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So cute that you named all the add on kits after the kids!

Glad Ross got ungrounded. See? That Love and Logic thing really works!

Thanks again for a fabulous weekend. The ladies couldn't stop raving about you.

But you still owe me half a Photo class! Next time, we'll try not to do it in the car! :)

Glad you got home ok. Finally.


I LOVE your work Karen and can't wait to get your Cocoa Daisy kit this month ... you gallery is amazing.

Can I ask a question about Scrap Fever ... I'm booked to go and can not wait, but was just wondering which of your classes you will be teaching? Thanks :)

Kathy (kathyb)

Love your hallowe'en photos Karen. A question for you....I have a canon eos 350d. When shooting in AV mode, I'm getting lots of blurred photos. Do you have any tips to correct this? I thought this mode automatically set the shutter speed, so it wouldn't be a problem, but I think I must be wrong. Please help.

Michelle Gauthier

Love the way you named the add-ons. I'm the proud owner now of several! ;) That's a fantastic kit you put together. :)


Karen, I am LOVING that photo of you over at Cocoa- you look so pretty! Great image!

Loving those halloween costumes too... my son Sam wore that very same Ninja Turtle costume last year- this year we were all about Star Wars... and he made the local paper!

Have a super day!



This is a serious suggestion. NOT hokey silliness. To diminish the coughing in your kids, rub Vicks Vaporub on their feet and make them sleep in socks when you put them to bd. The soles of our feet absorb the essential oils (methol in this case) and will settle the most persistent cough. I thought it was a bunch of junk when a friend (a real crunchy granola type) told me to do it, but I was desperate because my 5 year old son gags just looking at the cough syrup. I figured "Why not? It won't hurt him...and it's crazy enough, it just might work." Well, it did. With no harmful side effects.

In my house, we call it "magic socks"...I have to do it for myself. My asthma goes nuts and this is a low-risk way to deal with coughs and colds....

TRY IT and don't laugh....


Be well.

mother of the Magic Socks


omg!!! karen, i love you!
you're so sweet! thanks for the nod!

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