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Becky Noel

Oh my goodness!!! She is so precious - hope she gets better soon!!!!


Oh bless her ... she looks a poorly little thing, hope she is on the mend very soon. :)


such a sad's hoping she gets better, soon!


poor little sprite... hope she's feeling better soon.


Even sick she is the cutest thing ever! Hope she's better soon :)

Emily Szettella

Poor little angel! Hope she feels better VERY soon!


Oh, bless her little heart. I hope she gets to feeling better soon, Karen.

Brooke - in Oregon

Oh major bummers for Annie! Sending her lots of hugs and hope she is feeling better fast.

Kay Ward

So sorry she is under the weather. I hope she gets better fast!


awwww look at her sweet little flushed cheeks. poor baby girl.


Feel Better Soon Annie Bananannie!

Big Hugs!


oh poor babe!
we had the same in our house- first month of school, first cold! i have to fight the temptation to spray her head to toe with Lysol when i pick her up from school everyday! LOL

Tanya Webster

poor little sweet pea :( she'll be in my prayers...

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Poor little thing...not a good time to take away the ba ba........ :)


Poor Annie, hope she feels better soon!


Poor thing. I posted last week that it was my kindergartner's first day in daycare last week too. She ended up with strep throat. I totally thought like you did. But then, I realized we are out and about all the time and we can't live in a bubble. So, I let it go and pumped her with meds.

I hope she feels better soon.


Hope she feels better soon! I thought for sure Lauren would come home the first week of pre-school sick. She held off until the 3rd week though. Never fails!

Christie Wall

Hello, I got your name from Annie Mitchel who refered me to you because I was in a delema of how to wear my rubber boots. I had to comment that your photos are beautiful and I was wondering if you have a flickr account. If you do, would you send me information on it, or a link? Thanks Christie Wall

tara pollard pakosta

well luckily she is that old with a first fever!
esp. with older siblings in school!
poor little baby!!!!!!!!!!!!


awww...poor annie bananannie! look at her little rosy cheeks! and i'm thinkin you're right about there being a connection! lol!

Alicia Sharp

Awwwww! She looks so pityful! Hope she is feeling better soon!!


Poor darling. Her chubby little cheeks are so red ! Hope she's feeling better soon !


poor baby...but man lucky she's that old for a first fever. Hope she's better soon.


Hi Karen,

Hope Annie feels better soon.! Looking forward to your Cocoa Daisy kit comming out!


I saw the piccie before I saw the journalling you had added and thought 'poor little mite, she looks poorly' and she was sick. Little darling, hope you're better soon honey xxx

Mary Lou

Give her plenty of "mommy" hugs...


Wow...her FIRST fever?? You've been lucky! She's beyond adorable even when she's sick!


awww that poor baby.


Oh she is the cutest little girl. What an angel. Hope she feels better real soon!

Michelle OKeefe

oh, she looks a little sick. Poor little cutie. Just think of it as building antibodies for the next time. Poor baby.


Oh so sorry, poor little sweet thing...dang, that's the worst thing about school.


Oh Poor Annie....Love checking your blog and seeing her sweet little faces! Hope she is better soon....
the bad thing about her getting sick is the rest of the family gets sick too....


tylenol, motrin, tylenol,'s so sucky. We all had the back to school bug here last month and I just drug them up and indulge them in p.j.'s and cartoons...hope you all don't catch it too!


Hi Karen:
I hope the call she is making is to the doctor, even at her worst she is still giving us a smile. Hang tight. Regards, Beth W.


Awww. What a sweet pea! Hope she feels bettersoon!


Hoping Annie feels better soon.


even when she's sickey she adorable! look at the flushed cheeks - u can just eat them up. hope she's feeling better soon. mj


oh gosh - look at those little red cheeks! poor baby!


ohhhh poor peanut... poor mom too!!!


Awww, little one! Feel better soon! Hugs!

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