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Tanya Webster

i love being the first comment :) i seriously want to kiss those little cheeks over and over and over and over....she sure is a cutie pie!


What sweet memories. I wish I had written down my girls' quirks and funny moments when they were I don't remember a lot of them.


Some day all these memories will be so special to her. I really wish I had written down all the funny, sad, happy and quirky things about my girls when they were little.


Aw, precious photo and precious memories.


That may be like the cutest picture I've ever seen and the little bits about her personality are adorable. It's so fun watching children grow and develop their own little personalities.


Hey, I can relate to numbers 6 & 8......... it's just not as cute with me. :)


What an adorable picture! My daughter has been talking since she began talking! My husband used to joke that she had the pull string and it broke - :) She's going to be 18 and I love it still!


I just love your lists!

Oh and I wanted to say if you ever want any help scrapping those beautiful photos you take I'd be happy to help! Maybe you'd get more than 24 into your books if you enlisted some of your readers to scrap for you? ;)

I had to laugh at the No One comment because my friends Granddaughter will not talk to you unless you put that song on! LOL!


This photo looks exactly like your picture on the sidebar! Love your lists and wish that I had done the same thing, but I was sure that I'd always remember every little detail about my sweet babies. I didn't take into account my over stimulated aging brain!


I so love it when you share with us entries of this kind. Because so much of what you wrote reminds me of Chloe and I'm inspired to go and write about those details RIGHT NOW! Love that Annie... she is a beautiful little sprite. Happy Thanksgiving!

kristina from canada

awww you must have a bagillion photos of annie
every single one of them shows how adorable she is
all of your kids

Kim Bolyard

I wish I had a blog when my kids were is so wonderful that you can document what she is doing
at each age and will be able to go back and remember these precious times. I love the photo with the babies...just beautiful.


You are going to have such fun 10 yrs from now reading all the wonerful things you've documented, you've definitely inspired me!

Jen M.

I love reading your lists and checking in each morning to see the new photos you've posted. I used to write down things my boys said or did each day too and have fallen out of the habit, but looking at your blog makes me think about starting one of my own just to keep track of photos and memories like these.


Hey Karen,

Make that one for your scrapbook layout. it is so perfect layout!

Ahh, that is so cute!


"Yannie" is too cute, Karen! ;) Love these kind of posts. Makes me all sentimental, especially at this wonderful time of the year! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)




Such precious memories to remember.....

Mary Ann

Oh I LOVE that picture of Annie with her babies. You are so amazing at capturing those special moments. I can just feel the joy as she is squeezing those babies.
Thanks for bring a smile to my face tonight,


My friends in elementary & high school called me (and still sometimes call me) Yannie Yak. . .sounds like your Annie would fit this name too. :)


Such a darling picture!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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