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Thanks for the info! I'm wishing/hoping for a new camera. I'm thinking about the Nikon D40X, but I feel a little guilty for spending that much money on it and then I'll want other lenses too, it's just so hard!

kim bolyard

I am in the market for a new camera and all this info is so helpful...thanks so much for taking the time to share it. I have one question though???? I want to get the canon rebel....and save my money to put towards the lenses...would you go with the xt or xti???



Thank you so much for sharing the info on the lenses!

Jenny Savage

Hello. I value all of your camera advice too. I have a photog question. How do you get all of those low light photos with no "camera shake" bluriness in there? I mean... if you shoot in Aperature priority mode, then doesn't the camera choose the shutter in low light situations woulnd't it choose a very slow speed, too slow for a wriggly baby to be so crisp and clear? I hope you're understanding my question. Because I'm sure you're not carrying around a tripod all the time! Maybe it's the lens. Well, I hope you can fill me in!

Miz Booshay

Holy cow!
I am always amazed when I see the price of those high end lens.

I love the photo talk!

I need a wide angle lens and know that the price range varies wildly!


Suzanne Hart

Karen, I just have to say thank you. I love people like you who are totally willing to help others out. I am just starting to get into photography and was feeling like no other photographers wanted to share their tips and secrets for taking great shots. So THANK YOU! I will definatly be checking back here for more great tips.

Megan Hein

Karen, I have a question--I took some really great pics that I was wanting to get enlarged and have quality prints. I am having trouble finding a place to get pictures printed! Do you have any suggestions, ideas, or places for me??


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How should i take care of the camera lense without affecting from the dust?

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Thank you so much for sharing the info on the lenses!

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