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Sasha Farina

such beautiful shots... your pictures lifted my heart.

Val from Down Under

Love your pics and love your story. Trust in the knowledge that God has a plan for all of us. God bless.


What an awesome Day! Thanks for sharing!



You should try the xm kids station. It's way better than the disney one. It's all we listen to in the car with the boys. I think it's channel 116.


I love your way of looking at things.... so positive.

Tanya Webster

thats a total bummer about the looks pretty awesome...

funny thing about God...He ALWAYS knows what He's doing though (which is a total bummer about our ideas-I agree) but it ALWAYS ends up being for the best too K??? :) LOVING the pictures btw (do I even need to say that anymore *wink*--OF COURSE I DO!!!) :P


Totally loved the way you put it: "I just keep reminding myself that God is writing this story (which is a drag because I've got some really great ideas for just about every chapter)." That's a sentiment that I try to keep in mind, and you put it into words very nicely - 'cause yeah, I have ideas too.


Love that shot of Courney! Sounds like a good day! So sweet that Courtney's concerned for her Daddy.


Hi, Karen -
LOVED your mini-class Saturday at Route 5. It's possibly my favorite so far. We had a GREAT time down there--the retreat was terrific and it's always fun to see our friends down there, and of course, your class was a bonus! Can't wait till you next time!

I totally agree with your outlook on who's in charge, especially the part about having some suggestions. That's precisely how I look at it!


Paola Norman

Karen, I know its hard when you want something really bad and it just seems an armstretch away..I believe in divine timing, that everything happens at the perfect time at the perfect moment..One of my favourite guotes is from Oprah, " God can dream a bigger dream than you could ever do". Thanks for sharing your life stories, real life is what it's all about.


Don't know if I have said this before, but I so enjoy reading your blog and your pictures are always so awesome. Thank you for putting so much time into your blog. It really is one of the highlights of my day:) I am slowly coming along in my "photography" if that is what you can call it.. lol. Thank you again..

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Don't you love the disney channel and their 6 songs they play over and over? LOL
I bought Lucas one of those Disney Mix's a little Mp3 player for kids and you buy music clips for it. Or you can download. Lucas loves his.
Got your address. Will try to get those copied and mailed this week.


Looks like a beautiful weekend there in Grants Pass. I am loving September so far here in Albany too! It's my absolute favorite season, and the weather has been so gorgeous! Love all the wonderful shots of your family. Love that you reiterate to yourself that God is in control...I do the same thing...a lot! Take care :]


My pastor keeps reminding us that our God is a crockpot God in the midst of a microwave society. It is really tough to wait patiently for all the wonderful things He has planned for us though. Hang in there!

I just love reading your blog!!! Just wanted to send some encouragement your way that God knows what He's doing and when He closes a door, it's because He has something even better for you. Just hang on and look forward to better blessings!!!! He has your best interest at heart.

Becky from Raymond,WA


We looked for our property FOREVER!! Oh my gosh I kept thinking 'Ok Lord, ummm we are READY' lol but we so would have settled for something less than what he had planned for us. we totally love where we are now and it was worth the wait (but let me tell ya at the time it was driving me CRAZY) lol

lovely cee

please email me....
how did you do that? how did you get "THE SOOTHING/SUBTLE BLACKNESS" around those photographs? may i learn how?
did you have to use a particular lens to get that effect? i have a Canon XT rebel... can my camera do that? or did you use a filter to have that effect? if so, is there a particular filter for it? love love your pictures.

.... still trying to learn digi cams.


Kim McMillan

that last picture of Courtney is absolutely breathtaking.

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