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Another super set of photos of the day-to-day - you've a great eye!


Wonderful photos ... love how you caught the wheels on the bottom of Coley's shoes and the shot of Annie intently watching him ... great moments to see. :)

tara pollard pakosta

so sweet that you took him out
to play with his heelies...
apparently annie enjoyed watching him
as well...super CUTE!!!!

Mindy M.

I'm thinking of buying some of those for my six-year old for his birthday in December. I've heard stuff about kids bonking their heads when wearing them, so I'm wondering how safe they are - do you make Cole wear a helmet when he wears his Heely's with the wheels in? Would you buy them again? Thanks for letting me pick your brain. :)


Karen -- more GORGEOUS photos. So. . .when exactly am I going to get Annie? :) I love that little outfit of hers. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

Becky (aka: beckywed)


Karen love your photo's as always. I really love the one of Annie intently watching Coley :)


Karen- you captured some fantastic images! Love the one of Annie watching her big brother work his magic.


Karen, wonderful photos! With an 85mm, do you feel you have to 'back up' too much in order to 'fit' the kids in? If you know what I mean. I find I"m having that problem even with a 50mm. But mine is 1.6 crop camera, not sure about yours?

Mary Lou

Wonderful photos as usual and such cute subjects! I wish my girls were Annie's age again so I could use my new found knowledge and my Rebel XTi.

Paola Norman

Always loving how you share your always make me want to grab my camera after reading your blog..thanks.. on a diffrent note I stumbled onto something that made me laugh so hard that it just changed my mindset for the day.. thought I would share. pls read Nov. 5th entry


I love how you capture the 'right now' moments with your family. Love, love that about you! And - does Annie always wear a dress? Thanks for listening to my crazy questions!


I really love the tone in your photos. Beautifully processed. Great captures. I almost bought 24-85mm f2.8/4.something. But I can't decide whether go with the fixed 85 or the zoom, so I backed off. I really need to make up my mind what's best before committing. I do love that fixed 85.


some of my favorite pics of miss annie!! my goodness she's so cute!


Your photos and scrapbooking, give me so much pleasure. I made tea in my cup, sit and watching amazing stories on your pictures.
Now I know, how "keep the moment", I'm mother of Ola, she's 8 months old. I'll gonna try.
Sorry for my language, my english isn't perfect.

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