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thanks for sharing the photo info. I am going to experiment with my Aperture Priority mode over Thanksgiving and I will let you know what happens LOL. Tell Coley great job on the wrestling.


Hi Karen!

I love your blog - it's just incredible. Even my 3 yr old daugther can recognize "Baby Annie" when I pop over here to read your blog. =)

I just wanted to say thank you for all the camera tips. I'm still learning how to use my dSLR (Nikon d70) and don't always understand all the technical stuff, but if you ever come my way again (Seattle, WA) I'll be sure to take your class. =) In the mean time, I found a link that may interest you for all your beginner students.

If you are the 201 and 301 level of camera usage, this guy is the 101. I can't wait to experiment with some new camera modes today.

Thanks again for all you do - and for blogging every day. You just amaze me!



My boy used to wrestle... and you're right... all that time for that short little match. :)
fun, huh? :) Love the pictures. :)


Way to go Cole!

Pin those boys!

Have a great day!




Your comment about sitting all day for just a few minutes of action reminds me of track and field. It's the same - get there at 8 a.m. and you might have a 4 minute run at 11 and then a 2.5 minute run at 3:30 p.m.. Drove my hockey coach husband nuts!! But - any activity that kids love is good for them so enjoy the rest of the season :))

carla par

I love the photos of your family. They show the love for each other.

Leslie M

Thanks, Karen, for posting the details of your photos. They are wonderful, and I learn so much from coming here. Also from trial and error. Gosh, the errors hurt some times.

My oldest son used to wrestle (he's now 28 and expecting his first child), and it was so HARD to watch him -- not like team sports. When he lost, it was only him.

Really, thanks.


Just wanted to say I love your blog. Stumbled across it when I was googling something and got caught up reading it.

Wondered if you ever bring your class out in the direction of Denver, CO. I've always been interested in photography but never had a chance to take classes. Planned on it in highschool but both times I tried to sign up the class was full. Your photos are all gorgeous and would love to learn to put some depth in my own.


Photos are really wonderful. I miss your scrapping, too.:)

Jodi B

YAA for Cole! Great job buddy. (Go Beavers!)

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