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LOL - this is great! If my dd wasn't 3 I'd put her to work too!

If Barbara doesn't want her kit feel free to send it my way! I LOVE your kits!

=) Nona


Hee! That photo is crackin' me up!!


The looks on their faces tell the story :) too funny! But what great guys they are! Mine would shred the ribbon to get out the project ;)


i can be barbara for a day if u need me to be. hee hee. i'm so buying that kit! love your stuff and the previous pics of annie are adorable. that little one gets me every time! maryjo

Rochelle McGee

those boys look like they are lovin their summer job...


Oh, man - how much did it cost you to get Ross and his buddy to help you? What a great kid he is! I'm so curious about your proposals - hurry and tell us, please?!!


Oh my, that is THE funniest post/picture of the year. My boys are 11 and 14, and I am getting ideas all over the place now, of what I can coerce, um, err, GET them to help me do! hehe.


Karen, Karen, Karen....I can't believe you drew my name!!!! How serendipitous this happedned to me. I just returned home from my father-in-laws funeral - emotional exhausting - and wanted to chill so I started reading my favorite blogs.....After such saddness, this kit is a true blessing.

p.s. I already PayPal'd and ordered one - but please send the free one also - it will make a great gift.
B. Beck
22404 W 53rd Ter
Shawnee KS 66226



LOL - love that photo!


That picture cracks me up! I can see the friend going home and telling his mom that he spend the day cutting ribbon! rofl!

Tina Edwards

Karen - I don't know if you will see this before you leave. But.....I am taking your class on Saturday night and I have a friend that can't make it. I was hoping to pick up a kit for her. I've learned to not assume things. So if you were already planning to bring extra kits, great! If not, can you throw in (lots ) of extra kits. I'm really looking forward to Saturday. Good luck getting all the kits put together.


LOVE the photo. those boys just look thrilled to bits. LOL


Love this blog with all of the inspiration and pictures. The kit is awesome.....need to look over my budget and think about ordering one. Can totally relate with the photo of Ross helping....some day he will laugh at it!


At first glance I thought they were crocheting lace. I know you're amazing Karen, but I doubt even you could get two teenage boys to crochet lace!


love the photo!! could ross be more bored? don't you love teenage boys?!?

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