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Yes, you would! That is why we love you. Love reading your blog and pictures. You would be scrapbooking with or without us. Thank goodness it is with us.


Oh Karen, I really hope you will not forget that this should be fun ! Anyway, you've got the pictures, you've got the memories, and there will come a time when the house will be quiet, Ross will be at college, Cole, Courtney and Annie will be at school, and you will have more time to yourself and to scrapbook just for yourself.
BTW, this layout is gorgeous !

Betsey Cline

Yeah -but you also had a little baby most of the year... cut yourself some slack Karen. Just make 2008 a better year! (for scrapping, anyway) as it seems you have had a pretty good year otherwise... Speaking of which... have you set a date yet?


I understand...I understand.... BUT you have an incredible amazing amount of photos this year that tell stories about your family so vividly. You have a blog which has documented the big and little in your life this year (so great, when the memory goes :) ) and soon enough you will have more time when the little ones aren't so little anymore. Maybe you haven't scrapped alot but in faithfully reading your blog, I've seen a momma who seems this year, more than ever, in tune with the magic of the everyday. You've captured it in your photography, you've talked about it on the blog and you've savoured it in your heart. Isn't that what really truly matters? And in being so present, I'm sure your family feels the incredible love and gratitude that radiates from you :)

tara pollard pakosta

man. that's hardly any at all!!!!!
i should keep track of what i do in 2008 just to see.
well i am glad you have journaled and taken TONS of photos,
so at least you have the stories for later when you do have time!!!!!!
and ditto what laura said above me. that's what is most important!



Love your page! How did you attach the envelope? How do you put it in a page protector? I've been wanting to find ways to include more pics, etc and this looks like a perfect solution!! Also, at least you have 24 more layouts than you did last year....


Allison Connors

I've got you beat--I think I only made 3 layouts this year. But, I have made 4 or 5 altered projects. Working full time gets in the way.

I am in awe of your photography! I read and take in all of your photography tips. I have asked for the f1.8 lense for Christmas--I hope I get it! If not...I will have to purchase it for myself. I hope you and your family have a nice Thanksgiving--and I look forward to seeing more of your photos.
=) Allison


It's true. I've not taught any classes since last spring and I didn't create a single layout for all of 6 months. I'll admit that after 5 years of non-stop scrapping, it felt good to take a break. I'm just getting back into the swing of things now and it feels so wierd to create a project without photo, product, theme or style restrictions. Doing it my way, for a change!


I know how you feel, I manage a scrapbook store and the only things I get done are for my classes, or for end of year events for my kids sports teams. DOn't be too hard on yourslef, you have a wonderful blog and you have have inspired many other people. Your time will come!! Hang in there...and remember keep up the good work!

Tanya Webster

I forgot how much I have missed seeing your pages until today....and for the record...I think you have 24 more pages than I did this year....sure didnt stop me from buying stuff to use someday though! LOL your layout is gorgeous missy!!


I think editing photos takes away from the time you (I) would spend on scrapbooking...there is just only so much time in my life! I love photography, and right now for me the paper scrapbooking is just taking a backseat. Thank goodness you do teach classes though, too bad they aren't in Irvine, CA more often! ;)

Kathy C.

24 is an awesome number! 24 is more than 23. PLUS, you taught a lot more people this year, including ME! I loved your classes at Scrapbook Attack and can't wait to see what you have planned for '08. Even thinking about taking a roadtrip down to southern Oregon next year if you are teaching down there!

Hope you, Josh & the kids have a great Thanksgiving!!

Gobble, Gobble...Kathy C.

Julie Ann Shahin

I just saw the layout for your class in your newsletter! It is fabulous!@!!!!

lovely cee

Karen, it's okay. i have scrapbook less too. that's because i have been busy reading your blog slash photography class: i just bought canon 50mm 1.8: thanks to you. you have taught me a lot. i love the pictures that it gives me
and yes, that layout up there.....? stunning.
i know exactly how you attached your envelope. i love the use of that lace.
thank you for taking time to post. we love you!


Even if you haven't got as much scrapbooking done as you'd like this year, the ones you have done, or at least the ones we've seen have been beautiful. I wouldn't have a clue how to scrapbook anything, especially not anything as lovely as that sample you shared.

Hope you and Josh and your kids have a great Thanksgiving!





I am totally feeling you on this one. I started blogging about a year ago as an extention of my scrapping (way to share with others) and therefore read a lot of other blogs. I am also not-so-slightly addicted to scrap idea books...I KNOW I spend more time on all these 'extension' activities than actually scrapping these days!! But at the same time, they have all added so much to my life in terms of a creative outlet and being part of a 'community' within that IS a wonderful matter how many layouts I get done.

Carolyn Hall

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!! I'm sure we will see some great turkey pictures!!!

Colleen E

That might be the most beautiful LO I've seen in ages. TY!


I'm so with you on this! If it wasn't for the layout class I taught this year, my number would have been ZERO! Good thing there's blogging!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Karen, this is so gorgeous! Glad to see you scrapping for you.


Lovely lo's...:)

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