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ugh -- geometry was one of my least favorite classes ever! I feel for Ross!

tara pollard pakosta

LOL>>>>>>too FUNNY!
way to go ross!


we saw his friend being dropped off out front and then saw them both skateboarding so we figured he must of brought his grade up. Great job Ross.




i totally feel his pain :) way to go on getting his grade up!


rock on, Ross!!!

Brooke - in Oregon

YEE HAW Good Job Ross!! Man I HATED Geometry!


That is really funny. In my day though 79.9% would of been a C+

Miz Booshay


You are lucky to have a son who responds to....conseqiences.

My son was told he could not take drivers ed until he raised his grades.

He decided not to get his license until he was 18!


Miz Booshay

he he....and I failed spelling.

Teresa B

Awh the sweet taste of freeeeeedooom!! Keep it up Ross!!! Woohoooo...


Way to go Ross!


Yay Ross!!!!

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