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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Michelle Gauthier

Love, love, love the new stamps! And although I don't post often, this is my favorite blog...full of very cool information and beautiful inspiration. Thanks for continuing to amaze me with your work. :)


Thanks for always answering our many questions and for being totally yourself!


TOO cool!! I love the new things and thank you so much for all your help! I do have a question thou if you could change your camera for another name( e.i. sony) would you???? , I have someone trying to talk me into a different camera .....


LOVE the new stamps! I NEED them before I get to work on my Honduras travel album....


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... LOVE so much the new stamps!


How great are those stamps?! Super great, that's how. And I can't wait either, the cruise is gonna be a blast! see you in January 09!

Allison Connors

When you shoot RAW, does it take up more space on the memory card or on the computer than a JPEG? If I have a 2G memory card, do you know how many RAW images it will fit?


you seriously amaze me. thank you for all your time, energy and creative LOVE.

tara pollard pakosta

hi karen!
gorgeous photo of c>
question for yoU?
what online photography classes would you recommend?
do you know of any online workshops that will be starting soon?
i know Jinky had one awhile back but its over now and i was wondering if
you knew of any.
and please you should do one for us!

Kathy C.

LOVE the new stamps -- can't wait to get my hands on them!!

~Kathy C.


you're awesome! from your great photo info to your creativity (LUV the new stamps) to your personality. thnx always for sharing & informing. would love to board that cruise w/ u, hmmmmm. mj


LOVE THE NEW STAMPS, KAREN!! And, FWIW, they're already in stock at at least one online store; I stumbled across them the other day. YAY ME!!! ;->



I just loved taking your class in B'ham. I use the book we made for inspiration for many of my other projects. It gets me thinking outside the box. I also loved the cocoa daisy kit you did. So much fun. It is fun to look at your pictures. Thanks for all the tips and information that you pass along. Another ditto about an online class. Please. Please. Please.


Love the new stamps! A question for you on the pre made actions - which one is your favorite for converting color into black and white? I know there are several of them out there, you have mentioned a few that you use along the way. I am putting a daily Christmas journal/album together and have decided to use only black and white photos. Goes with the whole vintage black/white and cream color theme. I want to take them in color so that I can use some of them in other things as well.

Thanks for your time! Susan R.

sharyn (torm)

psssst...your new stamps are at scrapsupply right now. they were loaded into the store yesterday (or the day before?) already. totally hot. ;)

Tanya Webster

that little courtney lee would fit right in in my house with those beautiful big brown eyes...LOVE that picture of her!!! :)


thanks for sharing your wealth of photo knowledge, your blog is so much easier to understand than the actual camera manual, I know your laughing, but I'm serious, btw your daughters are beautiful

Val from Down Under

I love, love, love your photos - and your tips. And your stamps - they are so great!



Thanks SO much for keeping this blog & for sharing your wonderful talent, beautiful family & day-to-day "life events." I check for new posts daily & enjoy "getting to know" you all! I hope you will teach a class in the Cincinnati area someday!!

- Karen

Stephanie Ainsburg

love Both of those cute little girl photos! and yay for the fontwerks stamps! I love the printouts that came in the Cocoadaisy kit and LOVE that they will be stamps!


lovely photos if courtney and annie. they are just too cute. thanks for all you info. you amaze me!!!


Loving the stamps...LOVE THEM!!! And your photos *sigh* are so freaking awesome! I have no clue about the camera/lens talk though lol. I'm hoping to get a Rebel for xmas, but we'll see ;)



love the picture of Courtney. She's such a beautiful little girl. Stunning dark eyes. And Annie looks adorable in her little costume! She looks like such a little girly girl. Reminds me of when I was that little. I was the same way.

I had a quick question for you, if you had any adivce...I really love photography but am really just starting to try and learn things about taking a good picture...mostly with tips from your blog...but is there a kind of camera I should be using? Something that will take a good picture but not to complicated for a starter?


Hi Karen! I put the 50mm 1.4 on my Christmas list. I had purchased the 1.8 when you were at Cord in Columbus and haven't taken it off since! (loved that photography class!) So I think I need to sell the 1.8 and step up. Let's hope I get it???

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