin, he doesn't like embroidery on anything and he chews holes in his collars if they get any wear near his mouth. We should talk.....

Jennifer P

My husband complains about sock seams on his toes too.

This blog is toooo funny.

Thanks for making me smile today.

Terri B in Oregon

Love the photos, love the "warts" the kids have, and nice to know that kids are kids, your kids, my kids, they all are lovable and naughty and imperfect, yet, perfect! Merry Christmas!


Great photos, Karen! Love the little tid bits about what makes each of them lil' stinkers! ;) So cute and sweet! :)

Tanya Webster

that banana thing??? yeah, happens in my house too....YUCK! LOL! your conversions are kickin' some serious booty girl! LOOOOOOVIN' them! :)

Brooke - in Oregon

Oh this so made me chuckle! My niece was like that with socks, drove me nuts! But I love her dearly :)
Courtney putting her feet on Cole just to watch him go nuts, ok that is seriously funny. Sure not to Cole but it just makes me hoot!


I can relate to so much of what you said! I was just chatting the other day with Mikaela's former Montessori school and we were talking about how she was late almost everyday (a serious no no at Montessori)... we were inevitably held up because the seam in her sock, or undies didn't feel right. Then the tights were too clingy and eventually she couldn't wear leggings. Today, it's the tag and (thankfully) she's starting to consider wearing tights again. Oddly enough, the leggings are still O.U.T. Sam is the messiest eater in our household... my husband says Chloe is immaculate in comparison. And the socks/shoes in the car... man alive, it drives me nuts! It's a constant act of dressing and undressing. She changes her clothes inside too, at least 10 times a day. And if she's cleaned out her clean laundry.. she'll head to the dirty pile. My biggest frustration lately though is the carseat. She refuses to keep her top buckle snapped. And I'm just lucky enough to know that it doesn't really get better (I have 15 & 18 yo step-children). One problem just replaces another lol! Hang in there Karen, and enjoy the ride!

tara pollard pakosta

if that isn't the truth?!
can't live with em' can't live without em'
thanks for the humor and real life stuff! LOL!


Teehee thanks for the smile to my face :) Merry Christmas!


I love this post. :)


right there with you chickie! Just waiting for the show thing to start with Alex..Emma STILL takes hers off although doesn't throw them at me anymore. She is 3 1/2. LOL!
Holy cow though is Ross ever growing up. The girls must be swooning!


right there with you chickie! Just waiting for the shoe thing to start with Alex..Emma STILL takes hers off although doesn't throw them at me anymore. She is 3 1/2. LOL!
Holy cow though is Ross ever growing up. The girls must be swooning!

Andi M.

The pictures are priceless! I love reading your blog, because you talk about real life and still have a sense of humor.


So funny and SO SO true! I am totally stealing this concept for a scrapbook page!!

Heather Prins

Oh my word i swear i could just replace your kids photos with mine, really almost word for word. Your little boy will most likely not grow out of the itchy thing or the sock thing, just a warning, lol!


I swear to you, I am married to a 30 year old version of Cole! Especially #1 and #3.....somehow everything in life relates to a Simpsons, King of the Hill or Southpark episode. Swell, huh? :P But even after 10 years of him annoying me, I'd be lost without him, just like I know you would with your brood! :)


OH I can so relate to the taking the shoes off every time we go somewhere. The twins do it too. It is so dang annoying, putting them on everytime we have to get out of the car! And usually there is at least one missing behind a seat somewhere.

ana roat

Hi Karen-
This is my first visit to your blog and I'm wondering why it's taken me so long to get here. It's raining today which means I've had time to read all of your entries and one comes to mind more so than any other. 19 years ago I became a stepmom to a little boy I knew nothing about and this past June I became the proud "mom" of an amazing young high school graduate I now call my "son". Removing the step from our relationship made a world of difference and although he wasn't a part of my everyday life (and pictures) he was in a part of my heart everyday. Being a stepmom means you are willing to take a extra step in the right direction so put one foot in front of the other and rock on mom...ROCK ON!!!
Your family is perfect- just the way God intended it to be.
Merry Christmas my new friend!

Meredith S.

AAAhhhhh, real life. Those are the posts I really love!!


your blog makes me happy. i feel seriously disappointed when you don't update it every day! and I KNOW I'm not the only one! :) hugs!


Ah, the joys of motherhood!!! Sometimes you can't live with them - and yet you can't imagine not living with them. Treasure them because really - soon they will be gone. Love your blog - and your pictures from yesterday were awesome. I just want to walk around with my camera all day - you are so inspirational!!

Phyllis R.

Thanks for keeping it real, Karen! We'd all like to portray our families to the public as being perfect and happy all the time, fa, la, la, la, la! But we all know most days they are just ordinary kids doing ordinary kid things like everything you mentioned. It's amazing how much they can do that irritates us, but we still love them to pieces anyway! It's what gives each of them character!


Ok, they're all just too cute! And just so you know, I've done the same thing about the socks - it's very uncomfortable!


I love a woman who is willing to admit that things aren't always perfect!! And that you aren't always madly in love with your kids.:)


It's nice to know we're all in the same boat ... even if it is a sinking one! ;)

Try turning his socks inside out - it works with my 7yr old. No more annoying seams!


this is most certainly good for a giggle and that's exactly what you'll do a week from now when you re-read this. for now, deep breath in and out ;) love your perspective though and your sense of humor/honesty is the best!!!!

Kathy (kathyb)

I don't have the problems of the older ones yet ( my eldest two are 6 and 4) but I do have the shoe/sock problem with my almost 20 month old Jack. I am sick of people asking me where are his shoes and socks. If he isn't standing on them to keep them on, then he has them off, so they are usually in my pocket or under the buggy...and yes I know its winter....and yes I know h is feet are freezing...., but what are we mums meant to do? I want to get socks and shoes tattooed on so at least it "looks" like he is wearing some to keep everyone happy1 :lol:


Karen, fab shots. You are so funny.


This is sooooo awesome!! It made me laugh out loud (and I'm at work, so that's not good) :-)

You have a completed layout right here! I can even see the design...I love them at the top with each of the four photos below and 'but they're driving me crazy along the bottom. You can make the photos lift up and include your journaling underneath.

So cool!

Jo E

First. This post is oh so true!

Second - great pictures, but that one of Cole is just stunning.

Third - these are the posts that show your true talent. Just love your blog.


Oh, I have three kids but my youngest two (ages 2 1/2 & 1 1/2) are always taking their shoes and socks off in the car. It is so frustrating! If one doesn't think of it, the other does and then they both have them off.

Hang in there!

Val from Down Under

Ditto to all of the above comments. I'll bet you're so glad you've got this blog to look back on over the next 20 years - they'll be off living their own lives then and you'll miss them tremendously - every little bit of them ... that's parenthood and it's what we do.

Val from Down Under

Ditto to all of the above comments. I'll bet you're so glad you've got this blog to look back on over the next 20 years - they'll be off living their own lives then and you'll miss them tremendously - every little bit of them ... that's parenthood and it's what we do.

Susi (Dragonfly Dreamer)

I just love your blog too. You are so down to earth, talented and inspirational. I love all of the photos of your beautiful family and today's post brought a smile to my heart. My oldest son had similar clothing idiosyncrasies(?) when he was really little he would struggle with me not to allow me to put some piece of clothing on him; all the while saying, "That makes me angry!" It was only after he became old enough that I learned what he was trying to tell me that velour and terri cloth aggitated him. That is now a family joke, but at the time I didn't find it funny as I tried to dress him so I wouldn't be late for work. A friend gave me a book about children and I found a reference to children who are very sensitive to external stimulation such as tactile. He's now almost 23 and definitely hasn't outgrown his clothing quirks. You are such an awesome Mom and it's so lovely that you share all of your many gifts with people like me who live in the middle of nowhere without family or friends nearby. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing your photos everyday. Hope you and your loved ones have the happiest holidays ever!

Kia Gregory

Hilarious photos. And i love the little updates. So cool you are Karen.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Number #3! Gawd! I know it well. He will even re-tell me something when I was right there the first time. Arggggg!


I simply can't stop laughing about this post! I truly adore you--you're such a great storyteller! Hugs to you today...


Your pictures are beautiful, and so is your family.
Hang in there.


oh wow, are you sure we don't have the same son. my 9 year old is the same way about his clothes! and I have two teenage daughters. so there is much drama around here all the time! you are doing a fab job. love reading about your life everyday.

Carrie Purkis

Thanks Karen, for making me remember when our kids were little, three a year apart (God does have a sense of humor, we prayed for seven years for a baby. They do grow up and into different directions. God is good all the way. Wouldn't have changed a thing, NOW!

Annette Kuusinen

Ah man, I feel your pain. Some days I could write a post just like this about my family. Don't forget, we're all in this together. Bigs Hugs!

paola norman

Your kids are awesome and those pics!

Kim Bolyard

I have to comment on #1...I think you just describe my son to a tee. He has an issue with all of his socks...his clothes always feel itchey and let me add one more...he hates to wear underwear...says they aren't comfortable. Are all boys this way...and please tell me they grow out of it.


this was so funny! love reading about their personalities. you will be so glad that you wrote down these things one day. these things are what you'll look back on... smile. and miss.
stages are just tough, we are in the 2.5 year old stage... fun. i keep reminding myself that i'm gonna miss this one day.... :)

Alison Shearer

This made me smile so much - such a great snapshot of each of your children without sugar coating it all - LOVE it.



God Bless you.... and it is the last day of school here for winter break!! Auurrrgh! It will be a long three weeks for me I am afraid............
Although now I get why you have tights on Annie most of the time! I don't blame you...

Hang in there,

Louise Murr


You are so funny. And so REAL... Aren't kids simply amazing and wonderful. And so so clever. I love it that your family is just like mine. Fun times.


haha...this was fabulous...
i'm SO glad i'm not the only one w/ a kid w/ sock issues! ;) too funny.


love this post 'cause it's so honest and we all feel the SAME WAY about our own!!!


This is so funny! Love the way the pictures match what you are saying. Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning.


Gosh, I'm relieved. I thought my oldest was crazy with all her complaints about her socks. Who knew there was such a wide spread phenomena of icky socks? Ditto for the yucky banana spots.


this is priceless!
totally true...
totally feeling you...
and (eventually) it's all totally worth it!


Laura Plunk

So wonderful to read about all the little"quirks" that other peoples kids have...
Andy had a velox blanket he called "DEE"?????
When I thought it was getting to ratty I bought a piece at the fabric store and cut it into nice travel size pieces...But NO, we then took "ALL" of the different "Dee's"
And Robin had issues with socks and blankets......
He had a blue and a yellow thermol baby blanket,"blue blank & yellow blank" and a handmade crib quilt, "grey blank" that went everywhere with us, and when they got to warm he would flap it in the air to cool it or hold it on the air conditioner vent until it was cool again then he would sniff it??!!!
And socks were "to dry??!!"
Kids gotta love em'
Laura P


LOVE this post. Love your blog.
Warm Christmas wishes to you-- and all those you love.


Oh my heck you had me laughing my butt off! You are hysterical Karen, I enjoy reading your blog every single day.


This made me laugh! I love my kids more than anything in the world but some days they drive me absolutely insane!!!


Love the lists of "real"-ness! I have to say that Cole's list had me LOL because it seems he has alot in common with a certain 4 year-old girl I know :) Except for the fact that usually its her pants that "itch"...

michelle tabb

Everyone's already said it, love your blog for this very reason. Also, I'm sure someone has pointed out before your wonderful sense of humor is a great companion for Sally Sunshine because when things are tough sometimes only the laughter gets ya through. Hope you have the merriest of Christmases and that you survive them all being out of school for 2 1/2 WEEKS!


I just go along with what all the other Commenters wrote! I love your blog and your photos!!! Had to smile this morning again - thank you so much for that!!!

heidi larsen

how cute! you are the best blogger. i need to do this too!


Karen you bring light to my everyday with the real insight on your own life...Thank you for letting me know it is not just my life.

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