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I love that you made all the kids (and Josh) except Ross wear brown or orange. Ross probably wouldn't have anything to do with your scheme. :)

Vicki A

Ok, I am taking my daughter to the pumpkin patch next week. I so have to find a good coordinating outfit. I love you Karen; you are a woman after my own heart. Your kids always look so dang cute. Awesome pics! :)

Shannon Stamp

Wonderful pictures Karen. I am in awl of your photography skills. The one of your daughter in front of the pumpkins, with the sad look on her face is just priceless! The colors are beautiful. You are such an inspiration to me with seeing your photos, because I just want to go out and shoot away. I am loving all the information you have been sharing lately with the photoshop thank you for doing that. I purchased the actions on TWO Peas, and am having a little trouble with the layers. I have ordered 2 Photoshop CS2 books and will be getting them soon, so I will be learning more as I go. Do you have any quick instructions that you have found helpful for learning how to use actions and work with the layers? I know how to download the actions into the program, some work with just the play button, then I get stuck when some actions ask me to do something or make adjustments...I want to get better at understanding the layers and how to work with them. Practice, practice, practice. I wish I had your talent. Thanks for much for posting and sharing your wonderful photos of your family.

Shannon S.
Mill Creek, WA


Omigosh Courtney's eyes! And that last little picture of Annie -awwww, I wanna snuggle her up. I just have to say when I saw the first picture, I said, oh no, she didn't! But good on you for the coordinating factor. Really, it totally makes sense sometimes. Thanks again for your inspiration!


Gorgeous.... I am always so thrilled to see photos -which happens nearly everytime you blog - so lucky me :)!!!Your photography skills just blow me away....will you come to Chicago and take photos of my guys....plllllleeeeeaaaase :) Thank you for sharing your gorgeous family and the inspiration with us! When you decide to hit the road as a photographer, please let me know :)

tara pollard pakosta

too fuNNY!
i do that for the pumpkin patch too LOL!
lol about trying to get dillon and ross


It's all about color coordination! I'm with you girl!

It looks like a fun day was had by all!


I so love to see your photos!!!!!
the last one of annie was sooo cute..


Oh, I could just eat Annie right up. Wonderful wonderful photos. They will be so much fun to scrap. :)

Alicia Sharp

Annie is too adorable and that last pic is my all time fav!!!!!!


I love, love, love your blog because of all the beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them with everyone!


I am in awe - again. You amaze me every time you post!


great pictures; beautiful family.....thanks for sharing but where are you?


Love the pictures and the color coordinating!


OMG Karen - you never cease to amaze me with your photography skills. Those pictures are all so gorgeous! I love the one of Annie "pouting"


Beautiful Pictures!!
Really stunning one of Annie.
Classic of Courtney on the pony.
Treasures for you now and them later. So lucky :)
Happy Fall!!!

Meredith S.

I love seeing your magic with the camera...the one of Courtney is beautiful.


Ok, that first picture of Annie was out of this world! And the fam looked so cute, all matching :)

Sara M

Where did you find Annie's dress?

Betsey Cline

Karen, as always I love looking at your photo's. I was struck today by how much alike Ross and Josh look? Do you notice that? It caught my eye in the pictures and I spent the last 20 minutes looking at previous entries to see if that is the case... it is!
Have a happy day!


I love how you take 'slice of life' pics (like the one with Josh, Annie, & Ross) and make them look so artful! Great pics all around (and great outfits too).


Absolutely gorgeous - the photos and your kids! Would love camera, lens, apeture, shutter speed, etc., info! Trying to learn from you! Think I'll try to coordinate my boys when we make OUR trip to the pumpkin patch - wish me luck...they're 11 and 15! I'll probably be lucky if they agree to wear brown t-shirts!



Traci in Virginia

Truly beautiful photos! Your pictures make me crave the crisp fall weather. It has been in the 90's here which is not the norm. We are ready for a weather change! Happy Fall!


OK tons of my same questions above. Are you using a action for the clarity of these photos? They seem sharper than usual, what speed are you using and lens?

The last pic is just wonderful! Makes me wish for another baby girl.

Tanya Webster

HOLY COW!!!! the light in ALL of these is absolutely gorgeous!! some of the best i've seen from you little lady...can you quickly ship me the girls' clothes to wear really quick and then i'll send them back lol!!! stunning.....breathtaking....need i go on?????

Michelle OKeefe

Beautiful photos Karen. I love seeing them & I hope you continue to always post them. But, where are you? I hope you got into some of the photos lady !
Looks like such a fun day. What a beautiful family you have.

Carolyn Hall

o.k. I want to know do you run around like a maniac to get all these great photos or are your kids really good posers? It seems like you never miss a trick. Do share. Looking forward to your photography class in a few weeks in P.A.


you are a real inspiraion - creatively and as a mom. You might not think you are always 'on' - but I would beg to differ!!

Karen Fobert

Wonderful pictures! But I do have one question - are you kneeling for most of these shots? Seriously, I went to the pumpkin patch this weekend and it seemed like I need to get down for a lot of the shots, but everyone was moving so fast - I couldn't get down, get the shot, and get back up before they were running for the next thing! Please let me know your tricks...

Val from Down Under

Hey Karen, i'm in awe of your photography skills too. You are fantabulous! Thanks so much for sharing your skills, your family, your life ... God bless.

Lisa Nathan


Excellent pictures, your family is so cute. I can't look at your pictures and not smile, you definately know how to capture the emotions. You have got to get yourself into those pictures!

Laura Plunk

OH, I am so all about the coordinating outfits......
Even with my two that are 27 & 16, I just trick them into matching and they arn't even the wiser!!!!!!

Love the photos as always.

Laura P

Janelle in MT

these are quite possibly the cutest pumpkin patch photos i've ever seen! love the matching clothes & that dress of annie's is darling...must share the source :)

Brooke - in Oregon

Looks like a fun family day. Annie is just precious, love her piggies and that sad look was simply priceless.

Hey you are lucky Ross will go along and be part of the family. So ya not getting bent out of shape about the outfit is a good thing :) Coley, well that boy just has a cross of mischief and love popping out all over him. Love his grin! And Courtney is beautiful and has such a sweet sweet sweet smile.

My only complaint is Karen needs to get out in front of the camera! (listen to me, it's funny, sort of the pot calling the Kettle black) lol


faboo work as usual! but i LOVE that little start of a pout on Annie on your last photo!

sarah sabri

love your pictures! and Courtney's sweater and Annie's dress are waaay too cute!


LOVE Annie's knit dress!
Your pictures were so great - not a word was needed, but as always, yours were fun!

Miriam Lovell Dyer

This is my first time visiting your blog. It's always great to see what other photogs are doing and using. Thanks for sharing!

Miriam Lovell


Oh my word. I can't wait to pick your brain in the Photog Q&A Class!!! I want my albums to be filled with pictures like this!!!

Mindy M.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first picture of Annie, the one of Courtney by herself, the one of Annie pushing the wagon with pumpkins while Coley pulls it & the last one of Annie pouting. You have a gorgeous family!


oh how i love these pics!!

we do the same thing at the pumpkin patch, we were all in orange and brown on sunday when we went

where in the world did you get annie's knit dress? she's the sweetest little pumpkin in the patch!!


Such beautiful shots! Your family is so lucky that they will have this history of themselves to see. I love your photography, so inspiring, you make me want to learn so much. Love the girls outfits.

Elizabeth B

You need to teach those online photography classes lady! :)

your children are so absolutely beautiful, and yes, REAL too


These are all BEAUTIFUL shots!! Once I started shooting RAW I've never looked back...really makes a big difference in pp options and results. We get to make a second family trip to the pumpkin patch this year. We tried it last weekend and it was an unseasonably 90+ degrees. Not a whole lot of "fall" like pictures going on that day. :)

Mary Ann

I just stared at that pic of Coley and Annie pushing/pulling the wagon. WOW That is such an amazing photo.
I love that I can come here to your blog for inspiration, not only in photos, but in your everyday life as a parent.

Bek Geach

Oh my those photos are amazing Karen.
Especially the first and last ones of Annie... so precious.

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