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Tanya Webster

yup i do and you will be getting a CD of them as soon as I figure out how to burn one today :) make me laugh!!!!

beth l

i have several of "fatboy slim's" songs on my workout playlist.

Hey Ya by Outkast always puts an extra spring in my step :)

tammy kay

you are so gonna laugh at me but....


I got it from my mama by - sooooo fun!


I too started working out... 5 days ago to be exact. I blew the dust off the step aerobic vhs and bench I purchased way back in 1996. Would LOVE to listen to something more than "keep it moving... what a seabreeze" lol, but when I did try I lost my stepping. Maybe with a little more practice, I won't be so reliant on their instruction. Good luck!


It's not rap or dance music but I love "Juicy" by Better Than Ezra.


Ok here are a few that I like. I actually hip ho type music which you can get some good beats from. I am all about the beat. Ok I will just give you group names and you find some you can stand. Black Eyed Peas,B2K( I like Bump,Bump,Bump but it is kind of like eminem. "Turn around let me see that sexy Body go Bump, Bump, Bump Good beat though.) I am sad to admit but Britney spears, Jessica Simpson have some good beats. Saving Jane, but I only like Girl Next Door. I hope this helps you out a bit.


Try something from Gwen Stefani "Hollaback girl" or "wind it" up are good ones. There's lots of good ones by Black eyed Peas too "let's get it started" is good. The only time I like that kind of music is when I go out dancing, or working just can't help but move :)

Leigh Ann

What about the tripod!?! Luv Dawn and Leigh Ann :)

Emily Szettella

Hey Karen!
I have a subscition to a Podcast on iTunes called Podrunner. They are 60 min mixes in just about any BPM you want so you can start slow so that you can still walk the next day ;) & then build up the tempo to what you are comfortable with. I usually use the elliptical machine and I have these three podcasts on my iPod currently:
130 BPM Step Into Summer
135 BPM Chasing the Horizon
144 BPM Surge
They really keep ya going!


I go more hard rock :D But you might like "Second to None" off the Transformers soundtrack. Mike Shinoda (from Linkin Park) is a little more rappish (is that a word? lol) on that one.

I'm forcing my way back to the gym as well lately... glad to hear I'm not alone!


I go more hard rock :D But you might like "Second to None" off the Transformers soundtrack. Mike Shinoda (from Linkin Park) is a little more rappish (is that a word? lol) on that one.

I'm forcing my way back to the gym as well lately... glad to hear I'm not alone!

Kay Ward

You'll probably laugh but I have worked out many a time to ACDC. I think the cd titles are 'Back In Black' and ACDC Live'. It is a little embarrassing to admit but I've exercised many a half hour listening to the same to cd's. I think the drum beats are what helps me!


Oh yeah, that picture is a HOOT! I can remember Jill in those days and I even had to rescue her from a Mosh pit once. Oh the good ol days. LOL

Casey Boyd

that photo cracks me up and reminds me of 1998!!! A good bottle of Hornsby's will definately produce a memory like that!!


When I'm on the treadmill (incline)I like to listen to
old Gloria Estefan tunes (The rhythm is gonna get ya),
old Madonna hits (Where's the party?), Earth, Wind and Fire
(Greatest Hits), Donna Summer, etc. I hope this helps.

Kim Hacking

RIcky Martin! Latin does it for me!


An old Pointer Sisters CD keeps me moving even when I don't want to: Pointer Sisters--Greatest Hits. I also like Van Morrisons's At the Movies, but there are a couple of slower songs on there you have to fast forward through if you're trying to keep up the pace. I can't do it without music either. If you like jazz at all Ramsey Lewis' Greatest Hour CD will also keep you hoppin'.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Karen, email me your address and I'll send you some Cd's that I use for my step classes. All 130 bpm (beats per min) all great for keeping that constant pace. Great music of course.


Lenny Kravitz, and, oddly enough, the soundtrack from Titan AE (old, I know, but has a good beat).


theme song to flashdance. all the way :)

Stephanie Ainsburg

check out: "grace kelly" MIKA, just about any Pink and Lenny Kravitz, "unpretty" TLC, some Gwen Stefani, "ain't nothin' wrong with that" Robert Randolph, and "juicy" Better than Ezra. for a cool down try "my give a damn's busted" JoDee Messina. but you just have to find stuff that inspires YOU. here's my workout mantra.....BRING IT ON! good luck! p.s. what are you doing to work out? because if you find the right thing it makes you feel GOOD and STRONG. I love Spinning and weight lifting.


I ALWAYS work out to hip hop, dance, and rap...but I listen to that anyway. Here are my faves for working out:

Club Tropicana by Vinylshakerz
Daddy Cool by Vinylshakerz
Push It by Pretty Ricky
Bartender by T-Pain/Akon
Beautiful Liar by Beyonce/Shakira
Smack That by Akon
Anything (I mean any songs - not "anything") by Cascada (sometimes spelled Kaskade)
Mamacita by Collie Buddz
Lean Like a Cholo by Down (Definition of an Ese)
Tambourine by Eve/Kelly Roland
Stronger by Kanye West
Hot Ride by Prodigy (Prodigy has lots of cool songs)
Candy Shop by 50 Cent

Need more?? :-) Let me know! My ipod is stocked up!


a few years ago i was really successful with no doubt's "rock steady" cd - it was the perfect length and just the right mix of beats up then down, etc... when i look for something new now...i tend to still go back to it... good luck! it's sooooo hard to get started but does feel better to be in the groove - i always remember what oprah said (again, many moons ago) i hate exercise, but i love how i feel when it's done...


Try almost anything Timberland... especially "The Way I Are" (love that song!)
Some others you could try... Fergie, Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani, etc.

Good luck with your workouts!

ps~ can't wait until you come to memory lane in PA!! :)


Gettin' jiggy wit it by Will Smith! Love him! ;)

Janelle in MT

OMG...these pic's are hilarious...thanks for the great laugh...& good luck on working out- i need to follow in that direction as well- i'm done having kids & it's time to lose this 30 lbs so i can fit in the jeans I WANT to fit in!

Vicki G.

There are already lots of good suggestions... just wanted to add on a little Beyonce, Usher, 3DoorsDown & Maroon 5.

I just started back on the treadmill a few weeks ago too and the music is what is keeping me going too!


Actually I have the same problem as you, I don't like working out. Why, when it makes me feel awesome and good about myself, is it hard to get myself started and going? I'm not sure but to help keep myself interested and going I made a tape of good dance-beat-rock songs. Some of the ones that really keep me going are songs from the Rocky IV soundtrack. If you've seen it the movie there are a lot of workout scenes and the music that goes with them is inspiring and uplifting. Uh, oh the song from the end of flashdance, What a Feeling. Animals from Nickelback, some AC/DC, some Metallica, Black Betty, Rock This Town by the Stray Cats, usually some Britney Spears, Bootylicious by Beyonce's group...that's all I can think of right now.

 Amy P

something a little different...a few old PJ Harvey songs that have that 'mad' feel to them that makes forget I'm on that stupid eliptical machine and make me feel like I'm just stomping the heck out of whatever is stressing me out: "C'mon Billy," "Down by the Water", and "To Bring you my Love." Great question! I jotted down lots of the suggestions.

Erin G


Pink - Get This Party Started

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