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This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Dang, what a difference! You can see the rosiness of her cheeks much better now.


I am a huge fan of your blog and your tips. How do you make all the edges all around your photos darker? I have Adobe PS 4.0. Any tips would be helpful! Thanks!!!
Christy... [email protected]

Brenda Walker

I just love all your photography tips. You explain things very well. Do you have any photography classes lined up to teach?


Gosh, what a difference.




Well that does look much better! Stupid internet trying to mess everything up. I am so glad that you got it figured out and shared it with us.


Thanks for the heads up....I'm off to check what settings are on my camera. I often feel my photos have an over all grayish look.


okay, i don't see a difference. is there something wrong with my eyes? or is my mac baby sick?

Tanya Webster

dang that yannie is a cutie pie! huge difference btw...awesome awesome! :)


I am so glad you shared that. I also noticed the same thing on my blog photos that I uploaded and was blaming my Mac publishing software (iWeb) for it. Thank you sooo much for that info!

Amanda V.

What a difference, I always keep my camera and settings on sRGB, --wondering if it made a difference to your pictures when printing to have changed to Adobe RGB?? in which case, does that mean you are keeping it in Adobe RGB when working in PS and when printing? or do you convert afterwards?


Thanks for the valuable information. I convert my colors whenever I use PS but they never look great when I post on my blog - I think you have found the answer :-) Thank you!

It's an Etsy - glitter me!


I ALWAYS read your blog!

Leslie M

Boy, that really is a difference! Thanks.

And like Christy asked, how do you get the dark corners in your photos? There is an option for that in iPhoto, but it's a little drastic.
[email protected]

michelle tabb

big difference, but truthfully never noticed. Annie is the cutest (grey or not).

Betsey Cline

Wow -what an amazing difference! Thanks for sharing that tip!

Jenny Savage

WOW! What a difference!! Thanks!


Cool to know that! Thanks!

Kathy (kathyb)

Hi karen.....I'm so excited - my new lens ( canon 50mm fixed f/1.4 ) has just arrived ( thank you for your recomeendations and for having such fab photos on your blog to show my hubby! ). I've been playing in the dark, and hope to get chance in the daylight tomorrow. Just wondering if the effects you achieved in the lovely photos of Annie dressed up for Hallowe'en ( as a pumpkin) with all the blurring about the edges are purely using the lens, or have you edited them in any way?


At first I thought "what grey tones?" when I would read your blog. But now I see the difference.

I've got a 20 month old (Kennedy) and I just got her bangs cut and I thought after I did it that she looked a lot like your daughter.

By the way, Kennedy also hits me (or her brother or her older sister) and she has a "time out" spot in the kitchen. She just sits there until I come to talk to her. Then she gives hugs and kisses. Makes it all better. :)


LOL Karen I when you first posted that your skin colors were looking funny I was thinking wow they look great to me but now that I have seen the difference in the two photo's it all makes sence. Thanks for sharing the info if I ever get that far I will try and remember it.


i hated it when i didnt' know that either. used to drive me nuts. :)
love the before and after edits. :) neat to see.


What a difference this little change has made. Must try this immediately. I shoot in Adobe RBG RAW too, but don't save my web photos to sRBG.

For your blog photos, do you save at 72 dpi resolution? I've tried posting at both OOC res (plus cropping) and 72. Only diff I see is that it takes seconds for 72 res to upload to blog, while OOC takes longer. I don't see any diff in photo quality on the blog. What do you think?


I love reading your photography comments even though I don't understand most of them. One thing that struck me about Annie's photos is how her dress looks like a Christmas tree because of the opening in her sweater. At first, I though she was wearing a Christmas shirt. She's a cutie!

Flo Raines

I read your blog every day but I haven't posted before but I have recently really got into photography so I read all your recomendations. I purchased the Canon 50mm 1.4 and also the 85mm.I LOVE them both and I Thank-You for shareing your knowledge. You really need to get your photography classes going. I have been to some of your scrapbook classes in Roseburg and enjoyed them very much.I am also trying to learn photoshop. I wanted to try some actions but I have a question for you. After you download them where in photo shop do you find them?


I wish this were a Q&A where I could see your answers because you DON'T know me and I'm totally lurking so if you don't have time to respond, I understand. But like a couple of people have asked, I was wondering how you get that darker effect around the edges of your pictures? [email protected]


Amy Hummel

Okay... I've been complaining about this for awhile, but I thought it was an issue with Typepad because it's been fine in the past! A friend sent me this link to your blog, and now I feel like pounding my head against the wall! I never would have put the two together... but once I read the title of your post it DAWNED on me! I had just set my camera to Adobe RGB at the same time I noticed my pictures looking desaturated! I guess I just didn't remember setting my camera.. because I forgot all about it until just now!


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