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Michelle Gauthier

Fantastic shots of the day! I live near a Wright's Ribbon Outlet that carries HUGE amounts of trims (and often in huge amounts too!). I'd be a willing personal shopper for you if you're ever in need! Any excuse to wander around and check out all the new goodies. :)


I applaud your shuffle! Busy day, four kids, and you got great pictures!


love this post!!!!!!!!!!! :)

tara pollard pakosta

you need a rest!!!
i love that courtney went
with you to the meet and that's an awesome shot of her.
do you take your camera in the car and everywhere at all times?
thanks for the reminder of everyday life!

Jen M.

I really have to do a mini-book like this. I can just imagine the faces my boys would pull if I were to pull out the camera and take pictures of them in the back seat on the way to school/daycare, but it would be a cool thing to have -- an important piece of the everyday. Thanks for sharing this -- I'm glad to hear someone else's life is as busy as mine!


Now that's a busy day! Love that you seem to always have your camera ready. Your children will cherish the everyday shots. Just wondering what you use for a camera bag?


Karen - I am hoping that you will give us your final opinions on the 5D when you get it all figured out. I am seriously considering purchasing one but am nervous when I read about your experience. It may not seem like it now, but soon you will miss these crazy kind of days - they really do grow up way too fast! Great pictures!!

Jamie Southworth

Which Scott Kelby book are you reading? I just picked up his 7 point system for Adobe Photoshop and I feel like it might be the one that will really make CS3 click for me. It's great so far.


You are amazing. Seriously. Did you hear they are putting in a Starbuck's in GP? I hope it's not just a rumor because I think I see ground breaking at the supposed site. What does that mean for Dutch Bros.? ; )


Your morning routine sounds like one of those beautifully choreographed commercials. Your inspiring on so many levels! So what was the verdict on the camera? Is it yours or all of them?

Tanya Webster

that book is so awesome isnt it?? i hope you love it as much as i do! LOOOOOOVE Coley's new haircut too by the way! :)


Ummm...Wow and I thought I had my hands full with 3 littles and all their activities and driving in and out of town from EP. You have to drive to and from GCS twice as far as I do. I won't complain as much anymore.:0)

Terri B in Oregon

Yuck, the life of a mother!! But you gotta love it, being involved with your kids is so fantastic! Good thing you documented it, because, one day you will have a hard time remembering it! And teach Cole good, boys need to know how to do laundry!!


Okay so I'm glad I'm NOT alone in the husband snoring department!! I get soooo mad!!!


We are right there in the shuffle with you! I schedule the who's going to drive who where, when I schedule the event! What really pulls on me is that we have one car and often our 19 year old gets dibs on it ahead of me! I just poke my husband when he is snoring, which really annoys him, but it does the trick cause he rolls over. I wished I had my camera with me today in the car, of all things we were dropping off our water bill,our city had trucked in a pile of snow for the tree lighting thing last night. As we were getting out of the van one of the children says, "don't you have your camera, Mom?"


It is amazing how much we can pull off in one day, isn't it? The joy of being a mother! One day we're all going to look back and think how we were able to accomplish all of that in one day!!

Phyllis R.

Whoohoo! Let's hear it for boys who do their own laundry! Way to go Coley! Karen, let me know if you ever need me to do a trim hunt for you. Fabric Depot in Portland is an awesome resource, and if you buy the whole bolt or roll or whatever they call those trim things, you can get it for 40% off. They used to do 50% of whole bolts, etc., but I think it's 40% now.


That's what they call a busy day.. :)


do people (at Joann's, the craftstores) realize you're a scrapbooking celebrity when you're out in public? what's it like to meet your "fans".


Wow, what a schedule you've got girl. I don't have children, so I'm in a whole different world. All my friends have kids, and the schedules they have to maintain kill me.

Let us know how you like the borrowed camera. I'm getting ready to buy a new camera and am on the fence about Canon or Nikon - always been a Nikon person so I'll likely stick with it - probably D300. But am waiting for reviews, since it's new.

I'm reading Kelby's CS3 for Digital Photographers. I also just bought his newest 7 Step book, and I can't wait to dig into it. Also bought Photoshop CS3 Workflow by Tim Grey, but haven't read it yet. It'd be great if sometime you could let us know what you're reading in regards to learning Photoshop :-).


i think this is the first time i've posted a commment on your blog. thanks for sharing your talent.
i love scott kelby's books. question - do you like the 5D? i'm considering it or the 40D. i like the thought of a full frame sensor, but would like a built in flash for the very few times i use it. what are your thoughts on the 5D? pros or cons?

Valerie, in OH

What awesome low light shots!!! It looks as if you had your own personal spotlight shining down on your subjects. Way cool!! So....was it the camera you borrowed or was it the scene/shot? Hmmmm, only you can tell by the 'feel', but I did like these shots better.

Also, way to go Beavers for beating the Ducks!! What a game!

Lily's Momma

My sister just told me about your blog Friday, and I have been hooked ever since. You are completely amazing! I want to take pictures just like you "when i grow up"!
You are truly inspiring. Just wanted to let you know.

Melissa J

Hey Karen!
I was going to ask you the same question as Amy...40D or 5D? I can get which ever one I want for Christmas but I just can't decide. I am also getting the 50mm lens you talk about. This is all a BIG upgrade for me so I would love to hear you opinion before I choose. So confused....
I can so relate to your busy day. I admire how well you hold it together.


Love all the photography tips lately (any specific suggestions on shooting 7 & 9 year olds are wrestlers?)

A couple of that you're shooting more in RAW, what are you doing about backup? I used to use, but I can't upload the RAW images. I'm a backup freak, I have backups of backups (EHD, disc, etc) and I loved having an online backup as well. How are you handling it?

Also, on your Canon, which of the little red focusing dots are you using? (I know there's a proper name for those, but I'm sure you know what I mean). I have my Canon set to just use the center focus dot, but I'm wondering if I wouldn't get better photos if I used something else. Also, do you use the one shot, AI or AI servo? (I have the 20D, but am hoping Santa upgrades me a bit to the 40D this xmas).

Thanks and hope you all had a great weekend.

Mary Ann

Can I just say wow!
Hope your weekend was a bit less busy :)
Thanks again for sharing the great photos.

Nina wore me out just reading that day! But it does bring back memories of when my 3 kids were young. And then they grow up.....sigh...and believe it or not, you actually miss those crazy days!


my husband snores too! i'm surprised he doesn't have bruises from me nudging (kicking) him. especially in the morning. ugh.

great post. i don't know how you do it day in and day out. i'd be a complete mess.


Wow - that's a marathon of a day! I too say thanks for sharing your photo tips and info on the shots you post. The wrestling one is fantastic!! Coley's hair is so short!!! And good on him for doing laundry :)) Good luck finding your fabric. Thanks for making everyday life real and yet something to be appreciated. Take care - drive carefully now that winter's here.

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