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Wow, this looks like a lot of fun.


Karen, I LOVE them all! Makes me want to meet you guys up in the snow just so you can take more great pictures! Love the one of you and Josh and the comment of the armadillo had me LOL! Thanks for sharing!


Great day :) Did you get a tree?:)

Brooke - In Oregon

We used to do that when our kiddos were small, some great memories!

It is a dang good thing that Josh is a Hotie because that outfit is ummm.... well.... Just don't know what to say cause my mama said if ya can't say sumthin nice don't say nuthin at all!! lol

Michelle Gauthier

Totally fantastic photos! What a wonderful way to spend a day! And Josh may have looked a bit goofy with that hat, but I bet he was warm! LOL!

Kathy C.

Awesome photos! Great times! Thanks for continuing to share your family & stories with us!

~ Kathy C.

Susi (Dragonfly Dreamer)

All of the photos are great. Your photos always make me feel as though I was almost there (if that makes any sense). This post makes me remember why it is so important to keep up with traditions, take a zillion photos and try to coordinate it so everyone (even the teenagers and grown-ups) is included. These memories that keep the family close will never be forgotten and the photos will bring even more joy through the years when the kids are all grown and have families of their own. I always seemed to forget the camera when we went looking for a tree to cut down or to the pumpkin patch, etc... I really regret it now as the boys are grown and some of my memories are now becoming fuzzy. TFS!

Leonie -Australia

Ha Ha , Love the hat, Josh just looks like Daniel Boone. Great photo's

Tonia Borrosch

I want to be in YOUR family! This looks like such a blast! What a fabulous tradition!

By the way, my class kit came a few days ago and is staring me down-if hubby doesn't hide it soon I am going to cave! I want to get the treat of opening it at Christmas! It is killing me!

tara pollard pakosta

wow! these are AMAZING!
i LOVE how you guys enjoy
life for all it's worth!!!
and what a cool tradition!


Beautiful pictures and wonderful memories! Really cool that you all get to experience such beauty. Love all of the colors, even the tan that your uncle is sporting. GREAT PICTURES KAREN!
Can I ask you how you make black and whites? I always love how yours turn out.
Happy Holidays!

Paola Norman

Looks like you had a great time with your family, gotta love days and traditions like that, great how your colors turned out bright and crisp and the snow beautifully white (my snow pics turns out with a blue tinge). My husband Alan has a hat just like Josh and wears it all the time.. Go figure..It must be a male thing..


looks like it was a wonderful wonderful day. . .family all together!

and now happy tree decorating :0>



Amazing photos!

Donna Bolsar

Priceless pictures, all of them! Love the vivid colors in Courtney's hat and jacket. Have snow here in Pennsylvania, but never actually knew someone who when in search of Christmas trees in the woods! What a fabulous tradition!


So like could your pictures get any better???? the y are unbeleivable!!!! Wow!!!!


I can not wait to visit your blog everyday. I just love, love, love it! Your photography is so good. It is so inspiring. I know you guys had so much fun!! It is 78 degrees here today in GA. YUCK! I can almost smell the cold air and hear the crunch of the snow under foot. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to more wonderful photos : )



Awesome photos! Love pics in the snow! The colors are so vivid! Just have to say, my 8 year old has the same coat as Coley...where did we get it? Target? I can't remember! LOL! I even had my son bring his in here so I could see if it was the same one! Sure enough...the patch on the arm and everything! I love orange! (Even though I live in Eugene!)


Y'all look like you had an amazing time!
Kind of makes me want to give up my pre-lit tree...kind of!

teresa b

Wow Karen.. love our photos.. looks like sooo much fun.. I would soo love to pick out a Christmas tree like that... but then again.. not sure if I could handle that much cold.. I'll just enjoy your photos and pick up mine from Home Depot.. hahahahha


I want to be a part of your family! You guys seem to always have an awesome time! Love the pictures (and stories) you share.


Beautiful photos!!! Wish I was there too. Someday I'll get to really see and touch snow. What a great tradition to do every year.


I have been stalking your blog for awhile now...I just LOVE your photos they are amazing! I especially like these! What an awesome tradition!

absolutely fabulous! what an incredible day. thanks for sharing. we got our tree at WALMART this year. it's a log story but just know that it's already sucking water and dropping needles. it'll probably turn brown a week before christmas.


These are the most WONDERFUL memory filled pictures ever! They make me smile and cold at the same time! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family on a daily basis! Merry Christmas!

Laura Plunk

Karen, again those pictures were worth the wait from your last post !!
Stunning photos.

You are my photographer idol !
Laura P


I am SO jealous... that just looks like the most fun ever! Reminds me of summertime at our camp, but with all the wonder and magic of Christmas. You have the coolest family! It's funny because just the other day I spent (much too long) sifting through the archives here... reading up on all I missed out on in the early days. This is evidenced by the fact that Chloe (29 months) recognizes Annie when she walks by the computer... "oh! dat's not me, Cwooe, dat's Anndy!". I laugh so hard everytime... it's as if she's friends with her lol! Anyway, I read your Christmas posts from '05 and '06 then! And how you and Josh met, Annie's arrival... that is one amazing love story! I am so happy that you have been blessed with all of this :)


Loved the photos . Please be careful. A friend did the same thing pulling his kids behind the truck in the snow.His daughter fell off ,hit her head and passed away.Please continue having fun but be so very careful.Love and Merry Christmas.


Your pictures always tell such good stories even without the captions. I don't even know your family, but I love "reading" your picture stories.


so interesting to see how your photography skills & photo editing techniques have developed over the past few years through those easy links to 2005 & 2006. Love them all, but this year's batch is really incredible.


HELLLLLLLLLLLLO! AMAZING did not look like that when we put up our prelit fake tree (allergies) and I yelled at Drew that he was going to throw my whole deal off by doing it in the dark so I had no ambient light to use- only tree lights! hee hee hee!



Love the photos and the memories! Thanks for taking us along on your tradition!


What a fun day you must have had!! You have great pictures of it all - am I surprised at that?!!!! No! And even though there's snow, it must have been pretty warm - lucky you! It's downright cold up here in Alberta. And I loved looking back at the previous years too. Happy Decorating!


Those pictures are priceless, what a setting ! I never have taken good snow pictures, thanks for the advice, will try to shoot in manual if we ever see snow again here in wet and grey Germany, yuck !!


Those pictures are priceless, what a setting ! I never have taken good snow pictures, thanks for the advice, will try to shoot in manual if we ever see snow again here in wet and grey Germany, yuck !!


These are beautiful. I felt like I was there with you! Come to Michigan and teach me how to photograph like that! (yet another request...) Thank you for sharing!


Laydee... you rock! I just love your blog, love you piccies and love you.
Thank you for a wonderful post x

Kim B.

WOW. Great outing. What a wonderful Christmas tradition for your family. They will always remember that!


LOVE the pictures, Karen! It looks like so much fun!


wonderful photos Karen! And it looks like everyone had a great time.
thanks for sharing......


As usual, your photos are amazing. I was especially struck by the vivid colors in the photos of Courtney, and how wonderful they look on her. We used to cut our own tree when my girls were young. Now I take it out of the box, set it in the stand, let the branches fall into place and plug it in. And sometimes it still looks like Charlie Brown's tree!


It's now official, I totally want to join your family. I have had these thoughts for a while now, but this post sealed the deal. :) What a great time! Your kids (and their friends) are going to have the best memories of this event and hopefully will continue it on as they get older. Thank you so much for sharing. It's especially nice to see since there is no snow where we live and I can get my fix vicariously (since the thought of living in real snow is not too appealing).


Terri B in Oregon

Love the photos. What great memories to have and be able to relive. As far as the classes, I would need a basic class on using an SLR. Then it would be great to have classes that are more advanced as I became better with the camera. And yes I would love photo editing classes. Sounds like a lot, but you could start and keep adding as you are able, and the classes become easier, because you have all the information done. Sounds marvelous. But keep doing the classes. I love them. At the very least, keep making the kits, with photos and instructions, not the same, but a damn site better that nothing!!! Have a Merry Christmas, and wonderful Holiday season!!!

Tracey Mclean

lurve your photos!!!!
Can you tell me how you get that dark edge(especially at the corners)Is it a vignette?
Can you share your settings,the colours are amazing!How much is SOOC,and how much is editing,I love that you share so much of your talent with us here - love your blog!

melissa deakin

what an incredible time and this documentation is beyond words.

Carrie K

OMG Karen...this pictures are incredible! seriously LOVED them...

i wanna be you when i grow up :)

t yourstone

Sorry- Forget my question about Oasis. I just went to their blog. YEAH!!! I hope I'm not to late to get in your class. I'll cross my fingers again....


karen I just love these photos......they are filled with christmas and holiday good stuff, thanks for for letting us peek into your life. tena

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