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Well at least we don't have to give up bananas!!

Have a great day!

Hugs to all!



Totally wanted to cry while reading this. I took my baby off the bottle this weekend too and have been feeling tremendous guilt about it.


Aahhh! I can relate. My favorite time to nurse was in the a.m. with my little one. When that stopped (she wouldn't go to bottles) I was so sad. But, she continued the morning snuggle and still does it to this day (she'll be six in a couple of weeks). Now it is not everyday because she's tired from kindergarten, but on the weekends she comes in and says "Mama, I wanna cuddle." We get in the same position so my cheek is on her head (skin to skin) and just lay there. It is so nice. Just the other day I thought to myself "I don't want this to stop." But, I know it will... So sad.

Hugs to you.


Lisa Hall


No you never know when the things that you cherish will be the last. .. But if you just keepimg touching their soul they are there for you, My baby 24 still holds my hand out shopping, I cry inside with such JOY So you just keep squeezeing that hand all through her life.and touch her soul. How much you give is what you get back.
I got by snapshots of a good life done, love it.
Life is so good.
lisa Hall

Wendy Goodman

Your post made me cry. My son is 17 months old and I miss his "baby" days when he would sit in my arms, look into my eyes, and drink from his bottle. He seems like such a big boy now, always on the go, and only once in the morning after he wakes up does he sit still in my lap. He will be my only child so I am trying to soak it all in and enjoy every moment, and hope that he will always let me tell him "I love you" and always want hugs and kisses. They grow so fast, don't they?


You have a wonderful gift for sharing stories of your life. I really enjoy your writing style (and the photos, that just goes without saying. . .) :) Thanks for sharing your life with us.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

I feel so badly for both you and Annie.


This post touched my heart as a lot of your post do... You make me smile replacing the baba with a banana and my heart is warmed by your love for your children... It is nice to see that someone else thinks like me not only relishing the first; but holding on to the last... Happy Day, JustMeShann


"There was a last time that Ross held my hand while we crossed the street...but I didn't know it was the last time."

Totally got me crying.


Oh man, I can SO relate... it's exactly what happened while I was away teaching at CKC Manchester last spring. Not the bottle, but the binky. We had discussed breaking her of the binky when she turned two, but dad decided to give it a try 2 months earlier, while I was away. I remember feeling happy for her, that she was able to get through it without too much trauma, and proud of my husband for trying it on his own, but selfishly feeling sad that I hadn't been a part of it. It's almost as if I too, had to say good-bye to the binky. She's our last baby, so it was the very LAST binky. It's been 6 months now, and I still have a big mason jar full of them waaaay up on the shelf in a cupboard. My 8 year old recently spotted them and suggested that they be tossed since Chloe is no longer needing or wanting a binky, and I said no. I'm just not ready for them to go. And I still need to take that picture of the mason jar full of binkies. Your post breaks my heart, and also reminds me of a dear friend- a surrogate grandfather of sorts, who died more than a year ago. I am still missing him, and mad that I didn't get to know that my last time with him would be my last time. I always hope he knew exactly how much he meant to me. Oh god... gotta go get those tissues! Be well, Karen. You are so super.

Stephanie P

Man do you have a way of hitting that soft spot... every single time! Thanks for sharing.

Amy Z

ok, thanks Karen for making me cry. I know exactly how you feel. It's why I rock my 8 month old to sleep and take him in bed with me when he wakes up in the middle of the night. He'e the last one. I will never have it again. So sad. :(

Jodi B

Awww made me cry. (It was a good cry though!)


Oh Karen. 10 months ago I would not have understood this post at all ---- but now that my baby is almost 10 months old --- I totally get it. I'm so tired of nursing....but not ready to give it up yet....
I really appreciate you always sharing ---- you inspire me to want to be a great mom like you! Thanks!!


You do realize that blogland is now sitting around crying don't you? You're an incredible inspiration -- thanks!

Lynn Q

Boy did your post pull at my heart strings. My baby is now 14 and I long for those days. I remember sitting with him in the rocker giving him his bottle and thinking this is the closest I'm ever going to get to heaven. Those are the moments that give us true joy.

tara pollard pakosta

there is a book about the "last times' i have to remember what it is....
i love this post. i will try to find that book, i know i have it somewhere~!!
i remember when i quit nursing ava (just shy of her 3rd birthday)...i didn't know the
last time was the last time and looking back i would have cherished it more....
i hope i have the chance to have another baby!!!
your family is precious kareN!~


love this post. makes me think =)


Awwww....tears here, too....mine are 17 and 8 and you'd think since I have that perspective, I'd treasure the 'last times' more. Sometimes I do.

jill s

seriously. you are so right on.
i'm almost done weaning my baby boy and going to bottles.
that last nighttime feeding now i just want to cry.
even thought i know it's the best choice for us.
ugggg. being a momma is hard. so much love it has to hurt sometimes.



Okay maybe it is just PMS but this whole post just made me cry. I hate last times. I'm bad at good bye's too :-(

I wake my girls up each morning and I secretly hope they don't wake up before I am done with my hair so I can sneak in bed with them and snuggle them up. Their dad would prefer they wake up before I'm done with my hair since that makes the whole morning process move a lot faster. Men, they just don't understand!


Yup. I cried too, Karen. It's sad how fast they grow up, isn't it? It's a bittersweet thing. Big hugs to you and yay for bananas in bed at least! Sweet photo! ;)


We all have to let go and let them grow. That has been the hardest thing for me. My son will be 18 years old in a few weeks, and he still greets me every morning by telling me "good-morning, mama" and with a kiss!


Darn it! You made me cry and I have to leave for a meeting in 10 minutes! I'm a sappy mommy too. Growing up is bittersweet. I'm loving every minute of the emotional roller-coaster my little guys have me on though!
Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts about this little milestone. It's a good reminder to stop and smell the roses.

Teresa B

aawwwhh Kaarreeeennn.. buuuhhhhhaaaaaahhhaaaa.. that was soo sweet... you made me crrry...sniff sniff


check out the book "Let Me Hold You Longer" by Karen Kingsbury - I think it fits right in with what you are talking about


Awwwwwww!!!! Hugs!!


Hi Karen,
I love reading your blog....there's something about the way you write + seeing the everyday photos of your family that make me feel like I know you (even though we've never met)! I have been inspired by you many times but especially today when I read about Annie's last ba-ba. I don't have children right now so I can't relate to having the last bottle or hug from my own child, but really made me think about the last time I saw my grandpa and all day today I've been thinking about so many "last times." Thanks for your inspiration -- I have a feeling I'm going to do something with all of these thoughts rolling around in my head!
Kyra :)


WOW - how true your post is. My boys are older now, but I do remember on certain things in their lives, thinking, when did that stop happening. Time - it moves so fast and it's so hard to remember to slow down and enjoy those small precious moments. Thanks for reminding me.



Karen I couldn't decide if I wanted to laugh or cry after reading your post! It's sad when little things stop and then one day you realize it and don't know how or why it had to stop. But at the same time it's so funny what we mothers will miss! I miss my twins repeating "Coconut Trees, Coconut Trees, Coconut Trees, etc" over and over again each time we would pass this row of Palm trees on the freeway between our home town and the next town over. We talk about it and now every once in a while they will start doing it and then just burst into uncontrolable laughter. (they are 13 now you know LOL). Enjoy each moment and thanks for being so honest and true in each of your posts!

A. J. Reams

Pass the tissues please!


oh my goodness, I totally hate that...why do they have to grow? why can't we just stick them back in the tummy for a few minutes every so often so they can be with us forever!

tammy t

I'm in tears here. Very poignant post today. You capture life in the sweetest little ways.



tear.... and absolutely support what you're doing. my family and friends say i spoil my daughter. But I say, "she's my last one. i'm not having any more kids. its my last experience to remember.... and its okay that i nursed her for 1 year right?"


Cherish all the moments. My 'baby' turned 25 this week and I still remember these moments. And, yes, I still cry, empty arms are hard to take when they are all grown. Enjoy them while you can.



I think this is one of your most poignant posts ever. I can just feel your emotions. ((( HUGS )))

Yes - I could share the room with Courtney. Tell her I don't throw my stuff around but I do need lots of covers :)) And I can cook too!!! You make me smile!

Jo E

I'm reading this sat on a commuter train into London (courtesy of wireless). Not the best place to fill up to overflowing with tears. I so totally get this post. My baby is now 2.5 and will be my only one and I so cherish every first and last. Thanks for touching my heart this morning.


I'm reading this post out loud to my husband and my daughter, who is Annie's age asks for a ba ba (which she only gets in emergencies---when we run out of sippy cups) and is now laying down beside me crying for one. Crazy kids...what's so great about a ba ba for them? We obviously know how important it is for Mom's, but it's just milk!!

Janelle in MT

i love all your last time references...makes me get all super sentimental! love that about your bring my scrapbooking right back where it should be...sentimental!


I never thought about all the "last times" in my life. I remember quite well the last time I touched my grandmother's hands before she passed. I didn't know it then. Great post. Love the photo.


please preface your next poignant post with "grab a tissue"!
you are such a wonderful lady! i love that you focus on so many of the things in life that others don't pay attention to or take for granted.
you've really helped me adjust my way of thinking.


Tears for me too!! You write so beautifully. My babies are 25 and 28 with lots of lasts to remember and so many more wonderful memories to make! I'm glad I found your blog:-)!


Awww, you always know just how to word things that will make me tear up thinking about myself and my little baby. I love that you described every detail about her ba-ba routine, so at least you will have this post to look back on in case you ever forget. As always, thanks for sharing so much of your everyday life.

Carrie K

yes...the last time...if we only knew

bittersweet reminisicing


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