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tara pollard pakosta

ha too CUTE>
love the bits of life
written here.


So stinkin' cute, Karen! Love that photo! Happy Friday! :)


that made me laugh out loud!
too funny!

Teresa B

That's too funny... kids say the funniest things!!!


That made me laugh out loud too! What a cutie you have there! My son has been asking to be baptized as that he has and wants to deepen his relationship with God:)


I don't know... that boy reminds me of my little 6 year old, who is almost always the one getting the eye. And then just like Coley, he'll say or do something super sweet and suddenly he's back in your good graces. A friend once told me (in reference to Sam), "the movers and the shakers in this world did not start out as boring people". And I can't tell you how many times that comment grounded me, and gave (still gives) me hope when things get tough.


he's too cute for his own good! ;)

Jen M.

How adorable -- he sounds like he can push the limits and be totally cute/funny at the same time. My youngest son is exactly like that. Loved the story too -- reminded me of the time my little brother helped himself to some deposit slips at the bank while waiting for our mother and then innocently left them on the back of the toilet...


Oh my goodness! That is so cute! I needed a smile for the day. Thank you.


That is sooooo sweet! He is the cutest ever!!!


awwe what a sweetie.


That's awesome! Made my day - what a cutie :)

Brooke - in Oregon

Oh my gosh, that kid just tugs at your heart all the time!


Oh I love that!!!!

Paola Norman

What a cutie pie, love that sweet face!


LOL!!! That is TOO cute. I love kids and the little things they say and do.

Beautiful picture. Coley looks like quite the little charmer. He's very handsome. Be careful of that one! lol

Sara R.

Love that comment! He's a real bright kid. I'm impressed.

Karen Fobert

Hi Karen - I noticed that you are teaching a class at Scrapbook Oasis in February. Are you going to be teaching anything in the Portland area in 2008?


that photo - sigh.


Along the same lines, when my son got baptized my daughter who was 3 years old insisted that we was getting babytized.


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