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Wow 8:15?! That's AMAZING! LOL!


man - y'all are as much party animals as the Husband & i. last night it was almost 9pm and we were both yawning like it was 9:30. bwa!

and dang!that photo of you sticking out your tongue and Ross doing the same thing! carbon copy!


LOL! 8:15pm is later than me and my husband, we are lucky to stay out until 7! Good for you!


I love how you capture your days & nights in photographs you'll be so glad you did in years to come. I only envy your camera or your photography skills one or the other, maybe both. Sigh!

Brooke - in Oregon

Sounds like a fabulous date night! Glad you got some couple time :)

Mary Ann

Love that you took your camera on your date night.
Love the fact that you had a date night!
Love that I get to visit your blog everyday.



sounds like fun. you two looked really nice. your hair looked really good. thought sundays are lame nights to go out, i am hoping we can tonight. as the patriots are playing and the red sox. hope they both win, but really hope those red sox win!!! glad you two had date.


oh my goodness, just read what i wrote. i really need to preview my comments first. i had a million typos. hope you got the point. sorry!

Mary Lou

Okay, are you doing a "Ross" imitation or is it just in the genes. :) You, too are both so cute.


that first photo is just priceless

Alicia Sharp

Girl you sooooo need to get out more! LOL! Looks like a fun place! 8:15 huh?


good for you! livin it up...all the way til 8:15! whoo-hoo!


LOL 8:15 sounds like DH and me :)

Tanya Webster

you sure looked pretty for your date night girlie....glad you guys got out...feels weird being just "Josh and Karen" now doesnt it....freaks me out too when we go out! LOL...hope it was a fun deserve it!!!


FAB, FAB and FAB. Your blog just gets better and better.


Hey Karen,

I love reading your blog, found you on 2peas years ago, your Cole and my Coley are the same age and that struck me when you posted your pages there about 4 or 5 years ago.
And well I think you are a fantastic photographer and your writing is so true to life... I just had to write and say I enjoy reading your blog....LOLOLOL
Keep up the great story telling, and your great scrapbooking when you have time for it.
From a Canadian blog faithful reader eh


woo hoo... you party girl!!! It's a wonder you could get up this morning!!! Congratulations on a much deserved and I'm sure needed night out!!! See you Saturday!

Cute pictures of you and Josh!!! Yes, we PARENTS need time awy from the kids much more often than what actually happens. My kids are teenagers and we still need time away by ourselves and I SO enjoy those together times!!! Never is there too many of those times. Enjoy them!!!! Life is SO short and the demands of a mother are so many. Your kids are cute and you're a great mother and I love the way you express yourself. You are my inspiration when it comes to scrapbook journaling and the way you express yourself on your blog - you are definitely gifted!!!


lovely cee

sheesh......... oh so sweet!!! i don't remember the last time that me and my husband went out> this is such a reminder that couple should go on a date> at least once in a while.

i love your photos!
which camera did you use? your 5d? and what lens was it? sorry, i had to ask.

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