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I have been reading your blog since around June...not sure if I have ever left a comment or not. But just wanted you to know how much I enjoy it. Love the pictures of your children...they are so beautiful. Love the happiness you have with your husband.


Annie looks so much like you in this picture! What a cutie!!!


That picture is adorable! The wedding sounds great! Have a good and safe trip!


Karen - Annie is so dang cute!! Will she be at PE? If so, be prepared for some baby-swarming. :) BTW, did you get my emails?

Shelly VanWormer

I once heard someone say that, "it's not about the wedding, it's about the marriage". Congrats on a simple ceremony with the important ones in your lives.


Sweet and simple is a very lovely way to celebrate! There's such a special intimacy involved with a small celebration with your closest loved least, this is what I've observed while photographing. Of course, you should definitely still have a photographer...give Tara a guilt trip for getting sick that one time she was supposed to photograph you!


you are rad. I bet you'll come up with some great wedding ideas. can't wait to read about them.

Tonia Borrosch

Do you have a date set? I LOVE the idea of an intimate wedding. You won't feel like all you are trying to do is make sure you say hello to everyone all night. It goes way too fast as it is and this way you can REALLY enjoy it. Have fun with the details!


I love that you both were able to seperate yourselves and the love that you share for one another from the hectic (and expensive) details of an over-the-top wedding. Speaking from experience, you won't regret it. Initially we had wanted the larger wedding, and like you made a conscious decision to reduce our wedding of 150 to 40 in order to have every single detail that was important to us without having to sacrafice or finance the dang thing. Neither one of us came from an over abundance of money and my mom did everything she could to purchase a beautiful gown for me. Mark and I moved back home to save money so that we could pay for our own wedding. We still had the cake, the flowers, and the DJ... but were able to have a minature size of the cake that we REALLY wanted, vs. the *affordable* cake (we didn't want) that would have fed 150 guests. We were able to get married and have our evening reception by candlelight at The Hartness House Inn right here in Vermont, vs. the Legion, Moose Club, Elks or the Quality Inn (ugh) where most in this area have their bigger weddings due to the expense of having so many guests at one of our many ski resorts, golf clubs, etc. In 3 weeks we will have been married for 10 years and I can still look back with a smile, having had everything we needed & loved right there in that Inn.

I am looking forward to seeing those pictures, and of course- the dress!

And I just love reading about Annie so much (seems I've told you that before). She reminds me so much of my own 26 month old- though Annie is chubbier in the cheeks ;). Even my 6 year old came in the other day and thought Annie was Chloe. Love these little toddlers- except for when I'm trying to pick out make-up at Target ;).

Be well.

Tammy (who can never sum it up in a sentence or two- sorry!)


Your wedding ideas just gave me goose bumps. It sounds so intimate. Nothing else really matters. I think your ideas are awesome and you will look beautiful.

Paola Norman

Love that pic of beautiful.
I think your idea of a simple wedding is wonderful. It's the life you lead that counts. My husband and I had a simple wedding, married at city hall, had friends take the pics. at a beautiful park. And the dinner was at French restuarant with a menu specially prepared for our 25 guests. Simple but special.. Any money we had we spent on a honeymoon, and that was so worth it. Whatever you do, the memories will always remain in your heart.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

I think the wedding plans you have described are perfect!


I had my own simple wedding with 30 people 2 weeks ago. I will send you the link of some candid shots. It really was all about the details! BTW we did get a cake and it was one of the highlights! My 7 yr old daughters face when she saw me shove cake all over my husbands face is priceless!! Congrats on going small you won't regret it!


it just dawned on me that you probly can see just how many times a day i look at your blog. wow. i am an addict. I love photograpy, though im not that great...looking at your pictures gives me hope that some day i might take a photo that could compare. thanks for all the great photo tips, very easy for a gal like me to understand!


We've been married for 9 years - the wedding was lovely (church was amazing) but I still wish that we had had an intimate party for about 30 - lots of candles, flowers and fabulous music - good food, friends and family - that sounds wonderful to me.
Hope your wedding is everything you're dreaming of and more.
Best wishes.


Once again, Annie takes my breath away. Soooo sweet.
I love your small intimate wedding plans. Those are the details you would have remembered in a big wedding so why lose them in a bunch of hectic commotion.

Safe Travels!


Gorgeous capture! Looks like you and the 5D are getting along famously ;)


It's the marriage that's important, not the wedding. That's just one day - a marriage is (or should be) forever.

Do it your way, and it will be beautiful AND meaningful!

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