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Nicole- Raising Animals

I just had to comment. I stumbled onto your blog while Google'ing for treatments for baby acne, but your photos are so beautiful I had to read a little....I thought it was a funny coincidence that you guys also live in Oregon (we're in Portland - but I'm a Duck's fan by marriage) but then your son's name is Coley and that's what my family has called me since I was very little! The world is so small. Anyway, your photos are stunning (and when I shoot in manual, I also shoot in AP mode - low DOF makes great photos.)

Brooke - In Oregon

Good Morning
No trick or Treating at our house so I totally loved being a 'part' of yours! Looks like the kids had a fabulous time :)

Denise H.

Great pictures and Costumes! I know you are going to be asked a thousand times but where did you find that Pumpkin costume? I have never seen such a Cute little pumpkin in my life.


Hi Karen, I read your blog everyday just to look at all your beautiful photos and you have such a sense of humor. I am so interested in learning how to use my camera - Canon Rebel XTI that I go through your posts all the time. I still don't quite get it. I'm too far away to take one of your classes but hoping I can someday.


Great photos! I took about 30 of my 4 grandkids last night and am pretty sure I didn't get a single 'good' one, but memory will be great. Talk about moving targets! I focused on my bumblebee granddaughter at one point and snapped the picture. By the time the lens closed I had a great picture of my daughter's hardwood floor. The bee had buzzed away, I guess! Clearly I need to upgrade to a more sophisticated camera.

Mary Lou

Yes, I too want to know where you got Annie's and Courtney's costumes. Your children looked so cute!!

Miz Booshay

Such fun memories!
I adore the picture with Ross and Annie. I have a few big boys who are too cute with their little sister!


That pumpkin costume is so pretty!


AWWWWWWW......too cute!!

Leslie M

These pictures are so precious Karen! I went to a baby shower last weekend for my daughter-in-law and shot most of my photos with my 50mm on aperture priority. I loved the way they turned out! Your class was awesome!


Awwww, what great costumes!!!

The pictures are wonderful!! Love the vignettes!

Teresa B

They look sooo cute.. love the costumes!!!

Alicia Sharp

Annie was too stinkin cute! Sounds like you all had a very busy night and alot of trick or treating!

Heather (in Scotland)

Lovin' the girls's stripy tights. :)


the cutest little pumpkin I have ever seen! Such cute pictures of the kids! Love checking your blog!


Annie looks so cute in that little pumpkin costume! All your kids are precious, Karen! Even poor, little, grounded Rossy. ;)

Seems like you had a great time!


Stinkin Cute - that's all I have to say about those kids.


Ok, so Annie is the cutest pumpkin that has ever exisited..If she ever entered a contest for cuteness she would win hands down..
Love that you can see the joy in her eyes..
Great shots of all the kids, they will appreciate all your effort when they get older.

A. J. Reams

Your pictures are amazing. I love the vignetting! Looks like everyone had a great day.


so sweet!!!

kim bolyard

You take the most amazing photographs....I so wish I had your eye and knowledge...not to mention all your camera equipment. What wonderful halloween photos. I aspire to as good a photographer as you.



by far the cutest pumpkin, fairy and frog i have ever seen!!

and holy crap, are those Courtney's real eyelashes?! man - i would kill for lashes like that, WITHOUT mascara, thankyouverymuch.

my favorite, is the first one of that cutsie pumpkin and the last one of Josh holding that out-for-the-count pumpkin!

Michelle Gauthier

Those kids are too stinkin' cute! Love the photos...perfect memories captured perfectly.


I don't know why I like these snapshots of an everyday life so much but I do. Thank you so much for sharing your Halloween. And that fairy and pumpkin - the cutest.
Have a great weekend!


Greyish skin tones or wild, wild contrast! I'm having the same problem posting to typepad. Love all these images!! Your photography just keeps improving...I really like the emotion you are able to capture! AWESOME!

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