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I missed this yesterday ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLEY!!!

Looks like you had a fabby time!


Well a Happy Birthday to Cole!

I'm wishing that they brought me a piece of that Mud Pie last night @ dinner for my birthday! looks yummy!! :)

As my three year old says... "Mama, you turned old today?"

That's right. I turned old. :)

Here's to being 7 again :)

Brooke - in Oregon

Oh ya, but hmmm weigh the Bella on one hand and Red Robin on the other. Oh my those just don't even balance out! lol But I do love RR's cob salad :)

Love Annie's little piggies, I can hardly wait till Kaylie gets enough hair to have piggies!! I am going to have to Google 'food for growing hair' so we can 'help' her along!! JK :)

Looks like Cole had a fabulous birthday!


That photo of Annie looks like one of Courtney's expressions. I've never really thought they looked too much alike, but she sure looks like Courtney in that one.

Happy late Birthday Coley Woley.


Happy B-day Cole! Red Robin's mud pie doesn't even compare to the Bella's (Karen if you want the recipe for it email me)


happy belated birthday, coley! i hope you had a great time. hope you enjoyed your mud pied. that's my favorite.


Hee! Love that candle shot at the top! Happy belated birthday to Coley!

cindy b.

Happy BDAY Coley!!! You are such a cute little boy and quite the character. Tell your mommy that the photos that cracked her up cracked me up as well!!!! Hope you had lots of cake for your birthday!!!


I'm enjoying the 50 mm lens you recommended and have been taking oodles of pics with it. I love seeing your photos and getting ideas about angles, composition, whatever. So glad you got this blog going on!

icons set

Today I read on this theme much.


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