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Claudia F.

Wow, you have an amazing blog and that album is beautiful.


ADORABLE little book!! I hope I win! :)


The album kit is adorable. I would love to win one.


Totally yummy kit. Just ordered one and can't wait to get it. :-) Thanks for being so transparent...hang in there and know everything will be the way it's supposed to.

tracy c

wow, this album is beautiful. I can't wait to see more and also to see what's in the kit.


love this!

It is beautiful.

I am looking forward to the kits being available.


I just caught up with your blog for the weekend. 1st - I feel the same guilt. I have such a great life yet some days I just can't but help I wish there were parts of it that were better. So greedy am I! But I think it makes us all human! And just think of where the world would be if we were all content with having a good life - that's what I'm saying.
And loving the new album. Fabulous!!!


Yay, a new kit!! Love the chipboard album...


Loving the black & cream combo!! Wishing you luck on your proposal!!!

jenifer Cowles

Beautiful kit please include me. Keep up the great work and congratulations.


So Beautiful! Hoping we hear good news about the meeting! You are awesome, sending good vibes your way for a relaxing rest of the summer!


Hi there...
LOVE this! Your kits always ROCK!

Michelle Tornay

OMG, this is a gorgeous kit!


cool album and love the idea of an easel on the back cover!


Oooh, I need it! Even if I don't win, I'll still buy it. Lovely lovely lovely!


Hey Karen,

Can hardly wait for the kit, please enter me.



That album is absolutely beautiful! Love that kit!

Lia Biscoe

Hey Karen,
I'd be helping you out with kits and kids if you lived in So. Cal. Will be ordering the kit but want to try to win one for the fun of it.
Keep up the great work you do!


Wow Karen, this is stunning! I'm definitely going to have to see if I can sneak a little room in the budget for another one of your kits ;)

Jeanine Baechtold

Absolutely gorgeous! This is wonderful - thanks for the great ideas! :)

cindy b.

Hi Karen. That album looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Toss my name in the hat. Happy Monday! Peace and blessings, Cindy


Beautiful as usual! Your artwork is so inspiring.


The album is beautiful. Thanks for doing a RAK.


Soooooo nice!! I definitely want to do one of these - count me in!! Thanks :)


Love this new kit! Fabulous!

Jean Shen

Gorgeous album! So tempted to get a kit now!


it would be pure luck if I was drawn....thanks for the the look of the kit.

Holly Preslar

Thanks for always being so generous with your time, words and gifts!

Kim Gust

I love the album! And I'd love to win the kit!


Another beautiful project. Thanks for sharing.

Lori R

i love your stuff!!!! Thanks for blogging :)


I'd love to be in the draw but I will definitely be ordering one of these. Or maybe more... hope you've got lots!

Monika Thiessen

wow, that looks like a great album! Thanks for a chance to win it. Looks like you had lots of fun at the beach, great photos.


WoW!! Looks like an amazing kit!! Love the little mini album!! Thanks for sharing!! chas :)

Melissa Priest

Glad to see you are feeling better about things! We're getting excieted to see you in Amarillo! Lots of your yummy paper goodies were put out last week, and boy, They are a hit!

Elizabeth B

me too!
I have been dragging my feet on ordering this one, but I should really get on that.
if I win one, that would be even better!

Glad to hear you're feeling better Karen.
We all need that.


The photos from the beach were AWESOME!

Denise W.

Your photos are incredible. The one with the adorable kids eating...and that unbelievable!!!

Wendy Molnar

Love your photos. And the kit looks amazing!


Can't wait to see more pictures, I love your lines. Got hooked on them while taking classes in person and online.

Jenn N

What a great project - I would love a kit whether I win it or have to buy it!


What a beautiful project!! I would love to get my hands on it. If I don't win, you can surely expect an order from me!!

Love the photos too! :)


Love the album - keeping my fingers crossed that good things happen!


That is a gorgeous idea and album, if I dont win one, I will seriously have to think about ordering one from you....
Thanks Karen



Great shots from the beach!

Marie L

What a wonderful album. You always have the best projects.

Kim F

Oh, I love this album! (love the beach photos, too!)

Crystal Krueger

Your designs are so beautiful and I am always looking for them when I got to a LSS. Someday I am determined to take a class with you but for now a kit would make me SO, SO happy! That album is simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, Karen!

Andi Fishlock

There are very few things lately that make me stop and go, "I need that" but this did. I may just be ordering one as well, if I don't win *wink*

Linda F.

What a wonderful kit! I am so addicted to mini-books!


Karen, I just love that album!!! I have been thinking about them ever since you showed them at our class when you taught at Scrapbook Attack in Portland. That class was full before I got to sign up for it (DARN!!!) but I did get to take your "Picture This" class (which was also AWESOME!!!) and when you showed this album the ladies jumped at the chance to buy your extras. They sold very quickly and so I didn't get a chance then either. I am so happy that you finally have them to buy as a kit!!!

P.S. I am so happy that you are back from your trips. I always miss reading your blog when you are away. You have the most beautiful family and you do so well...even if you don't always think so. The rest of us see your love and hard work shining through!!!


Count me in, too!

Thanks for sharing with us.


Count me in! Thanks for sharing -- love your blog!


Hi Karen!
I LOVE this project....thanks for the drawing!

Becky Noël

I want to enter!! I love this book! :)


girl you rocked the house in ohio!!! I was able to take a couple of your classes but not this one so I would LOVE to win this kit to complete my kr weekend...

pick me...
chose me...
love me...

Natalie Tran

I absolutely LOVE this....

Pick me

Pick Me

Pick Me...

Please Pick Me :-)


Love your beach photos - what joy!

Pick me, pick me, pick me. Love, love, love that album!

Wish I could take your class some day. You are my favorite scrapbook designer/blogger, etc. You inspire me. So real.

Laura G.

Melanie aka Batgirl

looks awesome!


OOOOH! I so love this! And you know what? A free one would make it all the much sweeter! Love your work!


You are so inspiring! Keep it up!


I love this album. You continually amaze me. I also love your beach pictures. Thank you for inspiring me.

Arselia Jaurequi

Oh my gosh.....beautiful day at the beach indeed. I loved your pictures. A chance to win a kit, oh my! Thank you!

Rene Schmidt

Love it! Hoping today's my lucky day!! :)


Such a great kit! Your scallops seem to find themselves on almost all my layouts. And I must say those beach photos are to die for good...where in the world was that? Newport?


Love the colors and I can't wait to get my hands on it


You know how to bring out the lurkers, don't ya! I adore the kit. Beautiful.


I would love to be entered...that's a beautiful album!


Beautiful....all your things are beautiful!

Amy Tangerine

this is absolutely beautiful!!


I really like this. I hope I get picked!


Can't wait to see what comes in your kit!

The pictures of it are great!



THose are the cutest beach pictures ever!!! wonderful snapshots that show real life, ==not just the posed pictures. Beautiful as always, and lovely album!

carolynn blair

Ooh hi karen!! i wouldnt mind at all if you chose my name. Thanks Take care and keep creating. I love it all. ps i am saving all of your photography tips as well.


hey Karen,
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new kit!!
feel free to pick my name!!!


Love your beach pics...especially little Annie sleeping. :) Love love love the new kit too :)

Becky Swisher

Love that kit! I hope that this week brings you contentment and good news!:)

Lisa Seifart

The album is beautiful! I am usually not one for mini-albums, but this is gorgeous!!!

Tracy M

I love the kit. Can't wait to see more photos of it! I've been reading your blog for a while now and I love all the great photos you take.


karen, i love the album, just amazing. i love your blog. i have learned so much about photography from you. and i really enjoy reading your honest posts about family. i am glad you had your day at the beach.

Mary Lou

I love the album. You have such a creative mind, I have serious envy. I was hoping to make it to the class on Friday in Salem but it looks like my husband has other plans for me. Have fun...

Peggy Lucas

Out of 300 people, I'm feeling lucky here. Your photography skills are amazing.

Maria M.

Love it! Sure would like to win one so I won,t be tempted to keep the one I just ordered for my daughter for her b'day!

jill lorraine

any one who wouldn't love this kit is crazy ! sign me up for the drawing !


Love the album and the great pics!


Lily (aka Susan)

Yikes, another Lily has already posted. I love all your stuff and this little album is no exception. Thanks for the great inspiration.


Wonderful pictures at the beach! The one of Cole & Courtney eating ice cream is priceless :)


The kit looks gorgeous... PLEASE pick me! :)


I can't wait to get one. I Love It!!!!!!!

Valerie White

Man, I don't check your blog for a few hours and WHAM a drawing LOl...I would sure love to win a kit, I have so many of your wonderful products. By the way, are you going to do a fundraiser again? I know it was so much work but I had such a good time last year with your Women to Women fundraiser and would love to participate again.


Tonia Borrosch

GORGEOUS Karen! I adore this!! What a beautiful gift it would make if I could ever give it away! LOL! Love your beach photos too!

Laura Rich

Count me in!! I'd love to win one of this. Always looking for new mini-album ideas!!


That album is gorgeous!!!!!! You are so talented. Thanks for the photography tips as well - I am putting them to use on vacation!


Oooh, I want one.. count me in on drawing.


Kristin Jarrett

Would love to be the winner! And I love checking your blog and your wonderful photos.


Beautiful Kit! I love it.

Jamie S.

Loretta Reynolds

You are doing so much and doing the best you can. As long as there is that much love and caring any decisions you make will be good ones. Difficult ones nontheless.

I have tried to recreate your creations as I have never been able to take ine of your classes. I would love to win a kit. Your extremely talented.



Love the transparency look! You create such beautiful things, your family will be so proud to look at these memories.


love the album!!!! Can't wait to order it (if I don't win) LOL

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