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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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That picture of you and Ross is so sweet (and girl, your hair, ha ha!)


Looking forward to hearing more about your photo class!


Love that photo of you and Ross ... thanks for sharing. :)


Look how sweet the two of you look. Thanks for sharing a bit more of yourself it always makes me smile.


I love the picture, so sweet! And I love the hair!


Major flashback moment looking at those bangs!

I am VERY interested in your photography class. I'm shopping for a digi SLR and lens right now, and your class gives me hope I won't have spent the $ in vain. I'm looking at a used Digital Rebel, will your class only be for those with higher models/professional cameras?

Can I ask a couple things/or plant some seeds?
1. How soon will you be able to share the price of the class? Seems like they like to wait until registration to share that info online, and knowing before hand gives a greater opportunity to budget. With two months notice, I know I could make it happen.

2. Will you have a class "gallery" of sorts? I think feedback is where the real learning comes in---if we have assignments and the teacher actually looks at them, as well as having classmates give feedback. I've taken a couple online classes where it felt like we sent assignments into some virtual blackhole.

3. I know #2 means a lot more work for you, so I would recommend thinking about that and limiting the class size accordingly and figuring that into the cost to make it worth your time.

4. Understanding Exposure is the only photography book I have. Will you have a recommended reading list?

Sorry to go on but I have already learned SO much here--you have a way of taking the technical stuff and making it less intimidating. And just seeing your photos are a great motivator. Thanks!


Loving that picture of you and the then baby Ross SOOOO much! I'm sure you have been through so much together since that photo was taken.

Glad Josh will be back with his family soon.

AND crazy happy that you have spring in mind regarding the online photography class. OMG, I am SO THERE!

Teresa B

Love the photo of you and Ross.. My how they grow up soo fast.. and love the photog info.. your good at explaining in simple terms so the non photog lingo person can understand...


What a sweet picture of Ross and you. Where does the time go??

Love all the photography tips too. One day I am going to have to really figure this picture taking thing out.

Check out my Etsy Shop, it's a good thing!

Jen M.

That photo is so sweet -- I love the way he is reaching out. Baby hands with dimples are my absolute favourite. And I had the exact same hair as you too, right down to the colour. Same time period too. I don't think I have any photos from that time period -- maybe that's a good thing. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your online class too. I bought an 85mm lens based partly on what you had to say about it and your photos with it, and I absolutely love it!

Lisa F

love the photo - and the hair. bet you had a "banana" clip in didn't you???


such a cute photo of you two. when i first looked it reminded me of college. i used have my hair the same way. wow... who needs a date when your looking at a hairstyle. ross was an adorable baby who grew to be a handsome guy!!! you looked great then and still do!


What a darling picture!!! You are both so cute!! :)


Cute picture of the two of you. I'd be interested in the photography class as well. So keep us posted! I hope you'll post your answers to Deirdre questions/seeds as I'd like to know as well. Thanks for everything Karen.


love that photo!!! So cool to see the flash back photos!


March would be a lovely time to take a photography class from you :))) I'd love to know the cost ahead of time too, if you can share it. Thanks for doing a class - I know how much work goes into it ahead of time. Love that blast from the past! What does Ross think of it?!!


You have a beautiful family! I admit, I gloss over the photography nitty gritty (I may use it some day when I upgrade from a PhD (push here dummy) digital) and mostly check in to see your super cute family growing up! And yes, even the pictures with 80's hair!

Jo E

That picture is priceless. How wonderful to be able to do it all again with Annie. Can I start a one woman campaign to get the exclusive stamps manufactured again? SOOOOooooooo wanted that set of stamps! P.S. The Cocoa Daisy kit arrived yesterday and it is fabulous. Love all your choices.

Joni Kuehl

Very cute picture of you and Ross, just wanted to say I received my Courtney Lee add on kit today and can't wait to "dig-in" to it.. have the perfect page in mind for it.. my dh's grandmothers 90th bday party..

thanks again!



hi karen just saw my comment from last night and for some reason (should have proofed it) it doesn't sound how i meant it. when referring to your hair (and mine was the same way at that time) i meant, a hair style basically tells the date. for example, early 90's. sorry if this didn't sound right!


lovin the pic!

too cute!

Carolyn Hall

Love all the technical stuff about photography that you talk about. I learned so much at the class in Philly. The difference in my picture quality is amazing, I watched one of my new favorite shows tonight that you might like. I don't know if you talked about it before, but it's called The Shot. It's a reality show like Americas Next Top Model, but it's Americas next top photographer. It's about fashion photography, but still very interesting. Learned a great tip about flash photography tonight, They said if your indoors shooting in low light and have to use your flash, put a piece of wax paper or bubble wrap over it to diffuse the light and make it less harsh on the face of your subject. Pretty cool huh?


In this early photograph of you, I can't get over how much Ross now looks almost exactly like you did then. Does that make sense? You and he look so adorable in this photo. I really enjoy your blog so much. Your family is so beautiful and you are so down to earth. Thank you for all of the information you give about photography and cameras. I am a beginner and have only used point and shoot cameras, but I am determined to buy a decent camera and learn how to use it. You explain it in a way that it is easier to understand. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family.

cindy b.

Love reading all of those random things!! And #9?!! WOOHOO!!! A class in March???!!!!

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