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Brooke - in Oregon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE!!!! Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday deeeeaaarrr Coooleeey Happy Birthday to you!!

Believe me it is much better typed than really sang by me :) lol

Hope Cole has a fabulous day and hope you all have a great Birthday evening.

Alicia Sharp

Happy Birthday Coley!!!!!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! That's awesome about being able to read his cards all by himself. That is always such a great milestone.


Happy Birthday Cole! Have a great day!

Mindy M.

Happy Birthday to Coley! My lil' one wants some Heely's, too. His 7th b-day is in a couple months - might have to get him some - as long as I don't see any posts in the coming weeks about how someone without children must have thought up those things & how horrendous they are. :)

Tanya Webster

Happy happy day to that little cutie pie of yours :) tell him to slow down a little bit though k?? :)


Yay!!! Happy Birthday, Coley!!!

Val from Down Under

Yippee! Happy Birthday Coley! Have a really great day.

Kim Hacking

Cole! Happy Birthday Dude! Hope it was awesome! (I sound like my five year old!)


Happy Birthday Cole! Karen, he is a sweetie! I enjoy our little chats over the fence when he is playing on the fort. He always says "where's Bob?" because my husband kinda teases him and I think he likes it. I get to work at his school 2 days a week and everytime I see him he says, Hey, you're my neighbor! He is a sweet boy and I hope you never move and we get to watch him grow up :-) Screw that 3 year plan, you guys are great neighbors! Oh, I am being selfish, I know you will move. But until you do, keep up the good work. You are awesome and a great mom!! Give Coley a hug for me.


You have the loveliest family! Glad Annie is happy, so you can be happy. Happy Birthday to Coley! Love your pictures! Beautiful children, hubby ain't bad either!

Susanne Huettner

Happy Birthday to Cole!


Oh i've been busy..haven't checked in LATE happy Birthday Coley! You cute kid ;)

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