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He may not be easy to raise, but those sweet little words show that you are raising a most wonderful little boy and doing a wonderful fine job. Squeeze the moments :) and thanks for sharing your wonderful family; you make me smile.


Awww... I love that story...I got a phone call at 3:00 a.m. on my son's first sleepover...

tara pollard pakosta

how sweet is that?!

Heather (in Scotland)

"It sure is nice having a mom like you." Aw - what a lovely thing for a Mum to hear. :)

Leigh Ann

isn't it funny how one little sweet comment can melt your heart and make up for so much?
those are the moments that make it all worthwhile! :)


How sweet! I love it when they realize it's still okay to give Mom a kiss!


I think the harder they are to raise, the more they touch your heart during the good times. I have a son the same way. Awesome photo!

Jen M.

Love that photo! I have a son like that too, and they sure can melt your heart. It's an awesome thing to know too, that just by being mom you can make them feel better.

Brooke - in Oregon

Oh my, sort of got me right in the heart! :)


absolutely priceless! Gotta love sweet little boys!


you must be doing something right!!! that was one of the sweetest things a mother could hear...

don't you love having boys!

aja it!
what an amazing kiddo!

Ahhh, the relationship between boys and their Mothers. Precious.

Tanya Webster

melt my heart (and gave me a big ole lump in my throat)....THAT is what makes it all worth it huh??

Leslie M

That is so sweet! I have two grown sons who were not always easy, but moments like those you shared with Cole do make it all worth it. And when the get older . . . well, all your hard work and love comes back to you in big bunches.


Oh Karen that brought tears to my eyes. My "little boy" is 17 and 6'1". What I wouldn't do to have those days back. He always wanted me to lay with him and rub his back while we said his prayers...little boys are so special. No matter how big my son gets he will always be "my boy".

Alicia Sharp

That is too sweet! Love the part where he called and asked for cough syrup!! Yay Coley for raising lots of money!


Awww, what a sweetie! That brings tears to my eyes. What a special moment for you to remember.


Oh what a sweet story and something I am sure you will both remember for many years to come!

Teresa B

Awwwhh Karen.. you made me cry!! He soo sweet...

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