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Becky Noel

Are you going to start doing wedding photography at all? :) Or even engagement pics?


Karen....the Canon fixed 50mm f/1.8 is a miracle lens! That, combined with the AP mode/1600 ISO strategy for low-light indoor photos has proven to be a magical recipe. My friends have really appreciated the beauty of these mere snapshots of their kids, and I have you to thank! I especially love the 'movie moment' quality I see in them. Thanks for all the great advice, and I can't recommend your photography class highly enough!


Annie's face is so sweet! Funny and cute pic! I always look forward to checking out your all the pics. You have a beautiful family and I enjoy the way you share your experiences.


Just got the update on reading your blog and man, do I love the photos you got of the suspense and the celebration looks on his face.....that is so real! This seriously is like my morning newspaper for the day. I read your blog everyday-just don't comment on it everyday. Thanks for the photo inspiration!


I love #6 above. Cracked me up! Thanks!


#6 cracked me up too! the reason why? b/c i've been there, exactly! u gotta love them for it tho, right? would have loved to have seen annie in action! hee hee! xo-

Heather (in Scotland)

#8 - I clicked your blog link and read again your post about Pam. So much tragedy in one family. (How cute is that phot oof Bobby and Eric.) I'm grateful for my family and our health (and faith) and made a donation. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


Besides your blog, which is the greatest, can you recommend any other good blogs on anything?


any thoughts on doing a book???


Love the 'Home is where your story begins' on your front door. Where did you get that? I would love to have one too! TIA! Love your pics, by the way! Happy weekend!

jennie gift

Hi Karen,

I have two seats to both classes on Saturday. I was suppose to drive up from VA to attend but my job is not give me the weekend off as of yet. If you know of anyone that might be interested please spread the word. I have tried to work with the store but they told me that they didn't have a waiting list and I was never told about the added class. :( If anything I hope I can have my kits mailed to me. I was truly looking forward to meeting you and taking one of your classes... but it isn't in the stars.

Katie Szymanski

KAREN!! I'm so excited!!! I'm driving all the way to Memory Lane to see you!! I'm taking the class on Friday!!!!!! WHOOO HOO!!

christian louboutin

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