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Teresa B

Love the pumpkins... you could put the heart between Coley and Courtney's pumpkins which sooo reminds me of my children at times...


The pumpkins look great! We decided to paint pumpkins this year instead of carving them and it just doesn't feel right! Happy Halloween! Can't wait to see pics of the kids in their costumes and can't wait to hear about the craziness of Philly. So bummed I couldn't get to your classes!! :(


Loving Teresa B's comment to put the heart between the Cole and Courtney's pumpkin! I totally destroyed Chloe's pumpkin in an effort to carve her name 2 nights ago. And like you, was feeling pretty guilty. So just now I went and carved a pumpkin for her- a bunch of tiny stars. So cute. I'm telling you, I've discovered that craft knives are the best ever for small carvings and detail work on a pumpkin! Quick and precise, though definitively an adult only task.

So glad you are home safe and sound with your family this Halloween. Have a wonderful night!


loving all the pictures you took....they are just WOW!!!!

may I ask are you using the 16-35mm f2.8 lenses for that beautiful picture of Annie?? or just the just so beautiful.....

jenn (Singapore)


What fabulous pictures!! I'm so glad you could all carve together!!!


My DH does those dang fancy designs every year and makes me do one too - I don't enjoy it - I'd rather do pumpkin guts. This year I put my foot down and we did hand drawn designs. You can see our results on my blog - I think they turned out okay.

Your pumpkins look great!

Happy Halloween!


Looks like you all had fun ... Happy Halloween. :)


well...being stuck in Philly isn't too bad.
unless you live on the other side of the dang coast and all you want to do is go home.

same problem i had on my last trip out there. i just wanted to go home sooo bad after being there for two weeks by myself. when our plane actually took off, i started crying, i was so happy!


Great pumpkins! LOVE the picture of Annie dancing. Adorable!


You have such a lovely family and it is so much fun to see little slices of your family life. I so wish I could go back and re-do raising my sons knowing what I know now, but there are no do overs with that or time machines. I guess I said all of that to say that I admire you as a person, artist, but especially as a mother. You and Josh have created and continue to create the family life that I wish I had created. I love your blog because you are so open and down to earth. Thanks for sharing so much with so many.

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