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Shelly VanWormer

Don't forget your passport for Canada. Have a safe and fun weekend.

Jenn D

Seriously, that's too cute.
Safe travels. I'm taking your class at PE on Saturday. Can't wait!


aaaawwwwwww! God knows EXACTLY what he's doing when He gives us our children. Coley is the perfect child for you and you are the perfect mom for him. I'm sure of it!!!!! Isn't so cool that our little guys can constantly be teaching us to be better people if we let them. There are days that I've thought that my 2 1/2 year old was going to be the death of me (he's #4) but I also know that God has something really special planned for that strong fiesty personality of his. :)
Have a great trip Karen - you are the BEST on many levels :)


Ohh your going to be in Maple Ridge.. That's so close to where I am and I'd love to just come see you in real life. I read your blog and have taken up photography just because you pictures are always so amazing. I hope to be the same one day too.


Wow must have melted when you saw that!


You know, they say the movers and shakers in our world did not start out as boring people. Someone told me that when my son (now 6) was 3 and oh so challenging. It helped some. It presented a new perspective and gave me something to focus on when times were ugly. He's come a long way... still pushes me to the limit at times, but like Coley is the most affectionate of them all. I absolutely love that Coley took the opportunity to leave a message for you in your absence. What a boy he is!

Happy and safe travels!

Andi M

What a sweet heart your Coley is! I have one child just like that -- oh so challenging but also incredibly loving.

Libbi Moore

Writing in the dust on the t.v. was very creative. I love it. Thanks for all you do and I was so excited to meet you in person at the Sat. retreat in Ashland.



i love it!
what a sweetie

that's so gonna be my new reason not to dust!!

Val from Down Under

See Karen, you can't be doing too badly now can you?? It's obvious they love you. Get your strength from God, he's always there.


That story just melts my heart.


UUUgggghhhhhhhhhh.......... That made me tear up!! Thank you so much for sharing that... I love your blog and the pics are just incredible. I think a small intimate affair would be nice too... :)


oh I feel your pain.. i have 3 boys and the littlest one just tests my patience everyday!!! he likes to live out loud!!!
have fun on your trip

Mary Lou

Coley is such a keeper. Remember God only gives you the challenges he knows you can deal with. Thank you Karen for giving me another "good" reason to put off that dusting!!

The Stampin' Soldier

Love your blog. You totally crack me up!


Yes, that is a VERY good reason not to dust! :)

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