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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Oh so *very* happy to hear that the sweet little bunny is feeling better today. Those warm little red cheeks were cause for an instant frown. I am super happy to hear that you are in the midst of considering an online photography class... I will for sure be looking forward to that! Thanks again for the comment regarding your lens choice on 'date night'... so many of us really appreciate your commitment in delivering to us your photo tips/advice and suggestions.

Be well :)


Please have a photography class! I would definitely be interested. :-) Glad your little one is feeling better !


I would LOVE to take an online photography class with you!! I'll look forward to hearing about the startup date :))

Glad Annie's feeling better - she is such a sweetheart. Have a good week!


I would absolutely sign up for a photography class with you! And I'm loving the decorate your life site.

Jennifer P

I would so sign up for a class too! I am so glad that Annie is feeling better! She is so adorable.

Tanya Webster

hmmmm, hate to say i told you so about the photography class thing but.........well ya know....i DID!! :) glad that little punkin is feeling better!

Susanne Huettner

If you teach a photography class, count me in. That would be so fantastic!!!


Don't be scared to take those are an AMAZING photographer!!

Miz Booshay

Stop by and read what happened to me at the AW workshop this week.

You'll never believe it.


Looking forward to the Cocoa Daisy kit in Nov. with all your goodies in it. Glad to hear Annie is feeling better, poor baby.


ok..I have seen that bling swirl stuff on a couple of things just in the last couple days. I don't know what it is, or who makes it, but I'm checking out that kit!


That album is beautiful. Can't wait to pick up that Cocoa Daisy kit!

Dianne Nelson

Can we still order the "Snapshots" kit from you? how much would it be if we could?

Thanks for everything!


Glad Annie is feeling better. Can't wait for the Cocoa Daisy kit it looks fab. I'd be another one interested in a photography course if you decide to run one! Thanks for answering my question on the door Home sign. :-)


I would SO BE SIGNED UP ASAP if you do an on-line photography class! Love your work and love your "realness"

carolynn blair

I too will be right there for the photography class!!!! I cannot wait for the kits and add ons from cocoa daisy. I will be ordering EVERYTHING


When you order a kit from cocoa daisy does is come with sample pages and directions? I am glad AnnieBannie is feeling better. How is Coley doing with wrestling? My zackery is wrestling also, maybe we will see each other at a tournment.

lovely cee

you have so much good news> i don't know where to start.
definitely agree with you with the 50 mm 1.2 thing> i can see that in your pictures. glad to hear everybody's healthy. i hope i'll money to take your class online> it'll be rockin'!!! again, thank you for so being generous with your skills, talent, ideas and just being you.


I hope you do an online class...maybe something to further expand on what you taught us at Photo Express maybe?

I feel I am already taking better pics thx to your instruction. Of course the new 50 mm lens is helping too! I use angles a lot more and look at texture and structure more now too. You really helped me a lot. Thx.


I just disovered your blog, and it's wonderful....The perfect little break from my looming deadline tomorrow morning. Back to work...:)

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