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Amy Z

soooooooooo cute! It is so hard to discipline when they are adorable isn't it?


Oh Karen - hooray for you! It is so hard to consistently follow the Parenting with Love and Logic but you seem to have it down pat! :) And Annie, she is such an incredible cutie!!!

tara pollard pakosta

i love that form of discipline~!
i try that with my girls too, attended
those classes, it does work>>>>
i forgot what it's called, but i always say
"uh oh i feel a little room time coming on here"
and they freak OUT>>>>LOL
cute pic!
thanks for sharing!


Even naughty she is so darn cute. Sometimes it is so hard to be the mean mom. I hate it but I have to do it sometimes too!
Oh and about your other post and someone's annonymous comments - I'm with you, there should be no need to have to explain to someone else who doesn't know your situation or even put their name on their comments. You handled the situation with much more tact than I would have.
Good for you!


Chloe co-sleeps, and very few of our rooms in the house actually have doors on them. SO getting her to stay put when being disciplined is often times difficult... making me wish once again that we'd gone the crib, playpen route. I just cave those first few weeks with our new ones. Didn't even replace the furniture with Chloe- knew better. And just now as she was about to swap the flat screen off my desk, I was wishing for a good technique and playpen. Love that Yannie. It's funny how you really come to have a soft spot for a child you really don't even know. Would love to hear her voice on video sometime!

Tanya Webster

it is going to be one sad day when that little girl stops saying "yannie" because it is the cutest thing EVER! :)


"Yannie" is so funny. Great story.

I don't know how often you check your blog comments, but today (11/27) I read your blog comments from yesterday and I felt a strong urge to comment and I hope you'll go back and read mine. Good parenting requires being consistent in discipling children and it's HARD I know. But you seem to be doing a great job!!!! Keep up the good work!!! Your children will appreciate the discipline you gave them years later because that helps them develop into the person they became years later.

Becky from WA state

kelly booth

I bet that one is real hard to discipline...she is so dang cute!!!
Love following your blog and all the wonderful photos you take.
Thanks Karen

Leslie M

She is soooo adorable! I'll bet "Yannie" sticks with her always -- maybe not with her friends at school, but she'll do something cute and she'll be Yannie

Alicia Sharp

That is too funny! I know that child would totally crack me up if I was around her!

Mel Nunn

SO adorable! I hate having to discipline too. We had a naughty spot in the house for my then 3yo. She hated it. My 18 month old son sat there to take off his shoes one time by accident and then she started getting possessive over her naughty spot.

She then started an argument with him over the darn naughty spot. Ugh don't they drive you crazy sometimes?!?!


So darn cute. Annie of course, not the misbehavin'. Hee hee! ;)

Jody Heit

Hi Karen,
Love your blog and don't cha just love the way the little ones talk to themselves? Lately I've seen transparency overlays that look like brick work. Are these yours? If not, do you know who makes them and where I can get them?


she couldn't be any cuter!!! so sweet!!!

Tracey Mclean

Annie just cracks me up,she is so funny,it must be soooo hard to keep a straight face sometimes!
Thank you so much for your hints and tips ,I have just started taking photography seriously,and discovered your blog via Cocoa Daisy,I love how you share your knowledge and let us know your camera settings for different photos,it is really helpful - thanks!


Oh my gosh she is really just too darn cute for her own good LOL


When did Annie (or Yannie) grow up??? She looks like a little girl here and not a bubba girl anymore... SO cute!
Emily also spends alot of her life in the hall thinking about what she's been doing...


I love that picture!! I am a camera novice...what settings did you use so that the focus is on your sweet baby girl instead of the mesh of the pack n play?

Susi (Dragonfly Dreamer)

Your story about "Yannie" tickled me so much. I know it must be hard to discipline such a cutie pie. My youngest son was like that too. So many times I had to hide my face to keep him from seeing me smile or struggle to keep from laughing.

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