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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Amy R

Cute picture as always. I have one that did this but thankfully they were the washable ones! I also wanted to comment on the metallic finish at scrapbookpictures. I love the metallic finish but I do agree that it isn't for every picture. It gives alot of 'depth' to the photo. And I would LOVE for you to offer an online photgraphy class/workshop! Ihope your just not teasing! :)


I'm so jealous that you went to one of the one day two ways workshops. I think Nate and Jaclyn are the most amazing photographers. I bet going to that workshop was a real treat.

Becky Noel

Such a cute picture!! Thanks for explaining about the metallic pics too - I'd been wondering about that! :)

Sidenote - I know you've mentioned getting into wedding photography before - is that something you are doing already? I'm not QUITE in the booking stages yet (not technically engaged, but we are getting ideas/dreams and starting to plan) and I was wondering if you have set prices/samples, etc. We're up in Seattle, so that would factor in, but photography's worth it! :)

Jennifer P

Just letting you know that I'd take your online photography class.


All I can say is PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do an online photography class. ;0) m

Paola Norman

Love, that pic of Annie, its all about real life. You might be interesed in looking at this site Iam so grateful for the info. you give on photography, esp. the little tidbits on the photo's you post. Its like a small tutorial each time..I'm always taking notes..thanks so much for taking the time.. Apart from photography, I have always loved your lay-outs, I would love to seem more for inspiration... Thanks again, Paola


Love the pic of Annie..she is just adorable! A Mr. Clean magic eraser will take that ink right off her skin...and off acrylic nails too! As a teacher I often get Sharpie on my nails! :)
I'd love to see you offer an online photography class!
Have a great weekend!!!


Sharpie on the body is nothing!

My two Picassos have taken sharpies to an oil painting, the kitchen (twice...which included over 50% of the cabinets, 30% of the floor, 5-10% of the walls and the slider...both times), too many walls to name and of course their little bodies too LOL Sol-u-mel from Melaleuca is my friend! I even saved the oil painting with this stuff.

I'm off to drop DS of for school and back to the house to clean...oh the fun LOL Have a great day!

Ashley Schultz

I would love it if you offered an online class! I would take it!


so- I totally think you should teach a class. The photography class at Scrapbook Oasis absolutely changed my skill level, and I try to follow your notes all of the time (the one's you put out on the blog, and the ones from the class). I would love to have access to you for info on a need type of basis- because I know you "get" the questions I ask my husband who doesn't. Plus, you're a great teacher. You should totally think about what you could offer. I bet you'd have multiple takers. Really and truely, I would just like you to come back to Irvine and shoot with me for a day and talk nonstop (and I am referring to me this time although I know we could give each other a run for our money) till it got cemented in. I bet your class with Nate and Susan was like that, huh? Cool beans.


Here are my "feedback/thoughts/ideas" about you doing an online class: (using an Arnold Swarzengger voice, please...) DO IT.....DO IT NOW!!! Thanks for the addition info in your post, which by the way, is now my BIBLE!


Hi Karen

What would be the equivalent Canon lens to the Tamron you mentioned above? yes please re: your on-line photography course, Go for it please!!!

Also, Cheryl Jacobs is holding a workshop here in the UK in Oct and having just found out I would love to take it (it's my birthday on the 21st oct, the 2nd day of the workshop), what a perfect birthday gift. did you get alot out of the course, how experienced where you when you took her workshop?


Please, please, please do an online class! Especially since I am too far to come to one of your classes.


I would be completely on board if you offer an on-line class. Just sign me up. Love Annie's picture.


Ditto on #5 I love this blog too :) I found it a little over a month ago and I read it everyday and the pictures are always amazing. You have helped me learn so much about photography. I would also take your online course if you ever did it. I am clear across the country from you. It would be neat...

Kay Ward

I would sign up for a class in a minute! When it snowed last winter I missed your class at Lasting Memories in Seattle. I was so sorry, too. I have bought several (4 actually) kits but always hoped to take that photography q & a class. I have so appreciated all the information you have posted on your blog about photography. I know it must be time consuming. You really do a way about explaining/teaching; both in the kits and on your blog. So please consider an online class :)


I think a photography class would be awesome, I would take it for sure. And I also want to say I have had a picture done in the Metalic by, and it totally rocks. It just adds enough to the picture to make it amazing.


Saw that someone mentioned the Magic Erasers...DO NOT use this on the skin...a friend's son got a chemical burn from these!

Beckie Gilmore

I would love a class! Please do it.


hehe love that pic of her ;)

Brooke - in Oregon

Love the photo of little Miss Annie! What a hoot, that kiddo is so full of life :)

Ok did you listen to the song Jesh wrote for his wife for her birthday? Holy Crapola the guy should be doing music too!


This is probably a late comment about the online class....PLEASE!!! do an online class. I would love a photography class, but I LOVE everything you do and an online class would be excellent! thank the pic of annie....looks like she is designing her hallowe'en costume.....

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