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Tanya Webster

you poor girl....why are you stuck??? :( sending prayers for safety and a speedy return--HUGS!!

stephanie P.

OH NO!! What in the world happened??? Well, I hope you get home safely... real soon!
Thanks for a wonderful weekend... the classes were GREAT!!!


Karen, that stinks. but I hope you are managing to have a fun time in Philly anyway. I had a really, really super time in class. Thanks for being so generous with your time. I am now in full manual!!! Thanks for everything. Hope to see you again sometime soon.

Brooke - in Oregon

Oh crapsters!! So sorry, man that was our worse flight ever! This summer Medford to Philly, YIKES

Hope you had a good time in Philly, we really did so it made the trip a bit less of a nightmare!


Oh God. I'm betting it took nearly everything you had to write that WITHOUT crying. Okay, you had to cry. I would be BAWLING. Hope you are home, safe and sound with your loved ones soon again.


I was so bummed when I heard earlier about what happened! Have a safe trip tomorrow!

Kim B.

You poor thing! Had I known I would have driven out to the airport to get you!!!

Alicia Sharp

Hope you make it home soon! Have a safe trip!

jennie gift

Oh, Karen. What happened! I hope it works out and you make it home safe. I can't wait to hear all about your trip and the classes I missed :(


Ahhh Karen . . .I am so sorry. What happened? I hope you are home now safe and sound.

Becky :) (aka: beckywedd)


Ack!!!! I hope you are home or on your way home now!!! HUGS!!!

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