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Tanya Webster

mmmmmm, spa mint is my absolute favorite hands down!!! and everyone MUST try the bath salt scrub...oh my gooooosh...crap, i better go place an order before she is all out of my favorite stuff now that you mentioned it here! *wink* :)


I looooove finding new bath products and I looooove even more that she is my favorite blogger's best friend!! I better start my christmas shopping early before it is all gone. Thanks for the great find. I can't wait to try some of those goodies. :) Good luck Jill!


Everything looks so great. Just in time for Christmas. I'm excited to order some!

Alicia Sharp

Rebecca Sower had posted about her on her blog and your favs are hers as well! I so want to get some of this and try it! Thanks! It must be good with everyone posting it!


I have been following her blog for a while (via yours) and already bought some of these products...they are incredible! I love the pineapple cilantro soap!! And the packaging is beautiful. She's going to be busy now...!


It looks awesome...I just ordered five things and can't wait to try it!!!

kelly jo

Looks so pretty and sounds luxurious... Rebecca Sower had a post on her blog a few days ago...
Have a Great day!


I'm a sucker for the packaging.... it all sounds so *yummy*. Will definitively be adding it to MY Christmas list lol.


checked this out a while back. i will be ordering for some christmas presents. thanks for sharing.

Kay Ward

Jill's products look wonderful. I see some presents I will be ordering for Christmas. I am excited about your kit for Cocoa Daisy, too! I read on one of your recent posts that you've thought about doing a photography class in the spring. Is there a possibility that you would make a kit or cd out of your Photography Q & A class? I am guessing I am not the only person that would love to take that class but haven't had an opportunity. Hint, hint!


Already placed an order! Looks awesome!

fran heupel

Products looks wonderful and I love the logo.
Can't wait to order some.


I got my first order of soap yesterday - couldn't wait any longer. This is for ME and me ALONE. Red Clover Tea will be the first flavor to join me in my shower. I CAN'T WAIT!!

Celeste B.

Thanks for the enabling Karen. I went ahead and orders some Christmas gifts (and some stuff for me as well, of course).

Teresa B

Thanks Karen.. I have found my NEW favorite.. Pineapple Cilantro lotions and Island delight pucker paste...

Danielle Farley

I'm putting my order in today I'm so excited! I was wondering if some of her packaging is from the Narratives line. Also where did you get those cute canisters in th background?

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