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Karen that album is adorable!! Of course I am a sucker for your scallops! Come over and visit us some time over at Scraphappykt! We are missing ya!! Have a great weekend!!


Karen I am fluttering excited, this is BEAUTIFUL!!! I would sooooooooooo love to get my hands on one of these, crossing my fingers! Have a great weekend!

debbie susee

That album is beautiful! Of course, your gorgeous photos help too.
Keep your chin up. I hope you see the "light at the end of the tunnel". Keep striving for it. Try to look at the little things you are doing well. Concentrate on one little thing at a time. I'm betting that you are doing more things well than you think. Sometimes we need to look at all the little pieces of the big picture.


I love love the album! You have a style I want to adopt! Thanks for all the great ideas. ~Heather

sharyn (torm)

I stocked up on more scallops just yesterday - the album is beautiful!

Julie (in England)

Absolutely gorgeous, can't wait to do one of these!


Have been in a creative slump, and I think this kit is just the thing to bring me out of it!! It's gorgeous!

Aimee Baruch

What a totally gorgeous album! And how sweet of you to offer the giveaway to your blog readers. Even if I don't win I might have to buy one of these. Thanks!



GORGEOUS...would love to get one. Looks like awesome Christmas gifts...hmmm

Have a great weekend.


This is so beautiful .. My daughter is expecting (my 1st grandchild)... This would make a wonderful display with "new baby" photos.


I'm loving it!!
So SMART with black and cream only - and it's all so tasteful and pretty - so of cooourse I want to be in the drawing! (If I may - being from Sweden & all?) :D


OK...I'm in! LOL!
Love the way it turned out!
Have a great weekend!

Allison Clem


I'm the very pregnant lady who loved your Ohio classes. This project is the best I've ever made! I'm completely in love with it, and agree that it would make a great Christmas present. Your line is my favorite, and I hope your presentation went successfully! Best of luck!

Kay Ward

What a wonderful album, I would love to be in the drawing. I am still so excited over the new products coming out and can't hardly wait. You are such an inspiration, Karen. Thank you for all you share with us in your blog.


All the things you design are just wonderful...hope that the meeting went well.

This is just about my favorite kit yet. Thanks for taking the time our of your insanely busy life to put together another fabulous one.

Terri Barton

What a FAB album! You continue to amaze me! Here I am at home (kids are out of house) alone, husband at work, I have been laid off, and I am not getting 1/8 of the work you are getting done. I think you are doing JUST FINE! And if you put Annie in daycare a few days a week or hours everyday it will be good for her and you! Not selfish but good! Don't beat yourself up, everything changes, and even though you now "work from home" you still need to have time to work! Take care and I want to win the drawing!!

Andi M

Karen, that album is absolutely gorgeous!

Tammy Rasmussen

Karen I love the idea of a mini-album kit. I can't wait to see the new lines that you are creating and to see you back here in Roseburg. Congrats on the engagement. I love the pic of him giving you the ring.



Thanks for the giveaway Karen! The album is beautiful!!


Your kits are always so awesome!



Kim Hacking

You are so inspiring and REAL!!!


Beautiful, I think I want to make them for Christmas presents also, good idea!


This is gorgeous! I love your work, Karen.

Bette Costa

Karen, this looks great! What fun! Another winner! Thanks for the contest. Hang in there, things seem to have a way of working themselves out in time for the best. Take care!

Meredith S.

Really cute album. And I hope the weekend brings with it some R&R.


wow!!! love the album!!! there is just something magical about the way you use transparencies!

Jessica M.

Your album is so beautiful Karen. Love it!

Courtney C

Love this kit! Love the mix of transparencies and scallops. - Courtney

Cathy K.

Love it - such a great gift idea.


You continue to outdo yourself! It is GORGEOUS! Thank you for always putting these amazing kits together for us :) Laura


Karen, this is sooo cute! And I think it suits your style perfectly! I'm so thankful that you share your life with us, because I can sooo relate to EVERYTHING you say!


I love everything you create/design and this is no exception. Beautiful!

Kelly Bryan

Love, love, love this album!


Your blog always helps me put things into perspective. I am going through the toughest year of my life right now and I, too, am looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. I totally need one of these kits to help me smile again!


I continue to love your stuff, Karen - you never cease to amaze me. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff!

Stephanie Ainsburg

such a cool album Karen! I'm not usually the mini album type, but this one I think I have to do! and about yesterday's post...which I am just reading today, you KNOW that you are not alone. I think all of us Moms feel that way at least part of the time. hang in there!


Shelly Powderly

I just love this album! You sure know how to put it all together. I sure wish you would come to the midwest to teach some classes. In the meantime, I'll have to keep ordering your kits!

Account Deleted

simply amazing. I always look foward to what you put together!!!!


this is so beautiful! I love your collections -- in all of the colors... love mini kits, too. got my fingers crossed.

Pattie Brown

Karen - Your line is amazing! I just love it....and it would be great to get this kit for free. If not, well then, I will just have to treat myself. Have a great weekend.

Pattie Brown
Niceville, FL


awesome album, can't wait to get my hands on it!

Katherine Haleen

oh how i love this one Karen.... hope to get one soon..... kat


The album is gorgeous.
You are inspiring, as usual.
So nice of you to offer one on your blog!


Love the album Karen! Hope you are having a great weekend!


I Love It!!!
Count me in too!
Have A Great Weekend Karen

Christa H.

It's a BEAUTIFUL kit!
Thanks for doing this. Enjoy your week.


I am so glad these kits are going to be available soon! I missed your class up in Portland in May but I am so psyched that I can get a kit now! It looks like such a beautiful project!


I love the album! I couldn't take that class when you were at Cord but I toook all the others! I love your product, best of luck with everything.

Rachael C.

Hi Karen! I have been reading your blog for a few months now. I stumbled upon it while I was googling scrapbook ideas and I really think it was faith. I just love reading all your thoughts and seeing all of your beautiful photos of your family. I have a daughter that is 14 months old and your Annie reminds me so much of my Emma!! I have been struggling to put together a scrapbook that reflects all that she is. I love all of you ideas and I love your new kit! You are so creative and always keep me laughing, even after I've had an exhausting day of being a mom! Thanks!

Carolyn Hall

Who wouldn't love the album, the papers are gorgeous. Can't wait to get a kit.

Andrea Tuttle

Beautiful . . . beautiful . . . beautiful! I love your work and your products! It is very generous of you to offer one of your kits to us lowly readers of your blog . .. . I hope I'm the lucky recipient {spelling?}!!
Have a great day!


Oh it's lovely! I'm all about the transparent look at the moment. Yum!


you always come up with the greatest ideas! i love that it stands on it's own. i love the colors, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the transparencies! (i so say you are the queen of them!)

love the kit, and even if i'm not lucky enough to be THE "lucky" one... I will surely try and find the money later on the buy one!

((btw... still loving anniebannie and her new bangs!))


What a fabulous design, great color and products--lovely!!


Always love your kits Karen and this one is no exception!


The album is gorgeous! I love it! Count me in on the drawing! ;o)

kristine s.

Hi Karen~
Super cute album! I attended your class in Lynnwood, WA and have been hooked on your blog ever since! **LOVE** your work and products. AND....we've relocated down to SoCal. We drove down and as we passed Grants Pass, I totally thought of you!

Leslie Moore

I love it, just like the other items you design!
Thanks for sharing with us!

Anne Saloff

Love It! I am so excited, our local HL just starting to carring some of you narratives. Can't wait to see more! I am also a Annie too... but on with an E!



Love the album!


Love this!! I'm off to herd my GFs over here to buy one. :)

Mary Ann

I love how many photos you planned for in this one. So into the scallops and transparent pages right now!!
Have a wonderful day with Josh!

Anilu Magloire

You create such beautiful things, Karen!


Love your kit Karen, it is so cute. Hope you come back to Lasting Memories (Washington) soon, we miss you!

Brenda Carpenter

What a gorgeous album!

Steph R

I love your kits! Sign me up :)


Please, Please , PLEASE, pick me. This album is GORGEOUS!!! So glad for you that Josh is coming home! There really should be a wife's badge for being a military wife.


ooh love it! :)

Casey Boyd

Karen that is an absolutely adorable album, can't wait to get my hands on a kit..


I would LOVE to win a kit! It looks so amazingly totally awesome!


WOW! Love it, like all of your work! I can always get inspired by you!

Rhonda H

OOPS! Forgot to put my email address with my comment above! DUH!


What a great album!! Always so inspired by your work and your products :)


Would *so love* to get my hands on this kit..your sample pics look so luscious:)

Jenny Savage

Ooohhhh... how beautiful! Count me in the drawing! I love to read your stories and see your work!! Thank you for all of your inspiration!


It's so beautiful, I gotta try for it.

Wish for Cole's kind of luck---the only kid to ever pull a Buzz Lightyear out of Claw Machine.

-Deirdre K.

kim bolyard

this is of favorites you have done. Love your stuff.


I took both you classes in Westbrook, Ct. I love your kits/classes. I hope you will come back out this way again sometime. I would love to get my hands on your new kit, it is beautiful!


What a fun kit!


Beautiful work, as always.


Love the album. Hope I am lucky enough to win. =)

Michelle M

I am totally needing this kit. Feeling lucky too ;0) Thank you for your giving nature. m

Deb Worrells

I LOVE everything you do......could I come live with you for a while and hope some of your creativity rubsoff on me???? :)


chris miler

please let me win

tucker melcher

love your stuff


lovely album!


Beautiful. I want one.


Love the album. I am glad you are commenting more on your blog. It is a blog I visit on a daily basis. I thought for a while you had a different one. But you came back.

Mel Nunn

This looks amazing! I love your scalloped papers. I think I will be treating myself to this kit!!

Laura plunk

I was so disapointed to find out the class at NBP had been postponed..... Well I'll be there waiting when it gets rescheduled. Glad to see you are 'Feeling" better.
Have a good rest of the weekend.
laura P


Love your album, love your style, love how "real" your blog always is. Don't change a thing!!!

Kelly Jo

Karen, the album is just gorgeous and I would *Love* to win one! I have to go back to work soon and this would make a perfect mini-album of my DD to put on my desk. Thank you so much for the chance!

Tricia Gray

I absolutely love this project! I love the frame on the front and the easel on the back. You are so talented!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

I'm always up for a drawing. :)

Cathy Pascual

what a gorgeous album!
I would so love one!
i'm getting into mini-albums late. only made a few, but i'd love to make more!

thanks !
- cathy


Absolutely beautiful album. Can't wait to meet you at the Route 5 Scrapbook Retreat in September. Thanks for doing another contest.


Fun Karen!! I love mini albums and seem to be doing more of them recently than anything.

Glad to here Josh is on his way home.

Janelle in MT

love the sneeky peeky...thanks for sharing!


I've already been lucky enough to take this class from you and make this AWESOME album....but could always use another kit to start my Christmas gifts for the Grandma's & Grandpa's early....Can't wait to take another class from you again Karen--You are GREAT and should just go ahead and make them 5+ hours! We all love learning & listening from you!

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